Coupon for online shops

Digital Coupon System
"What can I do to attract more people to visit my online shop? It seems that people just
skip the online commercials."

Mobile Coupon App
"Yes, they do skip commercials online, just as you do. To attract them, you need to offer
something which is really in their interest. You may try Mezzofy Merchant, which is an app
allowing you to create and issue your own online coupons. Coupons can always work but
in the online world you need a digital one. You may use the digital coupons to offer
discount, bonus or any attractions and allow them to share and spread in the online

"That sounds great. But can I redeem it online?"
"Of course, you can redeem it online or in the real world, just as you wish. You can even
use them as redemption coupons to collect money or deposit online. You may download
Mezzofy Merchant direct from App Store or Google Play right now. You can also visit
Mezzofy??s website at for more details."