UFC vs MMA: Know The Differences

The sport called MMA which stands for Mixed Martial Arts is not included in fixed sports like Karate or Judo. MMA consists of many such martial arts features from different countries. It even has an element from kick-boxing, which is a branch of martial arts on its own. MMA has been popular since being promoted as a spectator sport. However, MMA only became famous when it was hosted by the UFC. Meanwhile, if you want to know more excellent MMA fighters, you can do it simply by clicking here.


To say more about MMA, MMA was first promoted to find out the best martial arts to deal with unarmed combat situations. Back then, there were only a few rules. As the game progressed, the fighters began to add more techniques to their fighting style. At the same time, promoters started adding more rules to make it safer for the fighters and acceptable to society. This is because when it was first introduced, the sport was not accepted by society as it was too harsh due to the lack of rules. Today, MMA is one of the most-watched sports. Also, with the pay-per-view business, it is now even fighting professional wrestling and boxing for popularity.


On the other hand, UFC is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC was founded by the Gracie family in 1993. They are the ones who brought the sport to the US. The award for founding the UFC went to Robert Meyrowitz, RorianGracie, and Art Davie. Currently, the UFC belongs to Frank Fertitta, Dana White, and Lorenzo Fertitta since they bought it in 2001. The company that owns the UFC is Zuffa, LLC. The UFC calls Las Vegas its home. However, it also has offices in Beijing, Toronto, and London.


The UFC is a very successful organization. It generates around 40 live events per year. UFC broadcasts in more than 149 countries and territories. Also, the UFC airs in 30 different languages. All of this was possible because in 1993 when the UFC started MMA, it caught the attention of people with live audiences as well as television shows across the country. The word MMA for a fight hosted by the UFC was coined by Olympic wrestler Jeff Blatnick.


Are there any Differences Between them?

So, the UFC for MMA is like what the NFL is for football or the NBA for basketball. There is no difference to distinguish between the two. However, it can be argued that despite being immensely popular, the UFC has never been more or less bigger than MMA, which is the sport it promotes.


• MMA is a sport while UFC is the organization that conducts this sport.

• MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, which is a sport popularized through the UFC, known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

• The UFC and MMA are related in much the same way that football is related to the NFL.