American Truth: The 2018 Psyops Attack on Virtuous Pedophiles


By Bernie Najarian


In 2006 in Afghanistan, the thoroughly defeated Taliban forces, began to regroup. They had been smashed by an American coalition in 2001 after the Twin Towers in New York spontaneously combusted (*internet joke*), but now, the times, they were a’changing.

Widespread discontent with the prolonged presence of foreign occupiers was part of this political and military shift. There were various causes for the discontent, including the occupying countries’ attempt to solve their own problems by wiping out opium poppy crops, bringing poverty to the never-wealthy farmers who traditionally cultivated western street heroin. The westerners made moves to advance the rights of women and also of minorities, such as the Hazara; these efforts didn’t go over well with conservatives and sectarian chauvinists. The Afghans who sided with the coalition turned out to have many customs that the invaders found hard to live with, such as the tendency of military commanders to take on dancing-boys who were also their pederastic eromini. A battle was on for the hearts and minds of Afghans, and it was combined, naturally, with an intense need among coalition forces to gather intelligence and ward off attacks. Part of the military force of the American and British troops included ‘psychological operations’ units that were responsible, in essence, for epistemological warfare, attempting to defeat the enemy’s mindset and replace it with something conducive to coalition success.

Psychological warfare had a long history in the US Military effort, and units bearing ‘Psychological Operations’ in their name had been active from the Vietnam War onward. (Earlier units had been called ‘Radio Broadcasting and Leaflets.’) Many of these ‘Psyops’ units were activated only in times of conflict and involved mostly part-time reserve force members. A major part of the operations involved learning local languages fluently so that people could understand the American message completely, and perhaps relate to the local, non-foreign sound. Some very sharp cookies were involved, since it was clearly better to have at least some principal communicators who were unrelated to the local population, thus lacking any potential conflict of loyalties. It’s not just anyone who can learn a completely unfamiliar language to the fluency needed for propaganda. Many local languages have few teaching materials; a few remain unwritten. No real person uses language exactly the way the textbook represents it, and change is constant.

Most of the conflicts where US Psyops were involved were ultimately not very successful. Vietnam was a flop and the psyops of Communism took over. The U.S. units had started off wearing upbeat insignia patches with logos like ‘verbum vincet’ (‘words conquer’), ‘decisive influence,’ ‘power of persuasion,’ ‘strength in truth,’ ‘win with words,’ ‘mutatio animi’ (changing souls) and, in the case of the US Army’s 2nd Psychological Operations Group, simply ‘Veritas’ (truth). As a series of guerrilla conflicts around the world made it ever clearer that American ‘truth’ faced an uphill battle at the best of times, unofficial morale patches began to appear with more defiant and aggressive slogans like ‘Psychological Operations. Because Physical Wounds Heal.’ The first such patch I ever saw personally was depicted on Twitter, and it showed a grey skull with a red bullet trail passing through it, surrounded by the cowboy-swagger logo “You’ve just been fucked by Psyops. Because physical wounds heal.” The person displaying it was American, but some searching disclosed that the patch itself was British: “It was created in its entirely by a Sgt from 15 (UK) Psychological Operations Kandahar 2006.” (Quote from Rich Bryan, @RebelScum14). Times must have been bleak in Kandahar for the confident “power of persuasion” to have turned into the vengefully butt-hurt “you’ve just been fucked by.”



The ‘@nomadscammers’ account displaying the grey skull patch on Twitter came to notice because it began participate in US right-wing attacks on non-offending pedophile accounts, most notably that of well known Virtuous Pedophiles representative ‘Enderphile’ (background: When the Enderphile account was suspended after being caught in a smear article by the Murdoch tabloid The Sun from the U.K. (see full story at, the Nomadscammers account was among several different claimants trying to take credit for knocking the pesky law-abider off the air. With Enderphile offline, Nomadscammers pitched in to attack another well-known virpedder, Todd Nickerson (@ToddNickerson1), whose account was soon also suspended.

On 20 January, Nomadscammers tweeted an attack on Todd’s recently acquired legal-aged girlfriend, a 20-year-old from Romania who tweets occasionally as @PinkSugarPill_. Todd says that, though until now he’s only been attracted to young girls, @PinkSugarPill_ is, unexpectedly, a complete exception, and is now his true love.

The Nomadscammers account said about her “Supposedly she was between 16 and 19 years old, operating in Russia. I figure it was a federal agent operating a sting, and he got caught. Finally.”

That served as a pseudo-explanation of why Todd was offline.

The remarkable piece of speculation went far beyond anything that could be accounted for by misunderstanding alone.

A short time later, Nomadscammers repeated the assertion: “Pretty sure Todd’s ‘girlfriend’ turned out to be a Federal Agent and he’s sitting in county lock-up somewhere in TN.”

This time, he had an extended audience: he’d worked his tweets into a major conversation thread maintained by multiple members of a relatively new right-wing group who featured teddy-bear emoticons on their ‘avis’ (avatars; online persona displays) and called themselves ‘The UnBEARables’ or ‘The Bears.’ This cabal had been inspired by a right-radicalized 37-year-old comedian from Oswego, NY, named Owen Benjamin, who had achieved a sudden jump in his fame on Nov. 30, 2017, with a satirical song about the perennial rightwing bugbear, the feminized male, called Ballad of a Soy Boy. (“There is a man who’s afraid of dairy. And he’s proud his chest never got hairy.” Benjamin, in turn, was inspired by a Nov. 17 docu-ranty-rant called “The Truth About Soy Boys” by far-righter Joseph Paul Watson on Alex Jones’ InfoWars conspiracy theory network (; see for more on Alex). Nomadscammers, in his second ‘Todd in jail’ tweet, was happily dissing the absent pedophile for the entertainment of one of Nickerson’s most persistent haters, UnBEARable mamma ‘@BasedTXPatriot,’ a farm wife and clinical assistant from the Houston, Texas area.




The speculation gravy train was interrupted a few days later by Nickerson’s reappearance. His account had been un-suspended by Twitter after a successful appeal. He protested the fake stories about his girlfriend, but there was no holding Nomadscammers to account for his unrealistic commentary. The psyopper deleted most of his tweets every day, saying this was needed for his account’s main enterprise, which was reporting the telephone numbers used by south Asian phone scam criminals bilking money out of Americans. The deletions allowed him to deny having said anything he’d previous tweeted. When confronted with a screenshot of one of his prior tweets, he promptly pasted it into an analytical website called, reproduced the blurry-looking result, and declared the screenshot to be a photoshopped forgery. He then said he was contacting Twitter Support about the forgery, since making forged screenshots of a user’s tweets is considered a suspendable violation. It wasn’t clear whether or not Support would believe his ruse. Holding him responsible was going to be an account-risking gamble.



Nomadscammers then expanded to making insinuations about non-offending pedophiles as a whole, particularly the Virtuous Pedophiles group at “They’re just about done here as well as other places,” he assured one Bear. “A number of anonymous people who were roped into their alleged good behavior realized the error of their ways. Much of that is, I am told, finding its way to the proper authorities in the coming days and weeks.” About the various non-offenders and their supporters who disputed his claims, he said, “They’re just hot air and empty threats. I’ve dealt with their ilk for awhile now. Scammers, fraudsters, hucksters and flim-flam men. These guys are just the ‘blockers’ who protect the other offenders.”



He also came out in support of a thoroughly debunked fake-news story that had held that Enderphile from Virped was actually a now-imprisoned Canadian sex offender called Justin Coulombe (debunking story: Enderphile’s Twitter account had been active during times when Coulombe was known to have been in prison under a social media ban, and Ian Miles Cheong, the author of the fake news story, had suggested that other pedophiles had come in to continue working the Enderphile account to conceal the fact that its owner was in prison for sex offences. Enderphile has since debunked this suggestion by making a Youtube showing that he is free, and also the sole operator of all the accounts in question ( Nomadscammers riffed on Cheong’s fantasy to make a generalization about non-offending MAPs: “They’ll do what they always do when one is busted or outed. Someone will re-make an account and pretend to be him to create a cover. They do it all the time. Or have another guy in a different country say, ‘I’m actually him’ knowing nothing can be done to disprove.”

This was all some pretty serious gaslighting, calculated to inflame the conservative ‘Bear’ audience. The non-offenders could see the grey military patch every time Nomadscammers tweeted some more of this outrage-methane, and they could be vividly aware that they’d “just been fucked by psyops.” The specific avenue of gaslighting worked by his psyops campaign was to cast all non-offending MAP actions as devious and deceptive, playing on the classic “all-devious, all-self-centered minority” myth that forms the substratum of every major bigotry movement from Anti-Semitism onward.

As Nomadscammers continued his anti-virped campaign, he also went about regular business. He bantered with his fellow scambaiter (phone-scam disruptor) @IAmAlogical about exploits in telephoning some scammers back and vexing them: “They’re in Sibi, Pakistan [‘They’ being a scam group pretending to be the US Internal Revenue Service demanding back taxes from unwitting U.S. dupes – BN]. I had a rather talkative fellow who bragged at great length. When I conversed with him in Balochi, he flipped out and hung up.”

Generally, one only speaks Balochi if one has grown up in Balochistan Province of western Pakistan or nearby regions (Balochi is also a major language in three south Afghan provinces), or if one has learned the language for academic or espionage purposes, including psyops.



Just after the U.S. government had shut down and re-initiated operations in a budget stand-off on Jan. 20-22, 2018, Nomadscammers tweeted to IAmAlogical, “We got our funding back, though. For 17 more days at least. So we only had today off, but I’m on vacation anyway.”

This all seemed to compose a picture of someone specifically trained to do psyops in south Afghanistan who was still on a U.S. military payroll or related arm’s-length government funding.

One of the non-offending MAP supporters who had been trying to call Nomadscammers to account was my regular Twitter-based collaborator, Kamil Beylant, @securityconcern. On Jan. 23, Beylant found that his Twitter account was temporarily locked and inaccessible because of a complaint filed by Nomadscammers. The complaint had taken advantage of Twitter’s newly installed politeness features, especially its new automated bot responses to four-letter words and discriminatory epithets, by flagging two tweets where Kamil had said ‘bullshit,’ one saying ‘dumb’ and one containing the word ‘silly.’ Neither ‘dumb’ nor ‘silly’ was used in a put-down context, but the bot, needless to say, was unaware of that. The automated message on the complaint said, “you may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so. We consider abusive behavior an attempt to harass, intimidate or silence someone else’s voice.”

Beylant filed an appeal and his account was quickly unlocked by Twitter with the message, “it looks like we made an error.” In the meantime, however, Nomadscammers had tweeted a triumphal message saying “Mr. Beylant, when will you learn that harassing me will simply end poorly for your account which it appears is the entirety of your life.”

Even before the invention of internet drama, Bugs Bunny was famous for the saying, “Of course, you know – this means war.”

On Jan. 27, Beylant retaliated by attempting to embarrass Nomadscammers with his anti-phone-scammer buddies. He tweeted to twelve of them, “I admire the work you do, but I'm sorry to say one of your number has joined #scammers by misrepresenting this account as a 'blocker' for hypothetical sex offenders, something I most adamantly do not do. Perhaps someone will tell the person in fluent Balochi this is unacceptable.” Supporting screenshots were attached.

This tweet was more biting than it may look, since the number of people in the American sphere who have been immersed in the Afghan campaigns, speak Balochi, and currently have a scambaiter hobby is surely very small. Nomadscammers had done something known on the internet as ‘shadow-d0xing’ himself – he had seriously dented his anonymity by publishing enough distinctive details that anyone who knew him would probably recognize who he was.

Immediate action was taken. The Nomadscammers account disappeared briefly, and reappeared with a new Twitter tag, @rektscammers. Two messages were sent out to the buddies: “Possibly reactivated. Flip a coin. Looks like AFRICOM is where I’ll be for the duration.” and, later, “Negative on the reactivation. Back stateside for the duration.” AFRICOM is the U.S. military’s Africa Command, said by its Wikipedia to be “responsible for U.S. military operations, including fighting regional conflicts, and military relations with 53 African nations.” ‘Reactivation’ usually refers to a recall of persons in the reserve military forces to active duty. This rounded out the picture of a psyops military reservist trained or self-trained to serve in Afghan campaigns and perhaps anti-jihadist campaigns elsewhere.

Almost immediately, the @nomadscammers name returned, and its owner energetically resumed his attack on the non-offending MAPs. In retrospect, however, it appears that the account had been changed to become a pure role-playing vessel: its interchanges with the scambaiter buddies were minimal, and, other than mention of a flight from Europe to the US, little of the information it gave out about its proprietor appeared to be realistic. Even the psyops patch it displayed had changed.

At this point, the whole playbook of psyops ( came into operation, at least, as much of it as could work in the online sphere. With ever growing amazement, I worked with colleagues to categorize the recurring themes.

1. Psychological gaslighting.

Nomadscammers regularly tweeted the idea that pedophilia was linked to adverse personality traits like sociopathy and lack of a conscience. In reality, as summarized at, “people attracted to children or pubertal adolescents have not been found to exhibit narcissism, psychosexual immaturity, low intelligence, aversion to adults, psychopathology, neurosis, or any personality disorder any more than people attracted to adults. The presence of these characteristics has been assumed, rather than being tested scientifically (Bradford et al., 1988; Langevin, 1983; Okami & Goldberg, 1992; Wilson & Cox, 1983 – citation details at the link.)” In the Nomadscammers gasview, however, things were very different:

(21-year-old MAP) Andrew Thomas @andrew_thomas55 … “Society inherently assumes that we’re all manipulative, evil monsters with nefarious intentions. There’s nothing I can really say to prove it, since you’ll just assume I’m lying to make you believe me, but I’m honest.”

Nomad: “No, science has proven you are [manipulators/monsters - BN]. Sociopathy and psychopathy are almost 100% comorbid to your particular mental illness. More so in men than women, though.”

Here, Nomad was using rule 2 out of the psyops rulebook: feigning expertise. The nuancing about women increased the impression that real information was being delivered. Andrew, always kindly spoken and patently honest, had admitted he wanted to have a family someday, which caused Nomad to opine:

“Consult any offender study done by any major schools which have a dept. of abnormal psych. They’re widely available online or through request. They all say the same thing. Offenders like you who want a family do often offend and are unable to discern negative from positive.”

Andrew: “Why would you hurt someone that you care about? Truthfully, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I ever acted on my thoughts. I would much rather kill myself than put a child through that kind of pain….”

Nomad: “You do not possess the cognitive ability to discern harm from non-harm. You’re incapable of knowing what is appropriate and what is not. Case studies show people with your profile will offend and will often (sic) upon their own nuclear family. Either children or sibling’s children.”

The Virped members and friends, like Andrew, were backed up by having connections with numerous supportive researchers. In fact, 20 expert psychological or psychiatric researchers, plus policy makers and abuse counsellors, had just signed a letter supporting the Virpeds’ presence on Twitter; this was a response to the attack by The Sun (see story and text of letter at Nomad’s psychological free-flow extended to dissing these experts in tweets we filed into the next category, below.

2. Academic gaslighting.

We begin here with a skeptical comment from an associate of the Bears, a 19-year-old gay pharmacy student from Texas named Enzo Rodriguez (@EnzoR2017), who proclaims himself to be a Republican, a Christian and a virgin.

Enzo: “Are you serious? Universities are actually supporting these freaks?”

Nomad: “A few in Canada and the UK do. Mainstream sociological study and psychological study refute any claims the MAPs make. The studies they quote are not peer-reviewed or even curated by mainstream academia. It’s junk science. I should know. I do the studies.”

This was all breathtakingly outrageous: to pick just one example, NOMAP (non-offending MAP) supporter Michael C. Seto from the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group in Canada can be seen in research databases to have, among many peer-reviewed publications, nine that are field classics with 250 – 1050 citations by other researchers, and a book on pedophilia and sex offending that’s been cited over 450 times by other researchers.

Various queries and challenges to Nomad about his own claims to “do the studies” yielded no information.

When Andrew was asked by Jason Andrews (@JasonAndrews220), a 48-year-old black Republican Bear from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, “why is it OK for you to want ‘concrete evidence’ [of claims made by Nomad and Bears about pedophiles – BN], but we’re supposed to just take Twitter pedophiles at their word?” Nomad jumped in. He wanted, it seems, to make sure Andrew couldn’t answer by pointing to any of the peer-reviewed academic studies recently done on NOMAPs, some of which are summarized in easy-to-read posts by Enderphile in his popular blog at He growled, “ and med student research done at a second world medical school are not legitimate sources, I’d say.”

“Second world,” a phrase traditionally applied to the Communist sphere of influence during the cold war, appears in this case to have been a reference to Canada or the UK. To Nomad, only the U.S.A. could be the ‘first world.’ The “med student research” scenario was disingenuous, since labor-intensive health research of any kind tends to be conducted with the aid of students and medical residents or postdoctoral fellows. It is all, however, directed and contributed to by the senior researchers as the mainstay of their work. Normally structured academic research done at top developed-world institutions was by no means good enough for Nomad’s pseudo-judgment.

Other tweets along the same lines continuously maintained Nomad’s negative spinning against Virpeds’ academic contacts.

Naturally, Nomad produced many more tweets of the same cynically inventive nature directed at Virped members themselves. Some of these will be shown at the next heading. He had also discovered, to his delight, that some Virtuous Pedophiles conversed in realtime on a server in the Discord network, a facility that was set up to allow gamers to chat as they played online games. The Virpeds ran a strongly moderated server with stringently kosher content rules, but, as an invitation-only system, it was ripe for speculation. It was connected with other MAP Discord groups that sometimes had even stronger rules (The Virped-associated group allowed anti-contact ex-offenders to join, while some groups excluded them). Since anyone with sufficient knowledge could operate such a network, however, there were also other MAP Discord networks not associated with Virpeds but rather with a series of semi-connected MAP communities on the Tumblr website. This collection of people, while law-abiding, was much more ideologically diverse than the Virpeds, sometimes including pro-contact views (changing/eliminating age of consent, ‘children’s liberation’ etc.).

In early to mid-January, 2018, less than a month after the Sun story attacking Twitter, Tumblr had done a purge on MAP content and eliminated many accounts and blogs. One of the people affected was a rigorously anti-contact, anti-child-erotica MAP known on Twitter as @JamestheMap. A blog he had maintained for some time and was very attached to had been banned and, when restarted, banned again. He was angry at Tumblr, but he also blamed MAPs around him with looser standards who had made the milieu look less than savory. On Jan. 16, he tweeted “Just been informed that my Tumblr account that I have just left has been terminated. @tumblr on their free-speech censorship again. Great work guys! Now, about these thousands of blogs that post and share CP.... Any updates on them? #Trash.” (Tumblr, like all viable websites hosting images, eliminates child porn rapidly when it is reported, so James appears to have been referring to legal and permitted anime and ‘cute kid’ images posted by blogs far outside the Virped ambit.)

On Feb. 24, he added, “It seems that @tumblr are taking down all the MAP related blogs they can find. I'm happy that this means a lot of the in-secret pro-c's re now being removed from their site, but sad that the genuine anti-c's are also being taken down. But, that's what happens when you mix.”

Some of James’ Virped acquaintances pointed out that, even though expression of pro-contact viewpoints is not allowed within Virped, it had always been considered OK within the organization to communicate with lawful pro-contact MAPs on other sites in order to have a chance to talk them out of their viewpoints. James was not mollified.

“Interesting comments, thanks. But I feel that you don't understand the situation quite as well as you believe you do. Go ask all the anti-c MAPs who they have suspicions about. When you realise the same few names come up time and time again, ask yourself why no one has done (jump to next tweet) anything about these people. The reason? I believe is because everyone is too scared to do so, in case they are (l)umped as being the same as them. Sadly, keeping quiet achieves just that...

“I never went searching for pro-c's. There was no need to search...they are everywhere. I came across most in the anti-contact tags that the MAP community use on a daily basis. Like I say, most eyes are shut when it comes to those who are right in front of their noses.”

Nomad liked the last tweet very much. Even though it was never intended to apply to the Virped-related Discord servers, Nomad realized that only the inner circles within the servers would know what was being done where. He tweeted,

“There are Discord servers dedicated purely to talking about their perverse fantasies. Anonymous informants from around 5 or 6 of these servers have come forward and (are) getting together to provide screenshots and evidence of illegal activity to the authorities.”

The “talking about their perverse fantasies” was an echo of the Sun’s Dec. 12 headline, “Playground for paedos. Twitter blasted by MPs for allowing perverts to share their vile fantasies online.” (

Our press group checked with administrators of the main group of Virped-associated servers, who meet online regularly to discuss problems. We were shown sets of house rules and screenshots indicating that, as usual, Nomad’s expressions were either fictional or wildly misdirected. The main Virped-associated Discord server, for example, bans not only sexual fantasies but even excludes mention of common pro-contact positions:

4) No talk about lowering Age of Consent (AoC), whatever it is where you live.
5) No talk about adult-child sex being fundamentally OK and only harmful due to societal attitudes and reactions to its discovery, nor discussions of the topic. There are other places on the internet to have these discussions. This is not one of them.

Nomadscammers, in his post-Rektscammers reinvention, had been claiming to be writing a book about internet and phone scams, in which he planned to include five chapters based on the online scam system represented by the ‘non-offending pedophile.’ He presented JamestheMap’s “right in front of their noses” tweet as a screenshot in his own timeline with the header, “They seem to be under the impression I am to be feared. Granted, my book, job and company I keep could make their lives very difficult. Because I know the truth. See picture.”

His persistent fictionalizing raised the specter that he might put together a few of James’ tweets, perhaps with some evidence that was either fake or imported from dissociated sources, and agitate a law enforcement or web host campaign against the Virped servers.

In the meantime, he dug diligently around among the tweets of as many Virped types as he could find, looking for anything that might cause outrage or division. This leads us to the next gaslighting category.

3. Character gaslighting.

Nomadscammers could see that Enderphile, though not an owner or administrator of, was effectively the head of its outreach efforts. This made him especially venomous with the feisty non-offender, whose new accounts appeared and disappeared as he struggled to re-establish on Twitter after being knocked out by the Sun. After the suspension of one account, Nomad crowed, “@_TheRealEnder: Neutralized!” When the next (and current) account @_TheRealEnder_ came online, he thundered:

“I give it about 5 years tops before we all hear you got caught doing something illegal.”

“Middle aged, anti-contact, non-offending pedophile” Kieran Farseeker (@ZanatioVirPed) then piped up to remind Nomad that in a previous gas attack, he’d supported the Cheong story about Enderphile’s incarceration.

“But Nomad, you said he’d already been caught and is currently sitting in jail.”

The contradiction was ignored.

Nomad also attempted to spin Ender’s relative seniority as a link to the long-quiescent and very much anti-anti-contact North American Man-Boy Love Association, This was despite Ender’s blog posts indicating he was a married man with a family, living outside North America, and that he had never in any way advocated for sex with children.

‘Bear’ Curtis Toews (Curt Veteran LT @toewSC) unwittingly launched the NAMBLA line of attack by opining that “there are at least two kinds [of non-offenders – BN] from what I can see on Twitter…” He named some young students like Andrew, and one older veteran activist, Todd Nickerson.

Nomad responded:

“It is fascinating and curious to note that they do have three distinct hierarchical roles and you might say profiles. The convinced youth, the angry offended ex-offender [a jab at the UK’s best-known MAP, Nigel Oldfield – BN], and the old hand. The old hands I would imagine are NAMBLA hold overs.”

“They tried to ride the Gay Rights Movement in the 80s. And then in the 00s in the form of NAMBLA. [NAMBLA, mostly active in the late 70s and early 80s, was essentially inactive as of the launching of the Curley v. NAMBLA lawsuit in 2000 – BN]. And we all know what NAMBLA did. Ender is approx. 40 – 55 years of age (one of them [is], at least [This is a reference to the multiple Enderverse theory – BN]), so I wonder if he has any ties.”

Kamil Beylant took a caustic approach to this.

He has no such ties whatsoever. His whole personal history is outlined on his blog. [“A pedophile’s personal journey through realization, despair, lethargy, awakening and acceptance” - BN]. He’s so new he didn’t even overlap with the Wikisposure crowd [2007-2010 – BN].

Nomadscammers: “It’s really not, though.” [i.e., his life isn’t really outlined in the blog – BN]

Beylant: “No one reading [the blog] could entertain any notion the guy went back to that old bugbear group. It’s like saying Obama could have been in the Mau Mau. It’s lollable.”

The Mau Mau Rebellion was an anti-British uprising in Kenya in 1952-64. Obama was born in 1961 in Hawai’i but was long rumored by public mischief-makers like Donald Trump to have been born in Kenya, the homeland of his father.

“Mr. Scammers,” as Beylant called him, could very easily delete the problematical assertions and pass on to the next fabrication.

He found tremendous traction for his distortions when he discovered that 22-year-old, UK-based “anti-contact pedophile” Dean (@map_dean), had a blog post explaining how he reconciled his non-offending but undisclosed pedophilia with an almost full-time position as a volunteer worker in a youth group. ( This issue, in fact, turned out to be a major cause célèbre for certain members of the Bear group like BasedTXPatriot, Jason Andrews, and a 34-year-old Lombard, Illinois lawyer called ‘Bearly Legal’ (@MichaelCoughlin – Michael Patrick Coughlin). To be fair to the Bear group, it’s doubtless true that for members of our Homo sapiens species, working as a celibate with potentially highly attractive members of a sexually unattainable and vulnerable demographic group is something one could only recommend to relatively well-balanced individuals. The Catholic priesthood has made us vividly aware of that. Dean, however, was fully confident he was in the conscience-driven and professional group who would always put the children’s safety first. Also, following his organization’s safeguarding rules, he never supervised children alone. The Bears were equally confident he was the proverbial ‘ticking time bomb,’ or at least was a role model for potential ticking time bombs further on down the road. Nomad had struck controversy gold with this topic, and he made the most of it. There wasn’t much profit to be had, however, from telling the eminently sober Dean that he would soon suffer a cognitive delusion and molest a child, since that seemed just too unlikely. Nomad was obliged to reach back into his psyops quiver and pull out another weapon.

4. Intimidation gaslighting.

Nomadscammers’ psyop of expertise extended to claims that he was connected to virtually everyone in power, whether armed services, politicians or technical experts, and was also endowed with extraordinary powers of internet search and mass mailing.

He brought this all out, along with some character gaslighting about an illusory offence, in a response to Jason Andrews.

Jason: I wouldn’t be having this conversation with a jerk-off like Dean because I think he’s a sociopath who will definitely do something one day. I want that mother fucker caught. I think Andrew has thought [about] the things we’re telling him and deep down knows we’re right [Andrew Thomas was also doing some volunteer work with kids, but eventually stated that he had given it up after discussing the matter with the Bears – BN].

Nomad: Dean already has [‘done something’ – BN], according to a fellow British MAP. Which is why I wrote emails to every single youth group and charity in England, Scotland and Wales with a dossier on Dean. With any luck, it’ll be read by the one he works for.

The Bears passed around a screenshot showing Dean saying that he sometimes fantasized about children when he masturbated. Many young NOMAPs are unaware of the right-wing practice of extracting titillating conversational details for work-up into scandal, and, in their attempts to counteract myths of pedophile sneakiness by being open and honest, they tend to reveal elements of idle fantasy that they can be plagued with forever afterward. Some are not aware that most English-speaking conservatives, especially the far right, are deeply committed to what MAP analyst Kristofor Xavier called the ‘Opening the Floodgates’ or ‘Victorian’ theory of sexual unbinding (, which holds that any sexual thought or idea inevitably leads people down a slippery slope toward acting out that fantasy in real life. This brain grease is particularly thought to affect sexually different people, since they are considered to have no self-control: if they had self-control, they’d get a grip on themselves – the theory holds – and ‘normal up.’ Dean considered the whole slipperly slope idea to be obviously unrealistic.

Dean: “You are attracted to people I assume. I'm guessing from time to time you are attracted to someone that wouldn't consent to you (a celeb, someone that's married etc.). I'm sure it's easy for you to refrain from raping them. It is no harder for me.“

After days of pestering, he ended up taking a firm line.

Bear-identified psychology student Awkward (@AwkwardBunny26). “Therapy will help you find ways to deal with all that stuff, no fantasizing and no bottling up required.”

Dean: “I'm gonna have sexual feelings, they won't go away with any amount of therapy. The fact is fantasy doesn't hurt anyone. If you don't like the idea of me fantasizing, then tough.”

Nomad was energized by the Bears’ Orwellian habit of turning any idle pedophilic fantasy into a virtual thoughtcrime that could be treated as if it were a real action.

Appleton, Wisconsin ‘Bear’ mom ‘Jamie’ (@Jamie2181, @JamieBeara): “Dean, you said, ‘Why would I want to sexually abuse children?’ Any sexual contact with a child is considered sexual abuse. You fantasize about having sexual contact with children. Thus, you want to sexually abuse children. Does that compute?”

Nomad: Based on what I’ve seen Dean say here today, I’m gonna have to say I’m calling up a string of UK based authorities to finally get to the root of this problem. He cannot be allowed to work with children any more…. Someone dropped a bombshell about Dean in my inbox last night when I mentioned I knew of the Victoria Leak [obscure reference, possibly the leak of Victoria Justice’s photos from iCloud – BN]. So, we’ll see what happens about that … [to Dean] One day don’t be shocked if someone drops a lot of information and it finds its way to your employer’s door … The British Youth Council was the only one so far to reply [to warning emails – BN], but they said they would reach out to all charities and groups they are associated with to determine if something is to be done. The director who emailed me seemed very disturbed by the tweets I showed her… Either way [legally or illegally – BN], I am pretty sure someone is going to find their way into your life as a preemptive measure to prevent you from ever being around kids again. And I’m fine with that. Public safety.

His combined pretense of having great amounts of secret information and many interested recipients for it in the legal, administrative and thug worlds didn’t faze Dean a bit. Nomad may not have realized he was following in the footsteps of years of similar ruses by members of the Anonymous movement.

With Andrew Thomas, who at the time was still volunteering with a children’s charity, he tried a different intimidation technique, legal gaslighting.

Nomad: Technically, you can be charged with gross negligence by not disclosing to your employer or the charity you donate time to that you’re attracted to kids. It’ll be why they fire you if they found out. Then the parents could sue you for neglect and dereliction of duty.

When Kamil Beylant dropped by to challenge this obvious legal sophistry, Nomad embroidered further:

Nomad: “There would be criminal charges of neglect, child abuse and many others as a response to public outcry. Along with civil actions taken by many parents. I would certainly demand that charges be pressed and press the courts.”

There’s no such thing as a criminal charge for ‘neglect,’ let alone ‘child abuse’ for having an un-acted-on attraction. According to Nomad, though, even the legal presumption of innocence would evaporate for Andrew:

Nomad: “It would be up to the Defendant and his attorney to prove nothing ever happened. Children would be interviewed. Parents would [be interviewed] as well for any signs of unusual behavior seen in their kids. Either way the person in this equation would be fired and at the very least charged for neglect.”

Andrew, like Dean, was hard to intimidate:

Andrew: “You buffoons have absolutely nothing incriminating on me, because I haven’t done anything incriminating! Just the fact that you’d say something like that shows me you’re all lying through your teeth.”

The Nomad snowjob may have been staged mostly for the Bears in any case. They were a spellbound audience. ‘Jamie’ claimed to post a reward on the heads of Dean and Andrew.

Jamie (to Dean): “Fuck this. I’m posting a financial reward to anyone who provides your identification or Andrew’s. Monies will be paid anonymously. How dare you decide for parents or an employer your merits? Enough. Your information will be given to your employer and the proper authorities.”

This was probably adjunct gaslighting to help Nomad out, since Jamie had recently lost her job in the financial sector and was at home with a third child on the way for July, 2018. She openly admitted she and her husband were pinching the pennies somewhat. There hasn’t been any further sign of a price on the heads of the no-sex caregivers. Jamie was a devoted Nomad acolyte: she clearly admired his gaslight Rockstar moves: “I love that Nomad guy. I don’t know where he gets his information, but it scares the predators.” Since there were no real-life ‘predators’ in the group of people she was dealing with, it almost makes sense that she took Nomad’s yarn-spinning to be ‘information.’ She complimented him rapturously on behalf of the whole Bear group: “We love seeing your comments, you seem to be the only person these guys are intimidated by.”

There was much for her to admire. Nomad had a genius for highly diverse intimidation gaslighting. I’ll just give two more related examples to show how wild it got at times. His posture of near-omniscience included the idea that he could easily find ways around all computer security techniques in order to trace the identities of those he was interested in. He snowed Andrew with:

Nomad: “If subpoena’d? They have to [internet agencies getting a subpoena have to turn over user information – BN]. From there, a LEO [law enforcement officer] or GO [presumably, government officer] would make contact with you to question you. VPNs [virtual private networks, a privacy device] and even Tor [the main international browser privacy relay] are required by the Intl. law to give over info, which is stored. The [non-offender/Virped] community will likely just be banned repeatedly again and again like others. “

Of course, the whole advantage of Tor is that it produces all but untraceable ‘onion’ layers of relay switching that are not tracked, leaving would-be detectives with only dim devices like time-of-connection correlation to guess at who might be browsing to a given site (Various other possibilities are continuously monitored at the Tor Project website, That’s why dissidents living in despotic states can get away with communicating under Tor, as they are intended to do. (China blocks it). Some VPNs establish themselves in jurisdictions where they can’t be compelled to keep or produce records, making them also strongly protective of privacy.

For Kamil, Nomad served up a soup of misapplied technical fragments.

Nomad: “Could it just be that I’m someone in a field he knows is capable of discerning VPNs, proxies, and MAC addresses to correlate with search terminology easily obtained through simple SEO metadata? Then combine that with unique identifier EXIF or IPv data to find someone.”

Ordinarily I’d define the acronyms in a paragraph like that, but its gaslit beauty, in this case, is best displayed in its native form. Kamil ran the text by some experts in computer security just to make sure there wasn’t a real message hidden in the apparent spew of irrelevancies. There wasn’t.

Nomad had, however, made Kamil cautious in a cleverly subtle way – something that calls forth our next and last topic (One major category of Nomad’s gaslighting, conspiracy gaslighting, is omitted from this article out of length considerations):

5. Background gaslighting.

The re-established Nomadscammers had given himself an identity that was ever more fully fleshed out as the days went by. He no longer seemed to be a solitary military psyops linguist who might get called up into Africa at any moment. In fact, he derided the idea that he was involved in psyops at all, and claimed that he only collected psyops military patches as a hobby inspired by a TV show he had once enjoyed in college. He managed a business, a multi-employee entreprise involved in high-level matters like tracking the physical location of a wanted phone scammer through Dubai and into his native Gujarat state of India (

Nomad: “Google a man named Sagar Thakkar. Found him after much back and forth. Similar to you [Kamil – BN] in many ways. Now, if I can find him in the third world based on rumors, leads and a little help from my friends, who do you suppose that makes me? Point being: if I can find a man based on zero evidence but speculation in India and the Emirates, I’m capable of finding a guy from Twitter who is a pedophile. “



One day, he named himself in full, and this was where he put Kamil in a difficult situation. The name he used, W____ [*see comment at end of article about why this false name has been obscured*], had no internet presence. There are many websites like Spokeo, Radaris and PeekYou that list the name of everyone who’s ever been recorded as residing at a U.S. address, along with various other details you can buy for a low, low fee. To see a non-existent name posed two subtle, practical problems. One of them was Twitter-based: to give evidence that the name was apparently false, within a Twitter account, would require showing that searches of name database sites had been done, and this came very close to violating terms-of-service rules against releasing private information and against ‘targeted harassment.’ The other was based in internet security: in the unlikely event that Nomad had access to information from an agency like the NSA (National Security Agency), anyone searching on a unique item like “W______” could be spotted with pinpoint accuracy. This spotting might only yield their Tor or VPN connection, rather than any personal I.P. address link, but it would still act like a little internet laser beaming up the actions of one person. Most people using false names use names that are lost in the shuffle of similar names, and it wasn’t clear why someone who knew a thing or two about security would use one that clearly didn’t exist.


Kamil resorted to hinting to the Bears that THEY should google the name of their hero. Eventually, Nomad responded to this potential embarrassment in a most bizarre way: he renamed himself [a version of his name with the first and second names reversed]. Since [the second version] is the exact Hungarian equivalent of [a common English name], this name came up with a number of approximate Google hits, some of them with [new first name] anglicized to [English version of new first name]. No one had a ‘W__’ as a middle name. Still, the name became plausibly real again.

Nomad also gave the name of a wife, C________. That name, though looking common enough, also didn’t yield anything definitive. He claimed she was “half French and Vietnamese” and that their children – apparently two girls – were multi-racial. Despite his use of a Hungarian surname with its linguistically distinctive ‘[ ]’ ending, pronounced like [ ], Nomad didn’t claim to be of Hungarian stock. He responded to a charge that his “all-devious, all-self-centered minority” treatment of pedophiles was reminiscent of Anti-Semitism by claiming to be Jewish. “As a Jewish-American, I find it insulting that you’re using the pain of the Shoah to justify your pedophilia,” he huffed. Moreover, he said, his family came from Austria. And, indeed, historical records showed some Jewish people in the [  ] families resident in Hungary escaped persecution by Hungarianizing their surnames, and a few of these ended up in Austria after World War II. In one all-pseudo-revealing post, Nomad said “I own ____ Company. S_____ Company. We research large scale criminal elements, events and crimes in North America and Europe … My father, M_____, who was an International Human Rights Attorney, established [it] in 1984. After his death, I assumed the executive officership after retiring from another field of specialization.” He claimed his company was unfindable on the web because it had a secret website that could only be accessed via a secret link and a password.

His tales all pulled together when he was asked why his name had appeared in reverse order. He claimed that this free reversal was something Jewish people did, and how dare anyone take issue with his Jewish ways? This response seems to be ad hoc gaslighter sarcasm, but investigation isn’t easy, especially since most of the well known leaders of Israel don’t possess a middle name.

Nomad ultimately damaged himself with repeated mini-tirades against transgendered people, sparked by a female-to-male transgendered map named Yarrow the Map (@map_yarrow) who was an admin on one of the stringently no-contact-no-erotica Discord servers.

Nomad: I said I blame the breakdown of the nuclear family (Mom, Dad, kids, a Dog) along with overuse of plastic products in the food industry on the increasing rates of people identifying as transgender … Actually been proven that BPA in plastics are leading to gender and hormone confusion in young persons …

[to Yarrow] When you are able to change your chromosomes, body fat ratio, muscle mass in relation to that body fat, and other genetic factors like your ovaries and uterus then I guess you can be ‘genetically a man.’

Yarrow: “I’ve done all but the chromosomes.”

Nomad: “Then I’m afraid to say you’re still genetically a woman.”

Yarrow: “Ooh, no, I hadn’t figured that one out already. My life is crumbling before my eyes.”

Nomad: “Maybe one day they’ll have gene therapy for that.”

Perhaps as a consequence of this kind of exchange and repeated remarks about plastics causing transgender, aided by some reports to Twitter by viewers, the Nomad account joined a recent trend at the site for socially obnoxious tweeters to become ‘shadowbanned.’ This meant that only Nomad’s officially electronically attached ‘followers’ would see his tweets unless other readers specifically went to his account and looked for new content. As stated in a recent article (, such users are “shrouded in an invisibility cloak from all except their followers.”

He was not pleased. He stripped his account of all content, disappeared for a few days, and reappeared with a new account under the name ‘WayfarerActual.’ Note the overlap of concepts between ‘Nomad’ and ‘Wayfarer.’ Now, he claimed not to have children and to be a Bolivian ‘security contractor.’ Within hours, his new account also became shadowbanned, and, after an expression of frustration, he deleted it.

The gaslights had finally gone out. At least for a while.

His campaign had been unsuccessful; in fact, during its period of activity, the Enderphile and Todd Nickerson accounts had brought the Virped contingent back to full activity after their Sun setback. No one had been d0xed (de-anonymized) or frightened away. There had, however, been some peripheral damage: the ethics of undisclosed non-offenders working with children had become a strong second line of defense for the Bear group when they could otherwise see that there truly were non-offenders around. Jason Andrews tried to poll all the academics who dealt with NOMAPs for their positions on this topic, but since his approach had been preceded by hostility from other Bears, they declined to respond. Kamil produced a mock-up of a ‘perceived conflict of interest’ declaration that could be used by any institution specifically wishing to cause all honest NOMAPs to self-declare or disengage. It clearly presupposed that true honest NOMAPs existed, and wasn’t immediately adopted by the Bear group.

Nomad had also broadly publicized JamestheMap’s discontent with the intermingling of less pure Virtuous Pedophiles among the ultra-Virtuous, though the Virpeds were mystified about who James was talking about. James conceded that he had no trouble with the Virped website and forum or the associated Discord server, but also stated more broadly that “wherever there’s a NOMAP community online, there’s naked images of children.” This idea was resoundingly rejected by the Discord admins allied to Virped. A spokesperson for the Virped Discord server itself released us the full list of house rules related to images and descriptions:

6) No avatar images of real children are permitted. Avatars of drawings of children will only be permitted if they are not realistic nor sexually suggestive. It must be obvious that it is a drawing (i.e. cartoon/anime). This will be to the discretion of the @Moderators team, and you will be asked to change your avatar to comply with this rule.
7) No offensive or sexually suggestive usernames, and no names of real child celebrities. You will be asked to change your username to comply with this rule.
10) No sexually explicit or arousing descriptions.
11) No images or videos of children if they would be arousing to an average pedophile (shirtless, swimsuit, underwear).
12) No images or videos of children for the sake of sharing "cute" or "hot" kids. If relevant to an ongoing discussion, an occasional image will be allowed as long as it doesn't violate rule #11.
13) No child nudity and/or pornography, child erotica, virtual child porn or any talk about how or where to access such materials, or requests for such materials, even if legal in your jurisdiction.

When Kamil and others asked James to give some evidence of what he was alleging, or at least to show he’d contacted authorities if he’d seen something illegal, he stated that he’d destroyed all his MAP-related information. No corroboration was possible or forthcoming.

Another fastidiously anti-contact and anti-erotica MAP named Wert (@werthuh, @WertMap) then emerged to complain that many Twitter MAPs were following an account, @Bas400, where he’d found some ‘child porn.’ Bas had a firm statement in his avi indicating that he rejected sex with minors; this had probably reassured others they could safely ‘follow’ his account. Wert’s complaint about the Bas account included the charge that Twitter had done nothing with his attempts to report images within the account – meaning that Twitter Safety had found whatever he was calling ‘child porn’ not to be CSE (child sexual exploitation) at all. Examination by those accused by Wert showed many innocuous images, mixed in with one showing a lettered comedy meme superimposed on an unprovocative photo of a naked boy lying frontside-down on a bed. There was also, further back in the account’s history, an oil painting of a naked boy and a clothed but mildly risqué torso shot bearing the watermark of a long-defunct, marginally legal child modeling site. This material was more suggestive than the Virped standard, and Bas did lose some followers. Wert, however, was not satisfied, and, seemingly in a state of agitation, threatened to ‘out’ his long-time friend Dean (@map_dean) “because hes my friend and hes defending those doing wrong I care about him and also if i didn't care I would have doxed him prob about 4 months ago or more.” He denounced the accounts that followed Bas with “they are evil sick stupid monsters. They follow those who tweet naked pics of kids and follow other very suspicious accounts. I’ve seen them follow these accounts for months there is no excuse none at all (sic).”



Some MAPs and supporters wondered aloud if James and Wert were hostile provocateur moles who had timed their allegations to coincide with Nomad’s attack. Nomad’s own comment, on the last day of @WayfarerActual activity, was:

Nomad: “I think they’re trying to badger these witnesses into proving they have evidence so they can claim, ‘well, you HAVE illegal content in the form of that evidence’ to frighten these whistle [b]lowers into silence… Perhaps I’m an old and jaded security contractor, but when the same person goes after three separate individuals who wish to expose corruption in their specific communities, I begin to say to myself, ‘Amigo, that’s because there is truth to what they’re saying.’”

In fact, Kamil had pointed out to James how he could provide various forms of evidence without needing screenshots of illegal content, and the “three separate individuals” were only two. Also, Nomad presumably knew that, generally speaking, serious charges of crime or wrongdoing should be evidenced in some way. A request for some degree of substantiation is by no means hostile.

Investigation via direct message channels showed that both James and Wert had been active in the community long enough that they were unlikely to be hostile moles. No one seriously doubted that James had probably seen some sexualized images somewhere, probably in the Tumblr ambit, or that Wert had taken an understandable approach in drawing a more conservative line than Twitter Safety had about the occasional risqué piece in the Bas account. Kamil drew the following conclusion, sent to me in an email:

“I think the explanation of this upwelling of consternation about rare and subliminal legal erotica lies in something we often saw in the gay movement. I often say that there are three natural political parties in hard-pressed minorities, the placaters, who are desperate to look pleasing to the mob; the egalitarians, who advocate for inherently laudable common ethical standards without being limited by sheer conformity; and the dominance-reversalists, who want to resist the mob with righteous ideological oppositeness and, if possible, overturn them and impose their own values. James and Wert appear to be extreme placaters, and the pressure applied by the Sun, Tumblr, the Bears and Nomad jolted them into displaying their extreme conformity to the most arch-conservative values about MA erotica. The more egalitarian MAPs, meanwhile, may not have been too fussed about the occasional risqué legal image appearing well outside of their own material and jurisdiction, as long as there hadn’t been exploitation involved in its manufacture. They, unlike the placaters, are generally not invested in hiding all evidence of MA attraction. There are currently few, if any, reversalists active in the Twitter community, so the egalitarians were made out as a political foil and contrasted to the ultra-purist placaters.

In the early gay movement, when being gay was highly stigmatized, we saw that whenever there was, for example, a big washroom bust out in the suburbs, very agitated placaters in the downtown communities would harshly criticize the arrestees for being whores and sluts who couldn’t keep out of the filth and who made everyone look bad. At the same time, reversalists would denounce suburban marriage as a prison, and call upon everyone to do their revolutionary duty and go have dirty washroom sex. Egalitarians would write about the tensions of being a closeted gay man in the burbs and, in some cases, help organize a legal defence or some related political action. It tends to be the egalitarians who actually hold such movements together and make them work sensibly.”

From this perspective, Nomad can perhaps give himself credit for helping to flush two panicking placaters out of the MAP underbrush, even though their noisy flap-off doesn’t signal any actual illegal or unethical goings-on at Virped or its nearby skein of Discord networks.

From the broader perspective, the Nomad experience does have this observer concerned. My problem lies not with the status or image of the NOMAP community, but rather, with the state of American Psychological Operations. If Nomad’s gaslight assault is any indication of what the U.S. is training its psyops people to do, the nation is in trouble. Yes, we’ve seen that large-scale, deceptive Russian psyops creating pro-Trump and white-backlash noise helped Vladimir Putin to contain the threats posed by Hillary Clinton and George Soros, especially where the Russian Mediterranean power base in Syria was concerned (my perspective on that: Even wacky, bizarre campaigns like the Pizzagate hoax had their impact. One might argue that the U.S., to keep up with the Jonesoviches, shouldn’t hold back from launching their own unhealing psychological wounds that showed how thoroughly you’d been fucked by the psyops of Uncle Sam. Maybe some stories about Putin eating children’s pineal glands in the Kremlin basement would be just what the doctor ordered.

As cynical, rapacious Taliban and ISIS values continue to ooze around from Pakistan to Mali to Brussels, though, we need to remember that mind-fucking cuts both ways. Islam is formally fastidious about falsehood. The section on falsehood in the often-quoted Ihya Ulum-ad-Din (Revival of Religious Sciences) by the Sufi scholar al-Ghazali (early 12th century) says “Another danger of tongue is false-speaking and false oath. These are great sins and heinous faults. In the first year of Emigration, the Prophet said: be careful of falsehood as it is the companion of the sinners and both will be in Hell … Shall I not inform you of a great sin? It is to speak falsehood… If a man speaks falsehood, his companion angel goes one mile away from him. A Muslim may commit other faults but there cannot be in him cheating and falsehood” (Ihya, Book III, Chapter 4).

A few exceptions are given, including a lie issued to trick a raging murderer away from his victim, and the ‘white-lies’ of minor flattery husbands and wives may use to support each other’s affections. “The Prophet said, every lie of a man is recorded (against him, but) … the lie he speaks in war is not recorded as war is (an arena of ) strategy.” Thus, in Islamic countries, warriors are expected to lie strategically to their enemies, and perhaps also in minor ways to their friends, but allies are fundamentally expected to accord their allies the respect of mutual truth. In all societies, reality tends to deviate from the ideals laid out in the books that scholars prize, and yet, those ideals cannot be ignored. There is always a dialectic about whether (perceived) Christians and Muslims, both stated in the Quran to be ‘people of the Book,’ can bind as trusted companions. The ‘yes they can’ side of the dialectic is probably best supported by manifest truthfulness with committed and desired allies.

Producing psyops troops who are giddy, glib mind-fuck cowboys skilled at producing bare-faced falsehoods is probably not the most productive path for U.S. intelligence. Nomad, if he is an example of American skills, mostly serves as an example of what went wrong. When everyone in war lies equally glibly, the advantage falls to those who can present the truth and make its reality stick. “Because physical wounds heal” and “You’ve just been fucked by” are slogans predictive of failure. It would be greatly superior, surely, to go back to “Strength in Truth” and “Veritas” and give those concepts another try.

“Veritas” was the only psyops concept that Nomadscammers, in his inventive campaign against law-abiding pedophiles, never thought to deploy.


**** Since the appearance of this article, the main subject has been intimidating anyone who links the article on social media by claiming that my use of his false name, which he claims is a real name, is a violation of cyberharassment laws.   Although this argument is 100% intimidation gaslighting, it is creating an unnecessary distraction, and I've responded to a request to make an edited version.   The screenshot illustration showing the name being employed by the subject himself, however, remains, even though this may provide an opportunity for the subject to still claim, absurdly, that he has been 'doxxed' against his will.  All of this is a further lesson in the eel-slippery evils of psyops and should make us watch for similar deceptions elsewhere in life.  -- BN