What Does Volcom Stand For? Phrase Or else?

Just what does Volcom stand for? One of the most usual reference is to a producer of garments and also durable goods targeted in the direction of the young people market. Based on their own experiences, the 2 founding dads of Volcom chose to produce an array of products which primarily focus on their love of extreme sporting activities, specifically surfing, skateboarding as well as surfboarding. Originating in The golden state, it was a sensible decision to go right into a line of items entailing the sunlight as well as sea. It then generated connected apparel as one needed to look great while riding the boards. Stores popped up all over the globe, their products conveniently recognized by the stone logo which looks like the head of a spear or an inverted ruby. Being young at heart, their slogan of "Young people Versus Establishment" resounds in their items and also business way of living. Volcom additionally actively supports a campaign to "Let the Children Flight Free" which is probably trumpeted in places which need child admission costs. It additionally ventured into the songs sector and created its own tag with a number of recording musicians, specifically bands. It also runs an annual worldwide music excursion. In promoting the love of songs, Volcom additionally holds annual music competitions for unsigned bands to strut their stuff on stage.
Just what does Volcom stand for? In a less commercial setup, it additionally implies Worth Of Life Committee which draw some similarities to the Volcom company's objective in promoting for the weaker.
In North Yorkshire, Volcom stands for Voluntary Neighborhood Organization. There is additionally a study, click the next internet page and growth facility in Hull called, I'm sure you can presume its name, Volcom.
It seems Volcom, as the garments and excellent manufacturer, practically has the major hold on the name. Nevertheless, an abbreviation, as we so enjoy to create on an everyday basis, is just a concept away and also someone around has probably regurgitated an additional one before we can claim "Just what does Volcom represent?"

Just what does Volcom stand for? In advertising the love of music, Volcom additionally holds annual songs competitors for anonymous bands to strut their things on stage.
Exactly what does Volcom stand for? In North Yorkshire, Volcom stands for Voluntary Neighborhood Organization.