05 Jeep Liberty CRD Sport Black

ARB Bumper/KC's/LED's
JBA 6" lift w/ Bilstein remotes
TrueTrac Rear / Detroit Locker Font
Yeti EGR Delete Tune
DYI ElbowKit / stage 2 delete
DYI Group 31 Battery & Tray
DYI Intake Heater
DYI Hollow Stock Thermostat
Jegs Inline Stat
Removed FCV/EGR
IDparts Silicone Boost Hoses
Inline lift-pump (behind battery)
Hayden HD clutch
Hayden HD trans cooler
Mishimoto slim 16" AC cooler fan

Replaced belts, tensioner / idler pulleys and Copper WP
Rear Fuel tank lines replaced
Replaced some of the Plastic window brackets with metal
Replaced Rear Diff Sensor
New Fuel Filter head w/ T Bleed into tank return
5v GP on 7v programing
Temp Gauge TSB
EHM out the back into hitch, puffs out right by exhaust.
REMY 99623 Starter (Fixed cold start issues for now)
Lotsmore ....

Steel Rear Bumper (Need to learn / find a welder..)
Tiger Shark 11500 SR Winch
Complete Speaker Swap

11 Blade Fan??
Coolant Heater??
Gears ??