When you first begin playing The Sims Mobile, you'll get a considerable measure of instructional exercise notices. Tragically, the amusement doesn't have a simple method to handicap this for prepared Sims players or simply individuals who don't care for being immersed with a perpetual blast of fly up notices with the Sims mobile hack. On account of the SimsVIP, be that as it may, I found a convenient method to expel instructional exercise messages—you simply need to do as such through Origin, instead of the diversion.

Here are their simple guidelines:

Open the Origin Client

Right Click The Sims 4 amusement cover

Select "View Game Properties"

Snap "Diversion Properties." This will open a popup box.

Add the accompanying line to the Command Line Arguments box and hit apply: – no_tutorial

It should resemble this:

Add your own soundtrack to liven things up.

It is safe to say that you are exhausted with The Sims 4's soundtrack? I beyond any doubt am. Truly, Origin lets me know I've effectively played 20 hours of the diversion, so perhaps balance is the genuine issue here. In either case, EA has this supportive note about customizing your duplicate of The Sims 4 with your own music:

You can play your own MP3s through the radios in The Sims 4. Duplicate them into The Sims 4\Custom Music envelope that compares with your classification of decision and tune your in-amusement radio to that station to hear your music.

On the off chance that you need a few recommendations, recall that you're generally welcome to examine the Kotaku Soundtrack, our continuous arrangement of tunes that we're tuning in to—and gaming to.

It's anything but difficult to take screen captures and record your gameplay.

For screen captures, you should simply squeeze "C." To film something, then, you simply need to squeeze "V." A little camera symbol will show up on the upper-left corner of the screen to demonstrate that the diversion is recording whatever's going on. Remember that the chronicle highlight defaults to just demonstrating the Sims themselves, not the diversion's UI. On the off chance that you need to catch precisely what's showing up on-screen, you can change that in the camera area of the diversion's choices menu: