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How to c0de #HIVEMIND23, the first HYBRID Human/AI supercomputer

Imagine that we do "competitions" between "Barcelonistas" (F.B. Barcelona Supporters) and "Madridistas" (Real Madrid Supporters) like Trivial Pursuit, asking questions like ... "Where did Johan Cruyff score his first amateur league goal?"

That can be TRANSLATED into a "programming" language that takes advantage of Twitter's #hashtags to take action!

ex .:

"Dear # HIVEMIND23 where did Johann Cruyff scored his first goal? #Cruyff23"

Imagine ALL the Barça fans AND ALL the Madridistas playing the game (TEN THOUSANDS of them, maybe hundred thousand or even MILLION people, judging by the number of their followers). 

Imagine that the correct answer is "Wembley". Imagine that we monitor the hashtag # Wembley23 as # HIVEMIND23, and whoever is the FIRST to create that HASHTAG will be the WINNER! Do you understand ? That's COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS working together towards a CERTAIN goal. 

This could be applied from answering Trivial Pursuite questions to have millions of scientists self-organize automatically towards gathering resources to find a CURE FOR CANCER, ALZHEIMER::: etc... and taking money collected from #HIVEMIND23 donations via BTC/ETH/ADA?

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Feeling grateful and wanna say 'Thank You, #TheGame23!'?
THESE are the #TheGame23 / #HIVEMIND23 Community addresses to collect money donated from #HIVEMIND23 players or collected by auctioned NFTs that players would sell via Opensea.io:

ALL donations will be put towards keeping #TheGame23 strong.
 iMAGIne that ALL of the benefits of those NFTs go to either of these
#TheGame23 accounts, which I swear **ON MY LIFE** that I will *NEVER EVER*
use for personal purposes:

bc1qk2035j22uf4sjtj09h3c58fahlc93andt73n05 - #TheGame23 BTC/Bitcoin
0xa073DB6335d2a7A6365b698c18fE7c87Cd258A64 - #TheGame23 ETH/Ethereum
addr1qxlr3wxksvpxz66h9t9v6x7hq0s8suj37s39hjz8r3dhdth7hj653cyswjadxdvtwygukwgq4vqxj6y2mlr94tl0d59sk5f3cg - #TheGame23 ADA/Cardano

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Do you want to personally say 'Thank You, Jose!' to ME, Jose Antonio aka @m1Vr4, the Puppet Master?

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ALL donations will be put towards CREATING more Magickal Alternate Reality Games (MARGs) and maybe going on a tour around the world...twice! Yeah, I'm a dreamer too... ô_Ô

You cannot afford to send me money and still want to contribute to my

By all means, WRITE ME and tell me how was the game for you! PLEASE!
Even if it's only a one liner! It'll make my day, and count towards gratifying
me for the 100.000-125.000 hours I've put into this...I'm sure!



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"Only the MADMAN is absolutely sure."
Robert Anton Wilson



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"After 700 years, the laurel will grow green .  "
This is the Cathar prophecy. He points out that :23: in 2023 :23: 
 'The laurel will grow green' of good, holy, perfect men. New humanity in Love.
  says   https://bit.ly/CatharsProfecy
                  Can you believe that????
  Are WE going to become the New Cathars the Profecy talked about?