Chapter 107

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Yoshino - What is happening?! Shura ?! I do not understand anything because you never talk to me openly !! Everyone came back so far .... and the way you said it .... it’s as if ... it’s as if you thought of not returning, shura!

Shura - I ..... I'm not a very skilled person .... It does not matter if I tell you that I'm coming back .... I'm sorry.

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Shura - I myself do not know the reason, but probably .... I will not go back to this place. From the beginning it was decided .... I will die in this place ....

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Yoshino - What are you saying? Damn it! I do not understand anything at all!

Shura - I'm sorry, yoshino ... but I ... I have no choice but to leave.

Milo - Wait, shura. You will not go alone. I will also go!

Shura - no ... I want you to stay, milo ... to protect yoshino .... she ..... for the future of the world ... for the sanctuary ....

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Shura - And also for me’s most important.

Milo - I do not agree, but I understand.

Shura - I'm sorry, but ... I need to deal with all this, in the shadow of doubt.

Yoshino - Do not decide things like that! Don’t you understand that you worry me if you go ?! you are very selfish! Aren’t you a warrior of hope, Shura ?! Even if it's a lie, please tell me you're coming back! If you really are a warrior of hope!

Page 5

Yoshino - Please give me a little hope! come back, please!

Shura - yoshino…

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Shura - Now .... I can see who you are .... or your respective appearance in another world, the one that disappeared ... or maybe ... of a possible future ....

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Shura - All future ... can be protected with hope

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Shura - Obtain ... hope ... within  total ... despair...

Page 9

Shura - And where there is total despair .... there must be a bright future.

Page 10

Shura - Aiolia, you .... can you hear my voice ?! Are you hurting people transform into a god ?! If this is your destiny ..... then I will be the one .... who will murder a god.