2 simple ways to open blocked pipes

Sewer pipes are usually blocked quickly. This problem could be due to grease or excess material entering the pipe. Here are two simple ways to open blocked pipes at home. Of course, these methods are for low-intensity blocked pipes. This tutorial is from the mrplumber site.


1- Using vinegar and baking soda

Prepare half a cup of each of these ingredients. Then first pour the baking soda into the tube. Then immediately pour vinegar on it. Let 1 hour pass. Finally, rinse the tube with water. This tutorial is fully explained on the khadamatino site.


2- Open the blocked pipes with soda.
It may come as a surprise to pour soda into the tube instead of eating it. But it is real! Soda can open blocked tubes with fat, hair, etc. This is not difficult at all. All you have to do is empty a soda bottle into the blocked tube. Now wait for 30 minutes and finally rinse the tube with water. You will see that the pipe is open.