Bubble Machine with 8

An amazing bubble machine can be a great source of entertainment for your kids. You can easily amuse toddlers with it both indoor and outdoor. More importantly, playing with bubbles has so many benefits for your kids as well including developing their sensory skills, visual tracking skills, oral motor skills, fine motor skills, and many more.

How to Operate a Bubble Machine

Playing with a bubble machine let your kids chase around the bubbles as they follow where the bubbles set off. It can be a good addition for a kids’ party too. Now, how can you use or operate this bubble machine and let your kids have fun with the bubbles? Keep reading for further information.

Step-by-Step to Operate a Bubble Machine

Before you start to operate the bubble machine, you should know some components of the machine. There will be a container for the bubble solution. It is usually located inside the machine. If you have a bubble machine battery powered, you will find the battery as well. Then, how to operate the machine? Here are the steps.

Step 1: Add the bubble solution

The first thing that you need to do is adding the bubble solution into the machine. Instead of pouring the solution from the top of the machine to get the bubble, you should lift up the machine and find a container inside the machine. After that, take your bubble solution, open the seal and then pour it into the container.

How much should you add the bubble solution? Actually, it depends on your preference. You can put it on more or less as you please. If you want the machine to work longer, you can consider adding more solution. Once you finish adding the bubble solution, lift down the top of the machine and continue with the next step.

Step 2: Plug in the power

Next, you need to plug in the power. Make sure you have a three-prong grounded outlet. If you are going to operate an indoor machine for kids

, you can find a nearby outlet from where you want to operate the machine. For outdoor operation, you may need a plug socket outlet with an extension cable to use the bubble machine.

Step #3: Install the Remote Control

Your bubble machine usually features a remote control that makes it easier for you to manage the machine. You need to install the remote control which comes along with the machine. There will be a spot labeled “remote control” on the back of your machine. You have to plug the remote control into the spot to make it works.

Step #4: Turn on the Machine

Alongside the remote control spot, you tend to find a power switch to turn the bubble machine on or off. Turn it on and then head to your remote control to press the on button. To get the bubbles blowing out from the machine, press on the bubble button. Finally, you will have bubbles from your high output bubble machine.

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