Is Gender Equality Important?

96 percent of responders in voting for this editorial say that gender equality is very important, however, they disagree on if it's been achieved or not. Since we can remember, there has been gender inequality, whether it's at a ob, school, or even simple as walking on the sidewalk, women have dealt with gender discrimination. Democrats feel men have it easier while Republicans disagree. Half of Democrats say men these days have it much easier and more than two-thirds of Democrats say America should give more equal rights to women. With Republicans, only 19 percent say men have it easier and a quarter of Republicans agree America should give women more equal rights. 

When it was brought up to college graduates, 69 percent say men have it easier and 71 percent say changing gender rolls give women satisfying lives. When it was mentioned to people with no college degree, 27 percent say men do have it easier and 49 percent agreed that women have more satisfying lives with switched gender rolls.

Gender discrimination is what helps us see how gender equality is. Men and women largely say they experience gender discrimination when looking at hiring, obs, and / or promotions. Women, Democrats, and college graduates state they have directly or felt discriminated from their opposite gender and strongly feel gender equality is not far enough.   

A few people were asked how they felt about gender equality, all of which remained anonymous. A 54 year old woman said, "Male privilege allows men to be free to move about in public places without threat of harassment. When they speak, they assume to have authority without having to prove it. They still earn more money than women." A 53 year old man said, " Lower the standards for the same position in order to get more women for those positions." I disagree with what he said because a good, hard worker will get the position whether the worker is male or female, no standards need to be lower since a woman can work just as hard, if not harder than a man. 

I feel we have gone far with women equality, but not far enough. Women are still faced with gender discrimination in 2017, it has shown about 10 percent of women have experienced harassment and / or catcalling. When a 29 year old man was asked he stated, " You simply need to look at the percentages of male CEO's and relative salaries to see there's likely a systematic advantage to being male." We have more men in office trying to make decisions for a woman's life. I understand they're trying to do a job, but we should have more women in office. Not only because they deserve it, but also to help educate the men on what is truly good for women and to help make decisions on women related subjects such as abortions and use of birth control. 

50 percent of America says our county hasn't gone far enough for women having equal rights, 40 percent say we are just fine, and 10 percent say it's gone too far. I feel we need to go farther for women to have equal rights not only in America, but also all around the world. Now, do you feel America has gone far enough for equal rights? Is equality fine where it is, or have we gone too far?