Short term digital marketing courses

In today's world digital marketing is on the boom, everyone wants to learn digital marketing,

We can work as a freelancer, we can work from home, we can  run an online business, 

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Also, we can do graphic designer Motion graphics Poster designing Poer point design talk animator  Software programming Games software Data entry Advertisements on social media the list goes on.. you can ask me for anything you need. Very precise working▪︎Best customer service Very careful designing

Our price rates vary on the length of the project and how much time it took us to do it and so on

Your project will be handed in by or before the time you wished for

Our digital marketing course in Gurgaon  is to give you the best service possible and to make you your dream website

Project Description At the moment I’m doing almost everything myself.

But as I’m about to scale, I’ve almost decided that I'll go with a remote team of total 4 people:

Me (sales, ads setup, ads optimizing)  Facebook Ads Specialist (only analyzing and tipping me what to do) 

Digital Content Creator (photo- and video editing)  Webshop Designer (a Shopify lover)

We'll be working remotely everybody using a couple of different paid SAAS to ensure good communication.I can also show you the websites that we have finished this past week and the ones we are working on.

You'll be working with 

- General webshop setup (creating products, developing custom work, setting up apps)

- Moving shops from other platforms to Shopify 

- That we can use a couple of hours together talking about the shop and then you can deliver it back to me 90% done

- and from there I can complete it with my client you have a flair for high converting UI

- You have a flair for minimalistic UIYou're aged between 18-30

- You have a generally good understanding for WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop and of course also a master understanding for Shopify

- You’ll send me 5 of the best-looking webshops you’ve designed (those you are most proud of) Last, but not least, I’ll be doing events with the team 1-2 times per year. It could be a weekend in a big European country, having fun all weekend with a common interest (I love cars and good food!) Best, Kasper from Denmark.

Still, you are facing problems to increase your online visibility. Are you not able to have business growth as you want? If not then I have a solution for that. In the era, you can pitch out your business globally and get a huge number of potential customers and high profits.

Just ping me on FB And I will get this done for you. So don't wait for one message can change your business growth. One contract job: The client has Fusion 360 designs ready and has a list of components. Need an estimate to make a compact dual-sided Eagle PCB schematic. We need to create an MVP prototype by using Tempo services to manufacture a couple of test devices before FCC testing. Is this in your skillset? If interested, please chat to Chris Dickman via the "neural" app.

If you are looking for a Freelance Creative Director. Please do not send your cv if you are a graphic designer or art director. They only need someone with creative director experience and qualification.

 I will not be entertained since I cannot give you more information. They will call if they find you fit for the job.

am a designer in a marketing-department of a bigger e-commerce company. We are using dynamic banners with a feed to advertise our products and publish them with Google Studio and Ads. Right now I am working with GoogleWebdesigner but it is very complex and not very fast to use. Which software/tool do you use or recommend for dynamic banners? Greetings, Jan.

 I am a digital marketing consultant based in Gurgaon. I help mainly healthcare and education companies improving their online presence. If anyone needs help with online marketing please let me know. Understanding your current business positioning and knowing the pain points of your target audience. As well as, having solid success metrics of where you want to be business-wise in a set mark place ( i.e. in a year from now I want to be generating X net worth ) then running audits on your performance and creating quarterly tasks and benchmarks to achieve those goals...Those tasks can be anything from improving the sales process, updating brand and strategy, updating website, creating apps, marketing plans, etc are you looking to take your creativity to the next level and find your niche?

My name Madhu Yadav and I'm the brand development consultant and founder of the Skillsinnovative Digital marketing training institute in Gurgaon. I started my entrepreneurial journey over 1 year ago and since then I have worked with leading entertainment and technology brands, helping them develop and grow their businesses globally. I help big brands expand, but now I want to do more for normal people who are going it alone, just like I did.

To help out fellow entrepreneurs I've recorded a free training series that will help you rethink how you see yourself and your brand. I'm hoping this will help you and others to find your spark, expand your potential and reach your goals! 

Everyone has their superpower and I’m looking for someone who has a great design style and can make WordPress sites in their sleep Life is too short to work with anyone that you don't love, so let us see if we will be a good fit to work together!

I am a driven, focused, and high achieving business owner with a passion. I empower successful women business owners who are looking to scale up their business. I help them increase their productivity, profitability, and create consistent growth in their business.

I am looking for someone to take my current website and update and elevate the look and feel, as well as a transition it from a landing page to a full WordPress website, similar to the look and feel of my old website.

Please look at my different sites so you can see what my preferred aesthetic style looks like, and see if my style matches your design aesthetic.

We would love to find the right fit and continue to provide additional projects in the future as well.

Freelancer content writer, Press Release writer, and social media executive ready to help you here. With the experience of working on my own WordPress website and writing Press Releases for businesses and charities, I am available to help out your organization. I can put together scripts for radio interviews and provide Podcast/sound recording services.

If you are looking to launch a podcast for your business or organization, I can assist in this too by producing and editing your episodes and helping to script so your show is clear,

My rates are dependent on your budget, but as this is will be my primary job - my priority is with you.