How do you wear an omelet

What kind of hairstyle can immediately let others connect to a Korean drama heroine? There must be a piece of the egg roll in the answer. This hairstyle that reduces the age to repair looks, in recent years also won many MM's heart. So, how do you dress when you have an omelet? Let's see! Brazilian Hair suppliers

1. Basic egg rolls
It's a versatile style, and it's a very young age, very suitable for young ladies. For this kind of hairstyle, can match the pink that shows feminine amorous feelings, powdery blue, rice white, light blue wait for elegant and chic color.
2. Oblique fringe hair style
Compared with the basic model, the hair of the slanted fringe has a very good face-framing function. It is a favorite of the big face and the round face MM. This hairstyle should match with flaxen, chestnut red to wait, Europe and Europe model is more sufficient. In addition, dear friends can also try to use this hairstyle with ladylike lace dresses or bucolic floral dresses.
Three, princess type super long egg roll head
Don't think that this style is suitable for the court costume, in the daily life you can also pass this hairstyle to be a princess! For this hairstyle, girls can go with casual outfits or a pathetic printed chiffon skirt.
4. Lazy egg roll
This is a rich feminine affinity hairstyle, if tie-in white dress, can bring this characteristic to acme. In addition, milk tea, dark blue and light grey clothes are also good for this style.