How Could You Benefit from Solar Energy?

An escalating cost of electricity compelled several homeowners to switch to a new way of producing usable energy to their houses. House owners also have decided to utilize other alternative solutions mainly because they want to protect the planet by reducing consumption of fossil fuels. A lot of householders are now using solar energy as opposed to fossil fuels. Solar energy is a non-polluting, clean, reputable and renewable power source.


Each year, increasingly more homeowners are switching to this energy source. In 2016, United States has more than A million residential solar installations. Before 2018 ends, the figure will reach 2 million. A few of the states that commonly make use of solar energy include New Jersey, Connecticut, California and Massachusetts. On a National Ranking for solar, the 'sunshine state' California is ranked first. Nonetheless, states that we normally wouldn't think of for solar like New Jersey isn't far behind with a National Ranking of 5th and over 340,000 homes powered by solar. The state of Massachusetts is ranked 6th since it has more than 312,000 solar-dependent homes. Connecticut may be ranked 18th, but a growing number of house owners in the state are starting to adopt the usage of solar. Between the years of 2014 and 2015, there was a 124% increase in investments in the state. You can also find the state in the top ten national rankings for energy efficiency programs and policies.


The rise in solar adoption isn't surprise as there are several advantages of solar power; including a full list that could be foundhere on Cleaner NRG's website. For the most part, house owners could benefit from it monetarily. A property owner that either lease, purchase or finance a solar panel system can reduce or even eliminate their monthly energy bills. Solar property owners also do not have to worry about the growing electricity costs.


A house with solar energy also becomes more valuable. Based on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for each $1 in energy bill savings from your solar installation your home's total value increases by $20. The total increase will depend on certain factors such as home location and also the installation size. On top of the increase in house value another vital advantage is that solar protects a house owners roof. With solar panels being placed on top of your shingles, the longevity of the shingles themselves is protected against harsh components such as rain, hail, snow and also sunlight. The full article could be found here.


Homeowners who're searching for the ideal solar choice should get a company which will help them get the best service provider when it comes to product, warranty, installation and savings. Your final decision as a house owner will count on all these aspects. A solar marketplace like Cleaner NRG will pair homeowners with the most beneficial option for there home.


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