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Written by Lexadrik

Version # 2.00

Started: Saturday, July 14, 2012

Game Overview

In One Sentence
The original Legend of Zelda meets Minecraft with Action RTS combat mechanics.
You loot and collect items in your adventures so a skillful blacksmith forges them into powerful equipment.
Theme of the game
Medieval Fantasy
Target Audience
Teens to Adults (Lots of reading, some strategy)
Unique Selling Points
USP #1
Focus on Itemization and Build.
USP #2
Fantasy focusing on Melee over Magic
USP #3
Reusing old overworld mechanics in a new way
Philosophical point #1
Melee in videogames can be as dynamic and fun to use as magic if handled properly.
Philosophical point #2
There is as much enjoyment in building your character correctly as there is fighting the enemy.

Common Questions

What is the game?
A Survival/Adventure RPG
Why create this game?
A lot of developers regard magic as a multi-elemental force with many variables, and box melee in one dull category.
Where does the game take place?
In a made-up fantasy world.
What do I control?
A rookie adventurer who tries to make a name for him/herself.
How many characters do I control?
One.- The Adventurer
What is the main focus?
To get the best possible Equipment and do the maximum quest: “Slaying The Dragon”
What’s different?
You will go to many uncommon places to find what you need to proceed.


  • Abilities Description
  • Abilities Damage
  • Abilities Requirements
  • Abilities Cooldown
  • Mob’s Loot
  • Mob’s Combat Tactic
  • Define Engine
  • Art. Lots of it
  • Music
  • SFXs
  • Dialoge (comprised of small expressions)
  • Main Quest Storyline
  • Gameworld Flowchart
  • QuestLine Flowchart
  • Menus Flowchart

Game Mechanics
Game Type
Isometric/top down view Adventure in a persistent Gameworld.

GUI and Stats
The strengths and weaknesses of the character are defined by these values:
Health Bar

  • Definition: The amount of health the player has in a horizontal bar. It fills from 0HP to 100HP
  • Use: When the Health Bar is depleted, the character dies.
  • Data:
    • 100HP when the character is created.
    • You regain all of your health by going to the church or the barracks. The more injured you are the longer it will take in game time.
    • You regenerate some of your health by some herbs/potions. Up to a cap.
    • Resting grants 1HP per hour up to a cap of 90.
    • You do not regain health by eating.
    • You do not regain health by drinking fluids.
    • You do not regain health if your energy is low.
  • Notes: Maximum health can be increased (10 points) by finding Ruby Crystals.

Energy Bar

  • Definition: The amount of energy the player has in a horizontal bar. It fills from 0% to 100%
  • Use: When the Energy Bar is depleted, the player will pass out.
    • It will force you to rest for at least an hour, regaining 10% energy per hour.
    • Different things will happen after this time.
      • If you are in a safe area (a determined place around the town) you have a 50% chance to get pickpocketed, which will take all of your gold away.
      • If you are not in a safe area you have a 95% chance to get pickpocketed, and the remaining 5% chance to get killed by a randomly selected mob (that correctly applies).
  • Data:
    • 100% Energy Points when full.
    • You regain all of your energy by sleeping.
    • You lose energy at a ratio of .1% every 6 real life seconds.
    • you lose energy twice as fast when running.
    • You regenerate energy by eating, up to a cap of 90%.
    • You regenerate energy by drinking fluids, up to a cap of 75%.
    • You regenerate energy when resting, at a ratio of 10% every in-game hour.

Condition Bar

  • Definition: Bar underneath the Health bar with greyed-out icons when out of combat.
  • Uses: Shows the Condition(s) the player may have at any time from combat.
  • Data:
    • Burn
      • Causes: Monsters which use fire for combat. Environmental fire sources.
      • Symptoms: Damage over time, Panic (Random movement..)
      • How to remove: Aloe Vera (Gardening). Wait for it to cool down.
    • Freeze
      • Causes: Monsters which use ice for combat. Places with very low temperature.
      • Symptoms: Movement Speed greatly reduced, Lower health regeneration.
      • How to remove: Use proper equipment.  Remove the source of cold.
    • Bleeding
      • Causes: Some mob attacks and thorned plants.
      • Symptoms: Damage over time.
      • How to remove: Wait for it to cool down. Bandages (Bought).
    • Poison
      • Causes: Some mob attacks and poisonous plants. Ingesting poisonous/rotten food.
      • Symptoms: Faster Energy loss.
      • How to remove: Antidote herbs, Garlic.
    • Blind
      • Causes: Some mob attacks, some plants and very dark caves.
      • Symptoms: You have a much greater “miss” chance.
      • How to remove: Remove source.


  • Definition: Your expertise in various tasks.
  • Use: General progress of the game.
  • Notes: Found in a later section.

Equipment Slots

  • Definition: The two items you are carrying in your hands.
  • Use: Weapons and Shields go here.
  • Notes: Some Weapons use both slots at the same time (Two handed weapons.)

Corner Menu

  • Definition: Provides the player with useful information
  • Data:
    • Inventory: Shows the items the player is carrying. Starting with a 4x4 slot system.
    • Quest Log: Shows your current mission in the main quest, also contains your diary.
    • Character: Shows in detail all of the character’s stats, incluiding Biography Information, Health, Skills, Conditions, Achievements, among other things.
    • Gold Counter: Shows the amount of money the player is carrying.
    • Exit Button: Prompts an exit message.
    • Quicksave Button: Classic Floppy button for quick savestates.
    • Cog Button: Shows your options. Save/Load, Sound and Video Settings are found here.


  • You use Gold to trade with the merchants in the game. You acquire gold by slaying wild animals (yes even those who shouldn’t.) and by selling loot.


  • Definition: Resting affects fastfowards time in 1 real life second ticks equivalent to 1 in-game hour.
  • Use: Energy, Health, and Time are affected by Resting.
  • Data:
    • You can only rest when out of combat.
    • You cannot rest if you are under the effects of a Condition (i.e. poison).
    • Resting in the wilderness could be interrupted by mobs attacking you.

Win and Lose Conditions
You “Lose” the game if your HP drop to 0, in which case:

  1. You spawn at the barracks.
  2. You will lose all the gold you have with you.
  3. You will lose 5% of the gold in your bank account.
  4. Your item’s durability will be halved.

You Win the game the moment you slay The Dragon. You will unlock “The Abyss” Zone.

Level Design
There is no “Series” of levels in that you do not need to continue them in certain order. However, certain parts of the game do have a certain soft lock (soft meaning the difficulty of the instance itself will prevent you from advancing any further, instead of a hard lock: doors or barriers.)

Hours of Gameplay
Around 10 hours of gameplay to reach and defeat The Dragon. After that, there is more progress to be made, tinkering with equipment until you have the very best.
Created by character for many outcomes.

  • Male / Female: Aesthetics. Toggle-click option
  • Skin: Aesthetics. Preset color table..
  • Nature. Select from a List.
    • Stubborn: When less than 30% health, you take slightly less damage.
    • Restless: Passive Health Regeneration when out of combat. (up to 80% health.)
    • Gentle: Increases Equipment useful life.
    • Coward: When struck in combat you run slightly faster for a short duration.
    • Vicious: Consecutive attacks increase your attack speed (up to a cap).
    • Dexterous: Increased CSC, Chance to block perfectly.
    • Pesimist: When a monster drops nothing, you gain moral points.
    • Resourceful: Early access to some recipes.
    • Charming: Better trading rates.
  • Perks: 10 early skillpoints to choose from. (Max 5 on a single skill.)
    • Green Thumb.- Gardening
    • Lumberjack.- Logging
    • Thievery.- Lockpick
    • Scavenger.- Looting
    • Chef.- Cooking
    • Fisherman.- Fishing
    • Prospector.- Mining
  • Name of town: Chosen by player.
  • Town crest: Chosen by player.

Key Characters:

  1. Player.- Adventurer who wants to prove him/herself.
  2. John Blacksmith.- Renowed blacksmith who will allow you to trade with him if you provide him materials.

NPCs (And function):

  1. Main Town
    1. Church.- Father Horatio.- Heals the player if asked
      1. Trades items: no
    2. Vegetables.- Sandra Morphew
      1. Onions
      2. Parsnips
      3. Fennel
      4. Garlic
      5. Parsley
      6. Shallot
      7. Onions
      8. Watercress
      9. Endive
      10. Lettuce
      11. Beetroot
      12. Cabbage
      13. Leeks
      14. Carrots
      15. Artichokes
      16. Peas
    3. Meat.- Stan Hardstone
      1. Chicken Leg
      2. Chicken Breast
      3. Chicken Liver
      4. Angus Ribs
      5. Raw Steak
      6. Pork Chops
      7. Pig Snout
    4. Fish.- Crystal Baudry
      1. Shrimp
      2. Tuna Can
      3. Fishing Rod
      4. Fishing lure
    5. Stable.- Roland Stead.- Sells horses to increase movement speed.
      1. Mare
      2. Stallion
      3. Desperado
    6. Blacksmith.- John Blacksmith
    7. Dock.- Caleb Riverside
    8. Town Crier.- Robert Varan
    9. Archery.-Lance Fitzroy
    10. Arms.- Giselle Le Grant
    11. Lord.- Darius Ebonlocke
  2. Underground
    1. Dwarf Citizens.- They only provide hints and chatter.
      1. Duran
      2. Kazud
      3. Derum
      4. Rhori
      5. Faran
      6. Faknor
      7. Kyrut
    2. Dwarf Guard.- They help you get around the city.
      1. Hyrem
      2. Hyundal
      3. Kaorim
      4. Hidrin
      5. Kori
      6. Hotum
    3. Dwarf King.- Important for the Main Quest.
      1. Crunouriel
    4. Dwarf Sage.- Important for the Main Quest.
      1. Earth
      2. Rock
      3. Soil
      4. Dirt


Combat Structure
Combat is divided in categories, and follow certain rules:

  1. Magic


    1. Arcane.-
      1. Description: Pure raw magical energy. Illusions, shields, blasts and the Fear condition.
      2. Effects: Arcane Magic ignores shielding.
    2. Fire.-
      1. Description: Elemental Fire, may cause the Burn condition.
      2. Effects: Blocking Fire attacks with a wooden shield reduces its durability harshly.
    3. Electricity.-
      1. Description: Elemental Air, May lower energy when struck by it.
      2. Effects: Electricity deals bonus damage to a metal armour user. Electricity deals reduced damage to a wooden shield user.
    4. Water
      1. Description: Elemental Water, May cause the freeze condition at lower temperatures.
      2. Effects: Water magic reduces metal based armor’s durability.
    5. Earth
      1. Description: Elemental Earth, May cause the Stun condition.
      2. Effects: May break wooden items. Deals reduced damage to metal armour users.
  1. Physical
    1. Read the Equipment Stats section for details.

Attacking and Blocking
Basic Attacks can be performed by left clicking while holding a weapon in one of your weapon slots. Each weapon has a specific attack cooldown. Basic Attack cooldowns do not interfere with Ability cooldowns. Blocking can only be performed while holding a shield in one of your weapon slots. All shields have a toggle mode for shielding, being active as long as the button is pressed, overwriting any offensive ability.
Abilities are combat movements learned by your character that apply besides your basic attack. Some abilities are learned by completing quests, others can be looted from scrolls and found in the Gameworld, and others can be learnt by getting to certain skill in the specific weapon.


Abilities have the following components:
Description.- A brief description of the ability.
Cast time: Self explanatory, in seconds.
Damage: The damage (for formulaic values).
Cooldown: The time needed for the ability to be castable once more, in seconds.
Requirements: Any requirements to unlock.
Notes: Any extra information.

Fist Abilities

  • Jab
  • Hook
  • Knifehand Strike
  • Straight Knee
  • Uppercut


  • Lariat
  • Reverse Elbow
  • Liver Crush
  • Dynamic Punch

Sword Abilities:

  • Lunge
  • Riposte
  • Rend
  • Thrust
  • Pommel Strike
  • Vicious Strikes
  • Spinning Slash
  • Clean Cut
  • Impale

Axe Abilities:

  • Strong Chop


  • Wedge Strike
  • Cleaving Strike
  • Maim
  • Hamstring
  • Deep Slice
  • Sever Limb
  • Guillotine

Club Abilities:

  • Crush
  • Charged Blow
  • Straight to the Jaw
  • Concussion
  • Sunder Armor
  • Devastate
  • Shockwave

Polearm Abilities:

  • Poke
  • Mountain Climb
  • Thrust
  • Anchor
  • Diagonal Slice
  • Hammer Fall
  • Sweep
  • Butterfly
  • Dragon Dance

Shielding Abilities:

  • Focused Shielding
  • Aegis
  • Shield Bash
  • Shield Slice
  • Shield Grab
  • Bulwark

A mob is any Non Player Character unit that provides at least some level of combat feedback to the character. Mobs can be categorized into three levels of hostility: None, in which case they run from or ignore the player, Neutral, in which they will attack only if attacked, and Hostile, in which they will attack the player on sight.

  • Treant
  • Bandit
  • Poisonous Spider
  • Snake
  • Stag
  • Bear
  • Panther
  • Wolf
  • Raccoon
  • Blight Shadow

The Plains

  • Wild Horse
  • Sheep
  • Ostrich
  • Bison
  • Elephant
  • Eklepseisaurus

River & Lake (Surface)

  • Crocodile
  • Hippopotamus

Lake (Underwater)

  • Bass
  • Pirannha
  • Drake


Skill System

The Skill system provides the player with the tools to improve their interaction with the world in different ways. A Skills Unit (SU) is awarded every time the player interacts with the skill increasing item in the correct way (For example, landing a blow to the enemy while holding a Sword Weapon will grant the Player one Sword Fighting SU.) After obtaining a certain amount of SUs (determined by a formula) The player will advance a level in that Skill. The skill cap is 100. The formula for Skill advancement is the following:

From Level 1 to Level 2: 50 SUs are required for level up.
From Level 2 onwards: X*1.075 in where:
X= Amount needed from previous level.

  • From Level 9 to Level 10: 89 SU.
  • From Level 29 to Level 30: 352 SU.
  • From Level 99 to Level 100: 59841 SU.

Utility Skills are unique in that crafting/using higher level items will grant bonus SUs. This means that while any hit with a Sword grants a single Sword Fighting SU; creating a complicated recipe will grant the player several SUs.

You have a series of skills to progress in the game, they are divided in fighting skills and utility skills:
Fighting Skills:

  • Sword Fighting.- Swords, Machetes, Sabres, etc.
  • Axe Fighting.- Axes, Hatchets, Double Axes, etc.
  • Club Fighting.- Maces, Clubs, Hammers, etc.
  • Polearm Fighting.- Halberds, Naginatas, Glaives, etc.
  • Defense.- Shielding, Parrying, Evading, etc.

Utility Skills:

  • Gardening
  • Logging
  • Lockpick
  • Looting
  • Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Mining

Sword Fighting.-

  • Definition: Your skill with Sword Weapons.
  • Scoring: You skill up by hitting enemies/dummies.
  • Uses: Your damage dealt when using weapons tagged as [SWR]
  • Added Effect: Bleeding Condition.
    • Physical damage over time for a few seconds
    • Higher chance if your weapon has high sharpness.

Axe Fighting

  • Definition: Your skill with Axe Weapons.
  • Scoring: You skill up by hitting enemies/dummies, and Logging.
  • Uses: Your damage dealt when using weapons tagged as [AXE]
  • Added Effect: Deep Strikes Condition.
    • Critical Strikes deal slightly higher damage (2.2 times normal damage instead of 2)
    • Higher CSC

Club Fighting

  • Definition: Your skill with Club Weapons.
  • Scoring: You skill up by hitting enemies/dummies, and tenderizing (Cooking).
  • Uses: Your damage dealt when using weapons tagged as [CLB]
  • Added Effect: Sunder Condition.
    • Reduces the target’s armor for a few seconds.

Polearm Fighting

  • Definition: Your skill with Polearm Weapons.
  • Scoring: You skill up by hitting enemies/dummies, and by Mining.
  • Uses: Your damage dealt when using weapons tagged as [PLM]
  • Added Effect: Aggression Condition.
    • Reduces the target’s attack speed.
    • Slightly reduces the target’s movement speed.


  • Definition: Your skill in Defense.
  • Scoring: You skill up by blocking, parrying and evading attacks.
  • Uses:  Your ability to shield, and how much (% of dmg mitigation.)
  • Added Effect: Perfect Blocking
    • Chance to mitigate 100% damage when successfully blocking.


  • Definition: Your ability to discern between good, useless, and poisonous plants.
  • Scoring: You skill up by harvesting available plant-life.
  • Uses: Your ability to harvest from low to  high level plants which provide useful items.


  • Definition: Your ability to cut down trees.
  • Scoring: You skill up by cutting available trees.
  • Uses:  Your ability to acquire better quality wood for better weapons.


  • Definition: Your ability to break in places and open chests.
  • Scoring: You skill up by lockpicking available locks. (Minigame?)
  • Uses: Your ability to break in more secure places and open sturdier chests.


  • Definition: Your ability to loot the goods of a slain enemy.
  • Scoring: You skill up by looting creatures.
  • Uses: Your ability to loot harder to scavenge creatures. (Skinning, etc.)


  • Definition: Your ability to cook food.
  • Scoring: You skill up by cooking/making recipes.
  • Uses: Your ability to create better dishes, which provide bonuses and increases.


  • Definition: Your ability to get fish.
  • Scoring: You skill up by fishing in easier places.
  • Uses: Your ability to fish in riskier/harder areas, and to get better fish.


  • Definition: Your ability to get minerals from deposits.
  • Scoring: You skill up by mining correctly.
  • Uses: Your ability to get harder to acquire ores, and use better quality pickaxes.

Skill Applications.

Name of Plant Effect Skill Required
Blueberry Regenerate 3HP over 18 seconds. 1
Pinkberry Regenerate 1HP 5
Ghostberry Nothing. 10
Dreamberry Nothing. 10
Sweetleaf Restores 10 energy points. 15
Ironroot Increases 5 Defense for 1 minute. 25
Blightroot Increases Movement Speed for 5 minutes. 30
Green Mushroom Restores 3 health points. 40
Red Mushroom Restores 5 health points. 40
Purple Mushroom Reduces 10 health points over 10 seconds. Decreases damage taken by poisoning effects by 50% for 10 minutes. 40
Frost Mushroom Increases 10 Defense for 1 minute, grants player Freeze condition for the duration. 40
Dracodendris Decreases damage taken by all magic by 20%. 45
Hallow Berry Decreases all damage taken by any source by 5%. 45
Spider Tongue Doubles Movement Speed, doubles energy consumption. 45
Silverleaf Nothing. 50
Star Clover Increases Looting skill by 10 for 10 minutes. 50
Demon Chile Immunity to Fire for 10 minutes. Energy drops to 10 afterwards. 75
Draconic Fungus Restores 25 health points. 80
Nightmare Tendril Grants Immunity for 10 seconds. 90

You gain a SU everytime a tree falls down.

Skill Range Needed Axe (At least) Needed hits to cut down.
1-5 Copper Axe Cedar: 10
6-10 Copper Axe Cedar: 5
11-20 Copper Axe
Bronze Axe
21-25 Copper Axe
Bronze Axe
Bronze Axe
26-30 Copper Axe
Copper Axe
Bronze Axe
30-45 Copper Axe
Copper Axe
Bronze Axe
46-60 Copper Axe
Copper Axe
Bronze Axe
Iron Axe
Rock Maple:20
61-70 Copper Axe
Copper Axe
Bronze Axe
Iron Axe
Rock Maple:15
71-80 Copper Axe
Copper Axe
Copper Axe
Iron Axe
Rock Maple:10
81-89 Copper Axe
Copper Axe
Copper Axe
Iron Axe
Steel Axe
Rock Maple:10
90 -100 Copper Axe
Copper Axe
Copper Axe
Iron Axe
Steel Axe
Rock Maple:8

Lockpicking can be attempted by approaching a chest while holding the item of the same name and using it on a chest. Having the required skill for picking a chest does not guarantee success, since you must complete a mini game to proceed.

Lockpickable Skill Level
Wooden Chest 1
Copper Chest 5
Bronze Chest 10
Reinforced Bronze Chest 15
Iron Chest 20
Reinforced Iron Chest 25
Steel Chest 30
Reinforced Steel Chest 35
Ornamented Chest 40
Magilocke Chest 50

Looting affects the items you can get from monsters in a set manner. You increase your looting skill by looting creatures.

Skill Level Effect
1 Nothing
10 5% Extra gold from mobs. (Rounded up.)
20 Rare items become available for looting.
30 7% Extra gold from mobs. (Rounded up.)
40 Very Rare items become available for looting.
50 10% Extra gold from mobs. (Rounded up.)
60 Critters now drop 50% Extra food.
70 Weapon drop chance increased by 10%
80 Valuable items drop chance increased by 10%
90 15% Extra gold from mobs. (Rounded up.)

The Cooking Skill allows you to create various recipes. You need to be in a cooking source (stove, oven, etc.)  in order to cook.

Name Skill Required SUs per dish Ingredients Effect
Boiled Egg 5

To fish you need a body of water and a fishing rod. Certain fishes can only be caught in some areas. Most of them are used for cooking. To catch a fish you need to use the fishing rod near water and wait for the bob to move drastically, then you have a time window to left click again before the fish gets away.

Creature name Location Skill required. Chance Window
Algae Anywhere but mountains. 1 3 seconds.
Bream Anywhere but mountains. 5 2 seconds.
Tuna Water near plains. 10 2 seconds.
Carp Water near plains. 15 2 seconds.
Salmon Water near waterfalls. 20 1 second.
Shrimp Ocean. 25 1 second.
Lakefish Fresh water 30 1 second.
Sardine Ocean. 35 1 second.
Jellyfish Ocean. 40 .5 seconds.
Trout The mountains. 45 1 second.
Glacial Salmon The mountains. 50 2 seconds.
Koi Water near forests. 60 1 second.
Bluefin Tuna Ocean. 70 1 second.
Dry Angler Underground Water. 80 1 second.
Demonspawn Underground Water. 90 .5 seconds.

The mining skill has no requirement levels. As long as you have the required pickaxe you can try to mine the desired ore. However, a higher skill will increase the chance to obtain the ore, and the durability of the pickaxe. Please note that not all kinds of ore are useful for the Blacksmith to forge, but you can sell them to the other merchants.

Ore Name Required Pickaxe
Coal Copper Pickaxe
Copper Bronze Pickaxe
Tin Copper Pickaxe
Iron Bronze Pickaxe
Gold Iron Pickaxe
Silver Iron Pickaxe
Truesilver Steel Pickaxe
Draconite Steel Pickaxe
Nightmarium Truesilver Pickaxe
Diamond Silver Pickaxe
Palladium Nightmarium Pickaxe


  • Sword Weapons
    • Attack.- Damage dealt.
    • Defense.- Damage reduction.
    • Sharpness.- Affects Weapon Attack by a percentage.
      • Sharp.- 100% of Attack value.
      • Normal.- 75% of Attack value.
      • Dull.- 50% of Attack value.
    • Brittleness.- Affects Weapon Durability. The lower the better.
    • Handling.- Affects Attack Speed. Increases parry chance.
  • Axe Weapons
    • Attack.- Damage dealt.
    • Defense.- Damage reduction.
    • Sharpness.- Affects Weapon Attack by a percentage.
      • Sharp.- 100% of Attack value.
      • Normal.- 90% of Attack value.
      • Dull.- 80% of Attack value.
    • Brittleness.- Affects Weapon Durability. The lower the better.
    • Handling.- Affects Attack Speed.
  • Club Weapons
    • Attack.- Damage dealt.
    • Defense.- Damage reduction.
    • Constitution.- Affects Weapon Attack by a percentage. constitution harshly affects durability.
      • Whole- 100% of Attack value. No durability points lost each attack.
      • Normal.- 85% of Attack value. 1 Durability point lost each attack.
      • Cracked.- 75% of Attack value. 2 Durability points lost each attack.
    • Brittleness.- Affects Weapon Durability. The lower the better.
    • Handling.- Affects Attack Speed.
  • Polearm Weapons
    • Attack.- Damage dealt.
    • Defense.- Damage reduction.
    • Sharpness.- Affects Weapon Attack by a percentage.
      • Sharp.- 100% of Attack value.
      • Normal.- 75% of Attack value.
      • Dull.- 50% of Attack value.
    • Brittleness.- Affects Weapon Durability. The lower the better.
    • Handling.- Affects Attack Speed. Better Handling means higher durability.
  • Armours
    • Defense.- Damage Reduction
    • Weight.- Affects player Movement Speed.

Tiers Are designed to separate the different equipment materials in order. A higher tier generally means higher attack/defense values and varying amounts of durabilty.

     0.- Leather.- You begin with this set, it provides 1 point of resistance.

  1. Wood
    1. Description.- Used for Wooden weapons and other tier’s handles.
    2. Where to find.- Trees in various locations.
    3. Durability.- From Low to High
      1. Cedar 2 of 10
      2. Mahogany 4 of 10
      3. Sycamore   6 of 10
      4. Rock Maple 8 of 10
      5. Ironwood 10 of 10
  2. Copper
    1. Description.- Lowest tier metal, used for basic weapons.
    2. Where to find.- Deposits around the world in mines and mountains.
    3. Durability.- 3 of 10
    4. Brittleness.- 5 of 10
  3. Doubled:
    1. Description.- Low-mid tier, with equal strength but varying brittleness/durability.
    2. Where to find.-
      1. Bronze.- Not Applicable. Tin is needed, and can be found around the world in mines and mountains.
      2. Iron.- Deposits in underground mines.
    3. Durability.-
      1. Bronze.- 6 of 10
      2. Iron.- 4 of 10
    4. Brittleness.-
      1. Bronze.- 6 of 10
      2. Iron.- 4 of 10
  4. Steel
    1. Description.- Mid tier metal, used for medium weapons.
    2. Where to find.- Not applicable, Coal is needed, which can be found anywhere in deposits.
    3. Durability.- 6 of 10
    4. Brittleness.- 2 of 10
  5. Folded Steel
    1. Description.- High tier metal, used for expert weapons.
    2. Where to find.- Not applicable. Steel is given to the Blacksmith for this.
    3. Durability.- 7 of 10
    4. Brittleness.- 1 of 10
  6. Draconite
    1. Description.- High tier metal, used for fast striking weapons.
    2. Where to find.- Deposits near dragon lairs.
    3. Durability.- 6 of 10
    4. Brittleness.- 8 of 10
  7. Nightmarium
    1. Description.- Highest tier metal, used for the best equipment to be found.
    2. Where to find.- Ores found in the depths of the underworld.
    3. Durability.- 9 of 10
    4. Brittleness.- 2 of 10

Sword Weapons

  • Tier 1.- Wood
    • Wooden Sword
      • Attack: 3
      • Defense: 3
  • Tier 2.- Copper
    • Copper Shortsword
      • Attack: 5
      • Defense: 3
  • Tier 3A.- Bronze
    • Bronze Sword
      • Attack: 5
      • Defense: 5
  • Tier 3B.- Iron
    • Warrior Sword
      • Attack: 6
      • Defense: 5
  • Tier 4.- Steel
    • Knight’s Blade
      • Attack: 7
      • Defense: 6
  • Tier 5.- Folded Steel
    • Elite Edge
      • Attack: 7
      • Defense: 7
  • Tier 6.- Draconite
    • Dragonbane Sword
      • Attack: 9
      • Defense: 3
  • Tier 7.- Nightmarium
    • The Nightmare
      • Attack: 9
      • Defense: 7

Axe Weapons

  • Tier 1.- Wood
    • Practice Axe
      • Attack: 4
      • Defense: 2
  • Tier 2.- Copper
    • Commoner’s Axe
      • Attack: 6
      • Defense: 2
  • Tier 3A.- Bronze
    • Bronze Handax
      • Attack: 6
      • Defense: 4
  • Tier 3B.- Iron
    • Iron Axe
      • Attack: 7
      • Defense: 4
  • Tier 4.- Steel
    • Double Axe
      • Attack: 8
      • Defense: 5
  • Tier 5.- Folded Steel
    • Decapitator
      • Attack: 8
      • Defense: 6
  • Tier 6.- Draconite
    • Arsecarver
      • Attack: 10
      • Defense: 4
  • Tier 7.- Nightmarium
    • The Deathslicer
      • Attack: 10
      • Defense: 6

Club Weapons

  • Tier 1.- Wood
    • Wooden Club
      • Attack: 3
      • Defense: 3
  • Tier 2.- Copper
    • Copper Mace
      • Attack: 5
      • Defense: 4
  • Tier 3A.- Bronze
    • Bronze Hammer
      • Attack: 5
      • Defense: 5
  • Tier 3B.- Iron
    • War Hammer
      • Attack: 6
      • Defense: 6
  • Tier 4.- Steel
    • Steel Mace
      • Attack: 7
      • Defense: 7
  • Tier 5.- Draconite
    • Dragon Hamer
      • Attack: 8
      • Defense: 5
  • Tier 6.- Nightmarium
    • The Demoncrusher
      • Attack: 8
      • Defense: 7

Polearm Weapons

  • Tier 1.- Wood
    • Wooden Staff
      • Attack: 3
      • Defense: 3
  • Tier 2.- Copper
    • Copper Rod
      • Attack: 4
      • Defense: 3
  • Tier 3A.- Bronze
    • Bronze Staff
      • Attack: 5
      • Defense: 5
  • Tier 3B.- Iron
    • Halberd
      • Attack: 6
      • Defense: 5
  • Tier 4.- Steel
    • Steel Naginata
      • Attack: 7
      • Defense: 6
  • Tier 5.- Folded Steel
    • Warrior’s Glaive
      • Attack: 7
      • Defense: 7
  • Tier 6.- Draconite
    • Assassin’s Slicer
      • Attack: 9
      • Defense: 5
  • Tier 7.- Nightmarium
    • Demonic Halberd
      • Attack: 9
      • Defense: 7


  • Tier 1.- Copper
    • Copper Set
      • Weight: 20kg
      • Defense: 3
  • Tier 2.- Bronze
    • Bronze Set
      • Weight: 30kg
      • Defense: 4
  • Tier 3.- Iron
    • Iron Set
      • Weight: 40kg
      • Defense: 6
  • Tier 4.- Steel
    • Knight Set
      • Weight: 30kg
      • Defense: 7
  • Tier 5.- Nightmarium
    • Demonbane Armour
      • Weight: 50kg
      • Defense: 9


  • Tier 1.- Wooden
    • Wooden Shield
      • Weight: 10kg
      • Defense: 2
  • Tier 2.- Copper
    • Copper Shield
      • Weight: 15kg
      • Defense: 3
  • Tier 2.- Bronze
    • Bronze Shield
      • Weight: 20kg
      • Defense: 4
  • Tier 3.- Iron
    • Iron Shield
      • Weight: 25kg
      • Defense: 5
  • Tier 4.- Steel
    • Steel Shield
      • Weight: 20kg
      • Defense: 6
  • Tier 5.- Nightmarium
    • Nightmarium Bulwark
      • Weight: 30kg
      • Defense: 7

Visual Style
The visual style of the gameworld is  front-angled pixel art. It borrows from elements in TLOZ: Minish Cap and the Pokemon handhelds series of games.


The Blacksmith takes place in Lamaar; the northest, most recently funded province in the Gremian Kingdom. Coming from Windleaf Village; the hero of the story emigrates to the Main Town in search of adventure, after many tales about the legendary John Blacksmith; a man whose crafting skills surpass anyone else in the Kingdom.

Primary Locations
Main Town:
This is where the story begins. Thanks to its geographical location, there is an abundance of fish in the area. However, metals must be brought in monthly caravans from the other provinces. The player will spawn in this town, somewhere in the house district.

  • A: Smithy.- Owned by John Blacksmith. Here you will buy or obtain your equipment.


  • B: Stable.-  The player can buy a horse (at a ridiculously high cost) from Roland
  • C: Market.- The player can get fresh vegetables and raw materials in this place.
  • D: Dead Man Inn.- An Inn run by Sven Goodwill. The first floor is a tavern.
    • The player can rent a room for a night for 1 gold in this place.
    • The player can eat for a day (until the sun sets) with 1 gold in this place.
  • E: Fish and Chips shop.- You can get seafood caught in the very docks of the city.
  • F1,F2,F3,F4: House Districts. the player’s house is located at F4.
    • The player can sleep in the house.
    • The player can save the game’s progress in the house.
  • G: Barracks.- The armoury and local training grounds are located here.
    • The player can receive training from Giselle Le Grant in this place.
    • The player can heal in this place.
  • H: Castle.- Lord Darius Ebonlocke governs the Main Town from here.
    • The player can receive training from Darius Ebonlocke in this place.
    • The player can store money in the first floor, in the Town’s Vault.
  • I: Church.- Father Horatio runs the church of the God Lum; God of light.
    • The player can heal and pray in this place.

Riverside Town:
A prosperous town due to its vegetable market, sustained by its proximity to Lake Kurdan. It’s commerce with the Main Town is mainly due to an exchange between Riverside’s vegetables and fruits and Main Town’s fish.

  • A1,A2,A3: Caste Towers.- Lord Angron Farrowgar and his noblemen run Riverside Town with iron fist.
    • The player can heal in the barracks (A2)
  • B: City Vault.
    • The player can store money in this place.
  • C1,C2,C3: Market’s Row.- Scattered throughout town are the various nomadic outposts of several merchants that compete for the best deals.
  • D:
  • E: Mina’s Valuables.- Goldsmith Mina Fairfax crafts beautiful jewelry for a fee.
  • F: Deathrow Prison.- Prison run by Commander Gorm and his famous Headsman Len Abadeer
  • G: Riverside Plaza.- Relax and get comfy in the beautiful town plaza.
  • H:The church of Lum.- Father Smith leads the clergyman services
  • I1,I2,I3,I4,I5,I6: House District.- Houses scattered around the city were build in an uncommon fashion due to an earthquake that created irregularities in the city’s terrain a few decades ago.

Darkpass Village:
North Arrow: Road to Forest
South Arrow: Road to Main Town
A:Mana’s Workshop.- Mana Oakman leads the village’s workshop, an improvised crafting center that has a little bit of blacksmithing, carpentry and ceramics.
B:The Grinder.- A place to buy fresh meat. Literally fresh.
C: Flower hut.- A small plant shop owned by Marcy Phalanx, sells mostly decorative plants.
D, E: Houses.- A two store building containing two houses.
G: Hall.-  Small gathering area for reunions. Also home of Elder Hesperus
F:Darkpass Logging Camp.- A place for logging supplies and trading wood.
H:Wolfgang Supplies.- General supplies for adventuring.

Sageroot Temple:
An ancient temple inhabited by monks a few centuries ago. Its name comes from the Sageroot herb that supposedly helped them achieve enlightenment.
Ka’Zad Mountains:
Mountains that home the Dwarves of the Continent. Thanks to restless winter storms; humans have had a very rough time mapping the area, as few have ever gotten past the summit.
Deeptrench Seas:
A row of Seas made out of abysmally deep trenches make up the Eastern Ocean of the continent. It is said the Gods created them when dividing the continents, while the planet was still in its infancy.
Shabaal Desert:
Many stories and rumors have ben told about the Shabaal (Demon) Desert, although skeptics regard them as mirages triggered by the scorching heat of the area. The environment  has such high temperatures that almost no one settles in it.

Secondary Locations
In order to identify the player’s location; the map is divided into segments which are tagged as biomes. Depending on the Biome the player is exploring, the diversity of interactive elements, mobs, and NPC’s change. (i.e. Forest, Plains, etc.)

Dungeons are special locations composed of several floors in which the player must explore the area to uncover items, defeat mobs, and get to the boss room.

Dungeons are randomly generated every new gameplay. The only consistent thing is the boss room, in where the player will receive a special reward for its completion.

Main Quest
Introduction and Setting
The game begins with an introductory cutscene. The player will spawn for the first time in the middle of the town plaza. A message will then prompt telling the player to visit the local Smithy for a starting weapon.

The player will then decide if he wants to take part on the Main Quest right away, do Side Quests, or just free roam as much as desired.


Quest Giver Tag
Main Quest M
Side Quest S
John Blacksmith JB
Lance Fitzroy LF
Giselle Le Grant GL
Mark Sunder MS
Lionel Scott LS
Roland Stead RS
Lord Darius Ebonlocke LD
Dwarf King Crunouriel DK

M1.- What time is it?
Quest Chain: The Beginning.
Quest giver: N/A
Story: When he gets inside he will be faced with a VERY long queue, with someone commenting on John’s skills with the anvil thanks to an unspecified previous adventure. They will remark on the queue having an approximate two days duration. But then, John will be notified that his supplies caravan was intercepted. He will reluctantly decide to close the store until further notice. The player will be taken out and given the following quest.

  • Unlocks “The Errand kid” Quest.

M2.-The Errand kid.
Quest Chain: The Beginning.
Quest giver: John Blacksmith
Story:You can find John any night from 18:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs from now at his house. In here you will ask for your weapon but John will tell you that even if he wanted to make the weapon for you; he doesn’t have the materials. He will make a deal with you; if you can get part of his supplies back (which fell to the river when the caravan was raided), He will craft you a copper [select from Axe, Sword, Club, or Polearm weapon].

  • Unlocks “Friends with Benefits” Quest.
  • One of the Following
    • Copper Sword
    • Copper Axe
    • Copper Mace
    • Copper Rod

M3.- Friends with Benefits
Quest Chain: The Beginning.
Quest giver: N/A
Story:The first day after you finish “The Errand kid.”, You will receive a scroll from a kid sent by John. However, the kid turns out to be an asshole and will refuse to give you the letter unless you give him some food. After you do so, you will receive the scroll; that reads the following:

“Thanks for the crate [PLAYERNAME], now I can finish this week’s schedule.

However, it’s not even nearly enough to cover everything i have to do, and the

next caravan comes in a month. I offer you a chance to get the adventure you

seek and the equipment you need, in exchange of your questing services. If

you are interested; come to the Smithy any day from 8:00AM until the sun sets.



  • Unlocks John Blacksmith as Quest Giver.

JB1.- Gathering Materials
Quest Chain: John Blacksmith
Quest giver: John Blacksmith
Story: John will take you to his storeroom in where he will show you his stock and the list of materials needed for the next shipment. He needs enough Tin to make ten armor sets for the Main Town’s Guard regiment. Since the John uses ⅕ Tin ratio to create Bronze; you will have to acquire 10 Tin ores. In case you don’t have the mining skill to obtain Tin; John will suggest you visit a small abandoned mine taken over by Trolls (Tin is part of a Troll’s diet.) In exchange of the deal he will give you an Armour set made from spare Copper.

  • Copper Armour.

JB2.- The Unbearable Pun
Quest Chain: John Blacksmith
Quest giver: John Blacksmith
Story: A bear from Prosopo Forest is roaming the forest outskirts around the city, making Albert Heart (John’s assistant) nervous about even getting near the town gates. John will ask you to go to the Barracks so Cdr. Lance Fitzroy can dispatch a few men to take care of the beast.
Path A: Report to Lance Fitzroy.
He will thank you for your service to the town’s security and dispatch two Town Guards immediately.
Path B: Slay the bear yourself.
He will arrive just after you finish and compliment on your fighting abilities. He will give you the option to receive training from him at the Barracks.

  • Path A: 5 Gold Coins.
  • Path B: Unlocks Lance Fitzroy as Trainer.

JB3.- The Way to Darkpass.
Quest Chain: John Blacksmith
Quest giver: John Blacksmith
Story: John asks you to deliver spare equipment to Darkpass Village, located at north of Main Town. You will be received by the owner of the Mill, who may have more missions for you.

There will be no multiplayer support for this game. However, a scoring system will keep track of other people’s achievements and progress in the metagame.

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