How to prepare for the MPPSC without coaching as a beginner?

If you are a beginner then you need to follow these strategies.

First of all, nail it MPPSC is a case of strategy + hard work.

(1) First of all, know the nature of the exam you are preparing for. State PSCs are the most repetitive examinations. They are following the same pattern again and again. It follows the pattern of UPSC but completely different from UPSC. If you are good at remembering the fact. Then psc is not a hard nut to crack. Have confidence in your ability.

(2) Analyze the previous year's paper in detail. This will help you to know in which direction you have to try.

(3) Arrange the coaching notes for mppsc of the premier institute as they know better which subject is more exemplary. It is also important to leave the subject here because the syllabus is so vast. Try to complete the notes as soon as possible.

(4) You have to make sure that you have 6 months left to amend. (Preparation of MPPSC for severe aspirant requires 1 year). Revise this as much as possible in the remaining six months. You cannot maintain things for a long time. So, revision is the most important factor also included in the test series which will help you to evaluate your preparation.

(5) Try to avoid silly mistakes. The test series here is not to score much but to correct your silly mistake in the main exam. Try to be consistent in this one year. Do not distract and confuse. I am repeating again. Believe in yourself. The 60% exam is based on the confidence level otherwise you will be confused about your own answer in the main exam.


If you have recently started preparing for MPPSC. In such times of epidemic, you could not attend any mppsc coaching lectures voluntarily or unwillingly, so you can use the online platform like mppsc online coaching classes. The problem with state PSCs is that their reference books which are well known and credible are mostly in regional languages ​​and hence it is a bit difficult to start with books alone. As in the case of MPPSC, most of the books are in pure Hindi and even understanding them is a big task.

There are many channels on YouTube but the problem with the language and teaching style still persists with many english medium students so if you are a english medium student then you can join mppsc online coaching in english medium and sharma academy is providing this english medium mppsc online course they exclusively for MPPSC Launched a new series.

The videos are worth watching from my experience, so I suggest checking to see if they work for you. She teaches in a language that is easily understood and with properly tall facts and figures.

For a beginner 1 year is sufficient for the preparation of mppsc exam. This is the most prestigious competitive exam of MP which gives you a Govt job. At last I will say be focus on syllabus, completely read the mppsc notes, don’t forget the mppsc previous year papers and at last join a best mppsc coaching in indore.