Modern UK Based Haulage Companies Offer Professional Same Day And Overnight Services To Customers

Modern haulage and logistics companies are the most important means of transporting goods by road across the UK and Europe. Road transport  plays an important role as a link that connects air, sea and railway freight.


The UK, classified as an island, is extremely dependant on road freight for fast transportation of goods across the UK, also being the most economically viable mode of transport, moving cargo to and from pick-up and delivery points. The distance and size of the truck will determine the length and the cost of the trip.


When travelling through different areas, trucks are subjected to different bylaws and speed limits, which need to be adhered to, but will also make the trip slightly longer.


Many customers opt for full trailer loads, also referred to as FTL. Reputable haulage companies offer this service and it simply means that a full load is transported for a single customer from the pickup point to the delivery destination, with no stops in-between to offload or pick up additional stock. This is a great option and is competitively priced as well.   Because there are no interruptions along the way, the cargo will reach its destination much faster.


Haulage companies transport anything from chilled, frozen, ambient products, as well as bulk freight goods, using trucks and semi-trailers that can accomodate different volumes. The goal is to reduce carbon emission and to drive a more sustainable logistics industry.


Truck sizes vary and the average size of a full truckload would accommodate 26 pallets, carrying a weight of approximately 44 000 pounds per load, depending on the type of vehicle in question.


It is rather easy to do a booking online on a user-friendly website for moving cargo in the UK or Europe. Vehicles are fitted with excellent tracking devices that is invaluable as a tracking tool and to safeguard trucks from dangerous situations.


Meeting deadlines and ETA’s is part of delivering an exemplary customer service. The common goal for reputable haulage companies is to reduce the carbon emissions that are released into the atmosphere, doing irreversible damage. Sustainability and a smaller carbon footprint has become the new buzzword in the industry.


When working with an established haulage partner, rest assured of safe and compliant transportation of goods, transparent communication processes, dedicated as well as experienced transport planners.


Dependable drivers with vast geographical knowledge will deliver precious cargo on time and in perfect condition.  An added bonus is the vehicle tracking system, making the process 100% transparent, giving the customer and the depot complete visibility from collection to delivery. Haulage companies are geared for transportation of frozen, ambient and chilled goods. Built-in state- of-the-art equipment, ensure that temperatures can be tested at any time.


The cold chain management is an important aspect of haulage. The effectivity of managing the process will determine how successful the cargo will reach its end destination. From the pickup point to the drop off at the customer should be monitored and tracked to ensure that no product is ever compromised due to the failure of the cold chain. When the products are delivered, it is imperative to ensure that it is immediately stored at the correct temperatures, to protect the integrity and shelf life of the products.


Every single person of the entire team at a haulage company plays a vital role, from the pickers to the packers, to the driver, to the receiving clerk at the customer and their warehouse management.


The entire dedicated team should show commitment, delivering a service of superior quality. With CPC certified drivers who are qualified to safely transport the cargo and supported by state-of-the-art high quality trackers, customers can rest assured that the cargo will arrive safely at the end destination and be intact. Transparency, excellent customer service and good communication are great contributory factors to successful execution of deliveries.



About Us:


KCharles Haulage is a well-established, highly acclaimed transport company based in the UK that offers same day or overnight transport of chilled, frozen and ambient products across Europe. Booking can be done online for vehicles transporting bulk freight, truckloads and trailers of different volumes, fitted with tracking systems. The company is goal driven and eco-friendly, yearning for a sustainable business model while reducing the carbon footprint. Specializing in transportation of fresh and processed foods, beverages, packaging materials and an array of other products, assisting customers with urgent deliveries and meeting delivery deadlines, makes KCharles Haulage the market leaders of the industry. For more information, please contact https://kcharleshaulage.co.uk/.