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The power of the image in Times Square in New York with the art of Santiago Ribeiro


International Surrealism Now 2017/18 Art Exhibition to be Held in Portugal

Museum Multimedia POROS em Condeixa-a-Nova

Opening 23 of December 2017, 17: 00H


News Art & Travel in New York city, United States, 18-11-2017 - The  multimedia exhibition of Santiago Ribeiro in Times Square in New York and International Surrealism Now art exhibition in the international press. There are many international members of social communication  that have made reference to the show of Santiago Ribeiro in the giants "screens" of New York. 

A pioneering idea, the use of the giant screens of the world's largest multimedia square to share art with the general public and the junction of the modern Surrealism of the 21st century with a Multimedia Museum about the Roman Empire in the city of Conimbriga.

In addition to the large personal investment some sponsorship comes from the Bissaya Barreto Foundation, Condeixa-a-Nova House Mayor and the North American MagicCraftsman Studio.


Times Square Thomson Reuters sign


Times Square’s Nasdaq OMX Group

The founder and promoter of International Surrealism Now is now planning for the next phase of Surrealism Now exhibitions in Portugal in the center region. There are already several spaces for the end of 2017 and 2018.

The Times Square pieces are part of the International Surrealism Now group exhibit, an ongoing project that Ribeiro began in 2010 to showcase the work of surrealist artists from all over the world. He conceived the International Surrealism Now movement in Coimbra with a major exhibit organized by Bissaya Barreto.

As Ribeiro continues planning the project’s next phase, he is testing innovative exhibition spaces such as Times Square. His ambition for Winter 2018 is to launch the largest world exhibition of contemporary Surrealism art in Europe. The initial exhibit of paintings, drawings, digital art, photographs and sculpture -- with more than 100 artists from 48 countries participating -- is expected to be shown at several museums, monuments and public spaces throughout Portugal.


International Surrealism Now - Full Service
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