JustPaste.it v2.0.0


Due to a risk of service outage connected with rapidly growing users database, it's been decided to speed up release of JustPaste.it new version. It's almost complete rewrite of application back-end that will allow to achieve better performance, durability and implement new long-awaited feature.


New release was build using PHP 7.2 - the first programming language to add modern cryptography to its standard library. Service architecture heavily relies on halite with libsodium and Argon2 to provide world class security for its users.


Unfortunately, for now not every functionality that was implemented before is available already in new version, but will be enabled shortly. That includes:
- Premium User accounts - all active Premium Users will receive bonus extension of validity of their accounts due to inconvenience,
- multi-language interface,
- functionality to import .doc files,
- editing of encrypted notes - currently, password protected notes can only be displayed,
- notes reporting.


We are curious about your feedback. If you notice any errors related to the platform, please report them to us.


Edit (12 March 2018)


Most of the features of Premium Users accounts have been restored. 


Edit (9 June 2018)


Ability to edit password encrypted notes has been restored.