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Australia is amongst the most popular destinations in the world for education and work.  Thousands of overseas students graduate here and thousands of recent immigrants take up employment here every year. Australia’s atmosphere – both natural and social, has invariably attracted others to live here. However, with the quick paced and dynamic business patterns, it's getting troublesome for overseas graduates to get employment here. They don’t have the pre-requisite skills and knowledge that are required for a good job. The corporations don’t wish to hire employees who need to be trained plenty before giving actual work. This was an enormous problem for both sides. To tackle this, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia introduced a plan for overseas students to brush up their skills and knowledge for employment. It's referred to as Professional Year Program.


About Professional Year Program

Professional Year Program is a structured course that lasts for a minimum of 44 weeks including 12 weeks of internship. It constitutes teaching the international graduates in Australia the knowledge and skills that are needed to enter the industry in their relevant field.

  • The training comprises of teaching the students:
  • The theory of their subject in the classroom training
  • The Australian workplace ethics
  • Professional communication and soft skills
  • Practical training of skills through internship

Various streams of Professional Year Program

The Australian universities provide courses in hundreds of subjects and streams but the Professional Year Program is offered in mainly 3 categories.

  1. Professional Year Program Accounting: The Professional Year Program in Accounting is also known as SMIPA (Skilled Migrant Internship Program: Accounting). This course provides a thorough understanding and learning of the accounting methods of Australia. International students in Australia with a graduate or post-graduate degree in accounting can opt for this course.
  2. Professional Year Program Engineering: The Professional Year Program in Engineering aims to develop the industrial skills in fresh engineering overseas graduates in Australia to give them a better chance of employment. International students holding an engineering bachelor degree can enrol in this program.
  3. Professional Year Program IT: The Professional Year Program in IT is dedicatedly for the international graduates who took an Information Technology course for their degree. This program focuses to develop the skills in students for a job in the IT field.

If you or someone you know is a foreign graduate in Australia and is struggling for a good job, then you can consult with Professional Year Program for any help and guidance regarding the programs and institutes providing this training.

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Some Cities of Australia with Professional Year Programs

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