How to get higher returns in share trading?

If you are in share business then you would be taking someone’s advice till the time you become expert in trading. If you take advice of the broker and investing your money on shares and waiting for it to recover the same amount for years, then it is advisable to look for ways from which you can earn quick cash by investing smartly. There are many online consultation services which provide you best advice at a nominal price.

If you are interested in Indian market, it is suggested that you open a Free Demat Account in India as it is one of the best ways to handle trading. It’s easy and the interface is user intuitive so you won’t have any problem in understanding and buying trades. Apart from these features, they also provide you free as well as paid consultation to invest smartly.

Few smart tips which you should keep in mind to get higher returns on share trading –

Discipline - It is one of the essential things for success and you should follow it without failing. Stop loss order and only sell it when it reaches a certain price point. It’s a sort of feature which you get with online Demat accounts to automatically sell your stock of shares if it falls below a certain point. In this way, you can limit your loss to a certain point while doing trading. This will save you from uncertainty.

Skill - Yes, it is a skill and you have to learn it slowly and steadily like all the other skills. You can’t learn everything in one day; it takes time and you should learn how to take advantage of the market. You will learn that there are times where you have to invest quickly and get out in a few days. Don’t be amateur & wait for the right time to invest.

Planning - You should plan things beforehand. It’s always advisable to give a thought before you spend on some shares or stock. Stock investing is all about planning and timing; if you do that well you will definitely get the rewards.

Timing - It is the most important aspect in the trading business and you should learn about the perfect time to buy and cash out. You should always find the time when the market is most volatile and play your game there. It is always suggested that morning time is the most feasible time for investment.

Volatility - Any stock which is giving you positive beta of 1 or above then that is a good investment. A beta means that the stock is inclined to move with the market. So, it will strictly follow the market and if market falls, it will fall. But, there are a few things you should keep in mind if the beta is more than 2 or 2.5 then it’s a sort of warning.

So, in order to get maximum returns out of the share market, you need to consider the above-mentioned factors apart from just looking for Free Demat Account in India.