A new Harry Potter Logic Quiz Walkthrough



1) Harry (A1): Besides me, this diagonal is entirely female. Find Ron in A6.


This tells us to place Ron in A6 and that the diagonal from B2 to F6 can only contain female


2) Ron (D6): All corners are occupied by people who destroyed a horcrux. Scabbers is hiding in


The second part of this clue is quite easy. Scabbers the rat turned out to be Peter Pettigrew,
so thats the name we type into cell C1.


The first part requires a bit more knowledge but will reveal the position of another character
in this quiz. The people who destroyed horcruxes were Albus Dumbledore (the ring), Harry
Potter (the diary) Ron (the locket), Hermione (the cup), Crabbe (the diadem) and Neville


This information alone is not enough to find out who has to be in the remaining corners, but
according to Harry, the person in lower right corner has to be female. The only female
horcrux destroyer is Hermione, so thats the one who has to be in F6.


3) Peter Petigrew (C1): I see you still share a column with the same people with whom you
also shared your dormitory.


This clue does tell us where to place a character exactly, but it tells us the possible positions
of four characters.


Ron shared his dorm with Harry Potter, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnigan and Neville
Longbottom. These characters all have to be in column A, because thats where weve
already placed Ron.


4) Hermione Granger (F6): Only students from my time at Hogwarts are in this column.
Voldemort is next to Harry.


The first part of the clue means that all people in column F were Hogwarts students at a time
when Hermione was there as well. It does not say they were in the same year as Hermione.
With this clue, we can find out who has to be in the upper right corner.
The character has destroyed a horcrux and spend at least one year at Hogwarts while they
and Hermione were students.


We are left Crabbe and Neville, since Dumbledore, who also destroyed a horcrux, finished his
education long before Hermione was even born. We also know that Neville has to be in
column A (Wormtails clue). That means only Crabbe can be in F1.



The second part of the clue is very simple. Harry sits in the upper left corner, so the only cell
next to him is B1. Thats where we put Lord Voldemort.


5) Lord Voldemort (B1): If there are house-elves, they are adjacent to one of their former


We cant do anything with this information, yet.


6) Crabbe (F1): Column C only houses Death Eaters. Find my charms teacher in B3.


The first part says only Death Eaters can be in column C. This information will be needed late


The second part tells us where to find Crabbes charms teacher. The only known charms
teacher Crabbe ever had is Professor Flitwick. Flitwick has to be in B3


7) Filius Flitwick (B3): All other Ravenclaws are in this row. The dreamy blonde is in column F.


The first information we get from this is, that all Ravenclaws that might be in thus quiz will be
in row 3.


The second part refers to a dreamy blonde who can be found in column F. While
admittedly not entirely clear cut, this clue refers to Luna Lovegood. If that was not obvious
enough, theres still Hermiones clue that should have narrowed the candidates down to a
point where only Luna makes sense.
Where does she go? Well, shes a Ravenclaw, so she must be in row 3. Luna is in F3.


8) Luna (F3): Hermione is adjacent to her Yule Ball date.


First of all what is the First of all what is the Yule Ball? It is the school dance that took place
during the Triwizard Tournament. Hermiones date was Viktor Krum.
We know he has to be adjacent to Hermione, so either in E5, E6 or F5. He cant be in F5
because hes not a Hogwarts student but a Durmstrang student. Neither can he be in E5
since that cell is reserved for a female character (Harrys clue).
Therefore Krum has to be in D6.


9) Viktor Krum (E6): Column D is reserved for members of the Order. Ginnys boyfriends are
each below their successor.


The first part is important but does not help us right know.


To make sense of the second part, we need to find out when Ginny dated which boy. Her
first boyfriend was Michael Corner, later on she dated Dean Thomas and finally she got into a
relationship with her future husband Harry Potter.


The clue tells is, these boys are each below their successor. That means Dean has to be in the
cell below Harry and Michael in the cell below Dean. We already know Harrys position in A1
to Dean has to be in A2 and Michael has to be in A3.


10) Dean Thomas (A2): Dead characters are adjacent to those who caused their death.


Important clue, but it does not help us right now.


11) Michael Corner (A3): Molly shares a diagonal with her 3 eldest sons.


This clue requires quite a lot of work, but it will reveal the position of two characters.
The oldest Weasleys are Bill, Charlie and Percy. According to the clue, they have to be in the
same diagonal as Molly, so we have to look at a diagonal that is still large enough to fit these
four characters.


Theres one important limitation we have to keep in mind. Crabbe told us that column C can
only contain Death Eaters. Neither of the Weasleys are Death Eaters, so none of them can be
placed in that column.
This leaves us with two diagonals that can still house non Death Eaters: A5 to E1 and B6 to


But wait. Actually theres only one diagonal left that fits the criteria. According to Peter
Pettigrews cue, Seamus and Neville have to be in the two cells that are still free in column A.
Therefore the only possible diagonal for the four Weasleys to be in is B6 to F2.


Now, we have to find out where to place each of them. None of them can be in C5 (Death
Eater cell) and the one in F2 has to be a person who attended Hogwarts when Hermione was
there as well. Molly, Charlie and Bill already left Hogwarts, but Percy was still there during
Hermiones first years at Hogwarts. Percy has to be in F2.


The other three Weasleys need to be sorted into B6, D4 and E3. D4, as we already know
(Harrys clue) has to be a female character. The only woman is Molly. She goes into D4.


12) Molly Weasley (D4): The grumpy elf is in E1


The clue tells us there is a grumpy elf in E1. The only grumpy elf we know is Kreacher, the
house-elf of the Black family. He is in E1.


13) Percy Weasley (F2): Im adjacent to my French sister in law. Ginevra shares a row with my


Percys French sister in law is Fleur Delacour. Percy says hes adjacent to her. The only free
cells adjacent to him are E2 and E3. We know from earlier that E3 has to be either Charlie or
Bill so Fleur can only be in E2.



The second part tells us that Ginny and Molly share a row. Therefore Ginny will be in either
B4, E4 or F4. She cant be in C4 (has to be a Death Eater) or A4 (it’s either Neville or Seamus).


14) Fleur Delacour (E2): My husband is adjacent to little Ginny and that Padfoot guy.


Fleur’s husband is Bill Weasley and Padfood was the nickname of Sirius Black. So Bill has to
be adjacent to Ginny and Sirius.


We know that Bill can only be in E3 or B6 and we also know that Ginny will be in B4, E4 or F4.
Bill can only be adjacent to Ginny if hes in E3, so thats where he goes.


This also means that we can finally place Charlie Weasley. The only non-Death Eater cell left
on the Weasley diagonal is B6.


We have also narrowed Ginnys position down to either E4 or F4.


Furthermore, since Sirius is in the quiz, Bellatrix Lestrange has to be as well. (Deans clue)


15) Bill Weasley (E3): James and Lily are not in this quiz, but Remus and Tonks are.


This clue does not reveal the position of any characters yet, but is important for later on.
Tonks was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange, so she has to be adjacent to her (Deans clue).
Bill says Remus is in the quiz. He was killed by the Death Eater Antonin Dolohov. Therefore
the two will have to be adjacent to each other as well.


16) Charlie Weasley (B6)


17) Kreacher (E1): “The three Malfoys are all in the same row. What a lovely family.”


The three Malfoys that we know from the Books are Lucius, Narcissa and Draco. Kreacher
says they share a row. To find out where that is, we simply have to look for a row that still
has room for three characters. There’s also one important restriction: none of the Malfoys
can be in column D (only members of the order allowed, Krum’s clue).
The rows that fit the criteria are row 4 and row 5. At this point, we can’t say which one it is.


After having placed Kreacher in here, we can place another character though. From
Voldemorts clue we know, that all elves in this quiz are adjacent to one of their former


The only free sells adjacent to Kreacher are D1 and D2. Column D as per Krums clue can only
house members of the Order of the Phoenix.
The only member of the Black family (his former masters,) that was in the Order, is Sirius


From Fleurs clue we also know that Sirius has to be adjacent to Bill. The only cell free cell
adjacent to both Bill and Kreacher is D2.


Sirius has to be in D2.


18) Sirius Black (D2): Hagrid is adjacent to Luna and Arthur.


This clue tells us that both Arthur Weasley and Rubeus Hagrid are in this quiz. Hagrid is
adjacent to Arthur and Luna.


The two cells adjacent to Luna that are still free are F4 and E4. As Hermione told us before,
column F can only house students from her time at Hogwarts. Therefore Hagrid has to be in


This brings us back Ginny, whose position we had already narrowed down to either E4 or F4
as well. Ginny can now only be in F4.


19) Rubeus Hagrid (E4)


At this point we have to go back to Kreachers clue about the Malfoys sharing a row.
With Ginny and Hagrid being in row 4, the only row left for the Lucius, Narcissa and Draco to
go into is row 5.


20) Ginny Weasley (E6): Sadly Im not adjacent to Dobby, but I can see him right next to


This clue tells us that dobby is adjacent to Seamus. Seamus, as we have already found out is
either in A4 or A5. Therefore Dobby has to be in either B4 or B5, as these are the only cells
next to possible Seamus locations.


With the revelation of Dobby being in this quiz, we also know where to place Bellatrix
Lestrange. As Dean told us, dead characters are adjacent to those who caused their death.
Dobby was killed by Bellatrix in Malfoy Manor, so these two have to be adjacent to each


Furthermore, Sirius has to be adjacent to Bellatrix as well.
We have already placed Sirius in D2 and found out, that Dobby has to be in either B4 or B5.
The only cell adjacent to both Sirius and a possible Dobby location is C3. Thats where
Bellatrix Lestrange has to be.


21) Bellatrix Lestrange (C3)


With Bellatrix position being revealed, we have also found where to place Dobby. He can
only be in B4, adjacent to Bellatrix and next to Seamus.


Speaking of Seamus, he still has to be next to Dobby, so hes in A4.


Therefore we can also finally conclude that Neville, who also has to be in column A (Peters
clue), has to be placed into A4.



22) Dobby (B4): Theres one Minster of Magic in this quiz.


23) Neville Longbottom (A5)


24) Seamus Finnigan (A5): Dumbledore is in column D


This is a clue that sets quite a lot of things into motion.


First of all, according to Deans clue dead characters are adjacent to those who caused their
death. Dumbledore is dead; he was killed by Severus Snape on the Astronomy Tower.
Therefore Snape and Dumbledore have to be adjacent to each other.


Secondly, Snape is dead as well. He was killed by Nagini during the battle of Hogwarts. So
Nagini has to be adjacent to Snape.


But were not finished yet. Nagini the snake was beheaded Neville Longbottom. Nagini and
Neville therefore have to be adjacent to each other.
The only cell left adjacent to Neville is B5. Nagini has to be there.


25) Nagini (B5)


With Nagini being in B5, there are only three cells left in row 5. We already worked out that
the Malfoy family has to be in row 5, so with only three non-Order cells left (C5, E5 and F5,
Krums clue) we can start to sort them in.


Again, according to Hermione, column F can only house people who went to Hogwart during
her time there. Therefore only Draco can be in F5.


26) Draco Malfoy (F5)
The two Malfoy cells left are E5 and C5. E5, according to Harry, can only be occupied by
female characters. Lucius is male, so Narcissa must be in E5 and Lucius in C5.


27) Narcissa Malfoy (E5)


28) Lucius Malfoy (C5): The two characters that fell victim to a werewolf are adjacent to each


This clue tells us there are two victims of a werewolf in this quiz. One is Bill Weasley who was
attacked by Fenrir Greyback at the Battle of Hogwarts. The second one is Remus Lupin, who
we know also has to be in the quiz (Bills clue).
These two have to be adjacent to each other. The only cell left, thats free and adjacent to
Bills, is D3. Thats where Lupin has to be.


29) Remus Lupin (D3)



After placing Remus, there are two other characters whose positions are set right now.
One is Nymphadora Tonks, who has to be adjacent to her murderer Bellatrix. The free cells
adjacent to Bellatrix are C2, C3 and B2. Tonks cant be in column C (shes not a Death Eater),
therefore the only possible cell for her to be in is B2.


30) Nymphadora Tonks (B2)


The second person is Arthur Weasley. Sirius says, hes adjacent to Hagrid and with Remus
taking D3, the only available cell for Arthur is D5.


31) Arthur Weasley (D5): Sirius brother is in this quiz.


Sirius has one brother: Regulus Arcturus Black (R.A.B.). He is a dead character, killed by the
trap left behind by Voldemort to protect his horcrux. Therefore Regulus has to be adjacent to
The only free cell adjacent to Voldemort is C2.


32) Regulus Arcturus Black (C2)


So whos left? We know that Dumbledore has to be in column D and that he is adjacent to
Snape. The free cells left, that are also adjacent to each other, are D6 and C6.
Dumbledore must be in column D (Seamus’ clue), so he has to be in D6.
That means Snape is in C6.


33) Albus Dumbledore (D6)


34) Severus Snape (C6)


There are two cells left: C4 and D1. Column D contains only members of the Order and
column C only Death Eaters.
We know Dolohov, a Death Eater, is in the Quiz. He has to be in C4


35) Antonin Dolohov (C4)
Dobby says theres only one Minister of Magic in the quiz. So far, none has been found. The
person in D1, therefore, has to be a Minister of Magic who is a member of the Order of the
The only Minster who was also in the Order is Kingsley Shacklebolt.


36) Kingsley Shacklebolt (D1)