Top Eight reasons to open a Free Demat Account

Are you willing to open a demat account for buying and selling shares? Well, then you’re on the right track of having a safe and convenient platform for holding certificates, documentation, and transactions. With traditional approaches, investors had to worry about all the physical certificates and documentation of the investment. You can easily open a Free Demat Account in India for safeguarding all the transactions, documentation and certificates of the investments.

In this guide, we will be discussing some of the reasons to open a free demat account:

1. Easy share transfers
Investors can easily transfer their holdings through a DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip) or RIS (Receipt Instruction Slip) for buying and selling shares. For executing a smooth transaction, these slips allow users to provide all the required details. With a free demat account in India, you can preserve and maintain all the documentation of your investments.

2. Multiple accessing options
With the electronic operations of demat accounts, they can be accessed using multiple modes. These accounts can be used in different modes including computer, smartphones or any other smart device. These multiple accessing options make it easier for the users to operate them.

3. Lower risks
Physical documentation is considered to be risky due to theft, loss or damage. In addition to it, fake securities or bad delivery also act as a risk. But in case of demat accounts, your data is safely secured and the risk of losing data is eliminated.


4. Easy holding
Maintaining physical certificates is a hectic job, so you should get a demat account for maintaining your documentation. Demat account holders can easily access all their investments through a single account.

5. Cost reduction
Several additional costs including stamp duty, handling charges and any other duties are involved with physical documentation. But in case of demat accounts, all these costs are eliminated.


6. Lesser requirement of paperwork
Having Demat account definitely, eliminates the requirement of paperwork for documentation of investments. Every document and transaction can be saved and accessed through demat accounts.

7. No chance of theft and robbery
In case of demat accounts, there is no chance of robbery or thefts as all the documentation are saved electronically. Secure authentication is offered in case of demat accounts so that all your transactions and documentation are safe.

8. Operate with a single account
You don’t need to open a new account for operating demat accounts. You can easily handle all your transaction details and documentation with a single account.

With the help of demat accounts, you’ll be able to keep a track record of all your investments and documentation. Demat accounts are well known for making life simpler in every aspect by eliminating all the hectic manual process. For investing in equities you need to have a demat account, so as to have a safe and secure access. Demat account holders get all the benefits offered by the company to the investors like dividends, funds or return on investment. You should definitely consider having a Free Demat Account in India so as to handle your transactions and documentation in the best possible way.