Pizzagate debunked Pt. 2 - Can internet fabrication swarms be limited in their damage to democracy?

Posted by Bernie Najarian on 2017-July-21 20:16:36, Friday



Bernie Najarian

If you want to wave your fist at your video screen, just watch any scene where a mob of young people ‘swarms’ a convenience store, looting it while the outnumbered and threatened cashier can only look on and sweat it out. If you want to despair of humanity, just watch women in Ferguson, Missouri, looting hair extensions out of an African-American-owned shop while a protest against racially triggered police murders rages around them. Big sports win? The celebrating crowd may get riotous and start hurting the police. Police are hurting? They may counter-riot and beat or kettle lawful protesters.

One of the frustrating things about mob scenes is that the perpetrators seldom get caught. If they do, they seldom pay much of a price for their mayhem. It’s hard to know how much of the guilt truly falls to each of them – their exact actions may be lost in the confusion. Prosecuting everyone involved may be too arduous and expensive. Where the mobs are made up of bigoted members of the majority population, there may be no one around with the power or will to enforce the law. I wrote a story in Aug., 2015 about a mob that attacked the home of Nigel Oldfield in Maltby, UK, after finding out he had a long-ago conviction for possessing images of children judged, in a few cases, to be indecent ( Many laws were broken during the mob attack on Nigel and his dwelling, but no one was ever charged. That’s even though many of the participants appeared in photos and implicated themselves on social media.

South Yorkshire Police are currently in the process of determining if anyone will be deemed to have committed an offense based on the five-hour spree of bottle-throwing, property destruction and alleged beating. In the meantime, members and friends of the Maltby lynch mob are not being reticent about their condoning of the violence.

Kerry Costello Round posted on Facebook “Let this be a warning to all other peados (sic)!! Our ‘Hate mob’ is on standby… I have never been so proud as to say I chose Maltby to settle down in… when shit like this happens, this village unites…”

Also on Facebook, Claire Beaumont has photographed herself making a salute that combines the Nazi thrust arm with the ISIS raised finger. Her message: “Nazi’s r us, we will not let pedophiles live near our children.”

Destructive mob mania today is especially likely to be tolerated when the specter of pedophilia or actual child abuse can be raised by the mob. As an essay by my frequent collaborator Kamil Beylant points out, many historical cases of irrational mob frenzy were agitated into being through exaggerated accusations of danger to children ( Many of us, even now, live in a social climate where a man merely false-accused of pedophilic interest can be threatened and then beaten to death by a mob, while police ignore his phone calls ( In the case linked, both the vigilantes and the police involved were ultimately convicted of crimes – but that was because the ‘mob’ involved was small. A big mob can get away with nearly anything – except in places where the authorities are despotic enough to shoot them.

A massive mob was launched into action on Nov. 3, 2016, in the midst of the U.S. presidential election campaign, when the Wikileaks website released Part 28 of the Podesta emails. These were private communications that Russian Fancy Bear hackers had obtained by phishing the Gmail account of Hillary Clinton campaign organizer John Podesta. An intense amount of work was done that night by well-prepared pro-Trump internetters to put together the best possible spin attack on Clinton, using any dirt that could be found in the emails. Reddit’s ‘r/the_Donald’ subreddit was one hotbed of shock-seeking; also, 4chan’s ‘/pol/ - Politically Incorrect’ group was seething with activity. It can’t be assumed that all the posters were American. Russian cyberdisinformation squads, as I pointed out in a previous article, were almost certainly there under assumed American identities, helping to find and throw the dirt (;,%E2%80%99_%E2%80%98Pedogate%E2%80%99_and_Russia_Denial). Since my article was published, there’s been confirmation that Russian agents who were probably connected to official policy even went so far as to tell the Trump campaign that they wished to help get Donald Trump elected ( As I detailed, their associated professional cyberdisinformationists had many years of experience, beginning with the Russo-Georgia war of 2008 and continuing on with spinning related to Ukraine and Syria. An overview of cyberdisinformation forces worldwide was recently published by the Computational Propaganda Research Project, and authored by Samantha Bradshaw and Philip N. Howard of Oxford University (

The timing of the release of the Podesta emails – the Wikileaks announcement tweet was made at 5:17 pm New York time ( – kept many American sleuths up all night. A huge amount of work was done, as can be seen, for example, at archived 4chan pages ( and links therein). By Nov. 4, a wide-ranging synopsis had been put together by redditor DumbScribblyUnctious (original deleted; archived backup; attestion that a version appeared Nov 4 is from Snopes

The focus of the gang changed significantly over the course of the night. At first, many sleuths were eager to connect Hillary Clinton to anything linking her to a scandal about child abductions in Haiti ( A Baptist church organization from Idaho had sent missionaries to earthquake-stricken Haiti, promising a better life in the U.S. or the Dominican Republic for children who’d lost their parents. The main organizer, Laura Silsby, ignored Haitian law and attempted to smuggle 33 kids across the Dominican border without papers. Many of them, it turned out, had perfectly good Haitian families, who had been persuaded the kids would be better off in a new life ( The missionaries were taken into custody at the border. Ultimately, Silsby served four months in a Haitian prison, and probably would have been there much longer had Bill Clinton not flown to Haiti to intervene on her behalf. The Reddit, 4chan and Twitter think-tanks burned with ambition to link Hillary Clinton or her charitable Clinton Foundation, heavily involved in Haitian earthquake relief, with ‘child trafficking.’ This line of pursuit, however, literally wasn’t very sexy, since there seemed little doubt that Silsby’s ambition was to satisfy the intense Baptist demand for adoptable future Christians, not to provide bodies for sexual exploitation.

The first major uproar, then, came when the late-nighters discovered a mail from June 28, 2015, principally addressed to John Podesta’s lobbyist brother Tony by a prominent performance artist, Marina Abramović. John was on the copy line. The email said:

Dear Tony, I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining? All my love, Marina –


The title ‘Spirit Cooking’ sounded creepy, and some of the Trump-tank workers diligently sought explanation. The result was a dream come true ( As redditor ImperialEntourage put it,

SPREAD THIS TO YOUR LOCAL CHURCHES FOR SUNDAY: John Podesta irrefutably practices satanic rituals.

John Podesta is Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign manager and irrefutably practices satanic rituals. He is the recent point of interest in the latest Wikileaks emails released to the public.

Not that John was ever ascertained as having gone to the ‘Spirit Cooking dinner.’ To have been invited was close enough for the spin-sleuths.

The Spirit Cooking event was a culturally specific trigger for members of the religious right. In my previous article on Pizzagate, I described the rift between liberal-ish and Christian-right-influenced cultures in the US.

Americans, at least those of European ethnic background, are more-or-less divided between what I call romanticists and ironics. Romanticists tend to see the world in black-and-white terms, a confrontation between angels and demons. Children, to them, are among the angels, at least in theory (in real life, the brats may get it, but in theory they’re beyond precious). Proper décor in the household is all about niceness, or in religious homes, inspiration. For ironics, events like the holocaust made sentimental fervor and passionate locals-first politics suspect. They may be moved by the cuteness and innocent sincerity of a child, but feel compelled to make worldly and ironic remarks to show they’re not going over to the sentimental side. Their home décor may include elements that acknowledge human cruelty or sexuality, even if children are present – they think of this material as a needed reality check and a defense against woolly jingoism.

To the modernists, especially those who were gallery-goers, Abramović’s event was clearly performance art, a variant using somewhat shocking scenes to get an emotional reaction. Since most art lovers don’t think much of performance art, the people producing it have gone ever further out on a limb to attract an audience. Abramović, sometimes called ‘the grandmother of performance art,’ had a long history of gallery exhibits where she played with morbidity and mortality, doing things like jumping through a burning star sculpture (passing out from lack of oxygen en route) and laying around a gallery all day surrounded by sadomasochistic instruments, inviting gallery-goers to prod or smack her as they wished (there were a few takers). As for Spirit Cooking, her Wikipedia says (links removed):

Abramović worked with Jacob Samuel to produce a cookbook of "aphrodisiac recipes" called Spirit Cooking in 1996. These "recipes" were meant to be "evocative instructions for actions or for thoughts." For example, one of the recipes calls for "13,000 grams of jealousy," while another says to "mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk." The work was inspired by the popular belief that ghosts feed off intangible things like light, sound, and emotions.

In 1997, Abramović created a multimedia Spirit Cooking installation. This was originally installed in the Zerynthia Associazione per l'Arte Contemporanea in Rome, Italy and included white gallery walls with "enigmatically violent recipe instructions" painted in pig's blood. According to Alexxa Gotthardt, the work is "a comment on humanity's reliance on ritual to organize and legitimize our lives and contain our bodies."

You can shock yourself to the core by seeing Marina online, spreading pig’s blood and liver bits around in a white room at the Zerynthia exhibit: . The ‘cookbook’ including the statements she might select from in her painting in blood on the wall, is reproduced at

Marina comments in the Zerynthia video, after outlining the room in copious blood and pouring it over some figurines in the corners:

This is the thing, the smell is stronger now. (She reads out one of the wall inscriptions) “With a sharp knife, cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the pain.” There are four objects, four statements. That’s it completely, it’s really fantastic. It’s really like – alchemia.”

A statement of art materials then appears with “Four wax sculptures, gauze, mineral, pig’s blood and Dragon’s Head video projection” (the last showing an ancient Egyptian-hatted Marina with a python snaking slowly over her head).

Abramović, who is Serbian, deliberately plays with Serbian pre-Christian folk magic in her art. The website ‘’ has a piece on her saying, “In Marina Abramović‘s ‘Balkan Erotic Epic,’ the ‘grandmother of performance art’ beats Matthew Barney at his own game. In the piece, Abramović explores pagan Serbian fertility rituals and the use of sex magick to affect everyday life. One example is how a woman would keep a fish tucked into her vagina overnight and then make a powder of it to add to her man’s coffee. After he drinks it, he will never stray… or at least that’s the idea.”

American Christian fundamentalists have become somewhat diplomatic in recent times about attributing Satanism to native North American rituals, and a few fundamentalist-Christianized or Mormonized natives even combine shamanism practices and Christianity. Even so, when right-wing Protestants see ancient European shamanism or its updated spin-offs popping up, they are completely unrestrained about calling it Satan-worship. That’s even though the pagan rituals are often conducted by feminists, who detest the concept of Satan as an emblem of rampant male dominance.

The Protestants often also see Satanism in European carnival-type events, where people may prance about in weird masks and goat costumes – events mostly coming from Catholic countries, where monsters and gargoyles were also carved onto churches and illuminated into religious books by imaginative monks. Many fundamentalist-influenced far-righters just plain see Catholicism as cloaked Satanism, especially now that the ‘pedophile priest’ scandals have broken loose. (Parallel ‘pedophile pastor’ scandals are ignored as anomalies.)

Performance art toying with Serbian folk magic, then, was clearly Satan-worship. The spinners were as delighted as they were sure their fellow church-goers would be appalled. A ‘SpiritCooking’ hashtag began to trend on Twitter as hundreds of tweets spread the news that the Clinton campaign brass were Satanists who had bloody rituals led by a big-nosed, big-bodied East European witch. When they found a photo of Marina holding a skinned goat’s head in imitation of the Aleister Crowly icon Baphomet (;, that was the final clincher. This art was Satanism. The Democratic Party was calling on Satan. The election was all but over – Trump would win it for God.

Tony Podesta had committed one of the cardinal sins of politics. He had a taste for non-sentimental and sometimes gruesome art – one of several modernist backlash trends in art against glib prettiness and shallow, romanticized optimism – and thought he was far enough away from the grime of politics to enjoy his controversial tastes in peace. He even allowed Washington Life magazine to do an art write-up on the gallery he and his wife Heather had made of their home ( Having a ‘Spirit Cooking’ dinner with Marina Abramović, a famous, wealthy artist who’d been featured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, was just a routine step in keeping up on the art scene’s cutting edge – in this case, the bloodletting cutting edge. However, potentially involving brother John, a prominent political advisor and national election campaign committee chair, in such gory, occulty-looking affairs, clearly broke the Queen Victoria Law of politics: “Don’t frighten the horses.”

(The quote, often attributed to Queen V or her son Edward VII, is actually from actress Mrs. Pat Campbell, 1910

As much as eastern liberals might like to think art should be exempt from political scandal-mongering, the reality is that it has always been a flash point. Protestants in particular have gone on binges of iconoclasm throughout their history. Though they’ve often targeted Catholic art, e.g., in the Swiss and German iconoclasms of 1528 to 1535 ( and at various times in Britain (, they’ve by no means exempted art that seemed sexy or shamanistic.

To make matters still more poignant, Heather and Tony Podesta’s collection of edgelord art also included paintings by artists associated with questionable depictions of children. From the Washington Life article:

Folks attending a house tour in the Lake Barcroft neighborhood in Falls Church earlier this year got an eyeful when they walked into a bedroom at the Podesta residence hung with multiple color pictures by Katy Grannan, a photographer known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers in their parents' suburban homes. (What exactly was in the bedroom hasn’t been stated – BN)

"They were horrified," Heather recalls, a grin spreading across her face.

Little did Heather anticipate how much company their guests’ horror was soon to have.

The Podestas also had paintings by Serbian artist Biljana Ɖurđevic, whose stylized depictions of the horrors that she saw, experienced and imagined in the Yugoslav Civil War included colorful emblems of scantily clad children being tormented ( Some, in the wartime punishment-related ‘Living in Oblivion’ series, showed rows of schoolgirls in short shorts whose reddened protruding butt cheeks appeared to have been recently paddled ( Another showed a swimsuit-clad, skinny boy hung up by a harness in a shower stall (; a similar one showed an obese old woman suspended from a crucifix ( The Podestas didn’t own any of these punishment-related pieces, but their sponsorship of Ɖurđevic seemed to suggest a tolerance of sadism directed at children. Fundamentalists were hard pressed to imagine that such art might embody mindful awareness of rejected cruelty rather than tacit approval and incipient lust.

Just as the #SpiritCooking hashtag on Twitter was reaching a jet-turbine roar of conservative outrage, not to mention horror and gloating, on the morning of Nov. 4, a new drone of political opportunity began to whine. Some of the 4channers, long accustomed to seeing ‘child pornography’ coded by the euphemism ‘cheese pizza’ were struck by the number of references to pizza and other food items in the Podesta emails. For a political guru so involved in cost-efficient fundraising events, this was not surprising, but one odd statement seemed inexplicable (

“Hi John,

The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related.) Is it yours? They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it.”


Wtf, asked the 4channers, is a ‘handkerchief with a map that seems pizza-related?” It must be a code of some kind! And given the known nature of ‘pizza’ as a code word, it must be related to pedophilic interests!

My previous article ( has dealt in detail with this email and its context. When read with all surrounding information, the email only makes sense when taken literally – Podesta left a fancy handkerchief behind while viewing a potential rental house. The hankie was described as black-and-white in a prior email; the later phrase “I think it has a map that seems pizza-related” clearly describes poorly understood information received via a phone call.

In the last few days, my researcher Kamil Beylant discovered that a helpful poster, on Nov. 5, 2016, had hashtagged in (#podestaemails28) a photo on Twitter of what is very likely to be the exact type of handkerchief involved. ( It is black and white, with an ornate margin, and it features a middle square inset with a highly stylized pizza outline, sparsely ornamented with mushroom, bay leaf and mini-pizza-slice designs. There is no actual map shown, per se, but the format of the handkerchief is similar to many souvenir map hankies that have ornate borders and a square map inset; the fact that the pizza shown in the inset is diagrammatic and minimal, with dotted lines along the radiating crosscuts, is map-like enough that it could well have stimulated the finder to say something on the phone like ‘it’s like one of those map handkerchiefs, but it seems to show pizza.’ That, in turn, could have been muddled into an email saying ‘it has a map that seems pizza-related.’ (Anyone not seeing the similarity to map handkerchiefs should spend a couple of hours on looking at other examples, as I did the other day.) Presumably Pizzagaters spun this handkerchief out of consciousness early on by rationalizing that there was no actual map on it.

The original senders of the ‘pizza-related map’ emails are undoubtedly ignoring the frothing Pizzagaters and hoping they’ll go away. They have never issued an official explanation of their seemingly trivial handkerchief comments. The Pizzagaters in turn show no understanding at all that ad hoc child rape accusers could be affected by the internet maxim ‘Don’t feed the trolls.’ They regard or spin all silences as confirming their worst imaginings.

Since the mention of pizza in the email, from the 4chan perspective, seemed to suggest child porn or something related, that left the rest of the enigmatic phrase to be decoded. To our great delight, we have now found in a 4chan archive the exact moment when that happened (

Anonymous ID:QKoeAW91 Thu 03 Nov 2016 09:05:56 No.95849964 Report
>>95841111 →
Date: 2014-09-02 17:54
Subject: Did you leave a handkerchief
Hi John,

The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related.) Is it yours? They can send it if you want. I know you're busy, so feel free not to respond if it's not yours or you don't want it.


>>95844302 → (link to another thread)


Its DNA Anon. Semen is a map that leads back to you.

(original comment from Anonymous ID:QwdAfWy6 Thu 03 Nov 2016 07:57:21. Time zone unclear.)

>>95844634 →

Forensics background here. BINGO.

The ultimate trail of breadcrumbs. Surviving victim points to a specific house--> random hankie found. Roadmap right back to you or whoever else was there. It's a JizzBib

>>95845253 →

They must have a cleanup crew. These "realtors"?? They like the hosts?? Find an empty house, safe for a pizza party, clean up the place afterward. Be on the lookout for wayward JizzBibs.


The posters were too giddy to recall that the usual action done with unwanted evidence is to destroy it, not to put it into the US mails. Perhaps they thought that child rapists would never part with a favorite handkerchief, no matter what incrimination it contained. The thought that criminals would be more likely to sop semen with flushable paper products than with fancy souvenir hankies also never occurred to them. Perhaps the wealthy are thought to be too arrogant to use toilet paper.

The speculating sillybillies also forgot that semen on absorbent material doesn't say anything about who the semen might have been spilled for. A hankie with semen in it, left in a house, can just as easily be attributed to purely solitary activities. It also has no time stamp on it. The stain could have happened any time.

In any case, this flash of spinsight, that ‘map’ could be decoded as ‘semen,’ then spurred the cobbling-together of a whole list of pseudo-codes.

Anonymous ID:OQFwd0U+ Thu 03 Nov 2016 09:05:32 No.95849931 Report
Quoted By: >>95850395
I can see this.

But this fucker sends a LOT of these emails with the same language over and over.

I don't trust it.

Who the hell uses dominoes ON cheese or pasta?

(The ‘dominoes’ email,, was explained in detail in my previous article, Actually, a grandfather was planning to play dominoes with his grandchildren on the Christmas holidays, and was joking about whether the Podestas’ Christmas gift box of fine cheeses would sharpen his wits better than the previous year’s gift box of fancy pastas and sauces).

Anonymous ID:a9HhbUS1 Thu 03 Nov 2016 09:06:15 No.95849990 Report
Quoted By: >>95850103 >>95850169 >>95852441

Is pasta prostitutes or young boys?

Anonymous ID:mtdKaIXM Thu 03 Nov 2016 09:12:32 No.95850461 Report

Square shaped box = Van, instead of limo or car (the poster is trying to find ‘pedo codes’ in the description of the Christmas gift box – BN)
Dominoes = bdsm? (Rarely actually used as euphemism for ‘domination’ – BN)
children and grandchildren = proteges or assasin (sic) crew
demolish = kill
Holy shit! BC (Bill Clinton – BN) talked to Lynch on her plane about their "grandchildren." He could have been talking code the whole time about his murder squad as a threat.

Look for the terms "grand children"

Anonymous ID:OUyIqRm0 Thu 03 Nov 2016 09:35:47 No.95852324 Report

This is actually so fucked dudes
I can never eat pizza or pasta again
Hang these people honestly

Anonymous ID:94Dv2bRt Thu 03 Nov 2016 09:37:10 No.95852441 Report
According to someone else in another thread, boys are hotdogs.
So pasta has got to be prostitutes.

Early on Nov. 4, a meme bearing the ‘official’ list of 4chan’s made-up codings was in wide circulation. This bit of instant culture was soon being misattributed to FBI information and treated as a well known secret pedophile code. The most common version is:

“hotdog” = boy
“pizza” = girl
“pasta” = little boy
“cheese” = little girl
“ice cream” = male prostitute
“walnut” or “nuts” = person of color
“map” = semen
“sauce” = orgy

#Pizzagate began to replace #SpiritCooking as the trending hashtag of choice.

Some of the remaining emails that fell under suspicion, including ‘food code’ emails, are dealt with in my previous article. In particular, one (discussing Chicago-style hotdogs) from a completely separate email dump in Wikileaks, the mails from the Stratfor intelligence consulting agency in Austin, Texas, is discussed in detail.

Other clumps of the swarm of speculation hornets were crawling into the social media of any people who were mentioned in Podesta Emails group 28. Early on (at 1:52, Nov. 4), Tweeter ‘Hans Fastolfe @R_Daneel_0livaw’ (named after a robot and its designer from Isaac Asimov’s ‘The Naked Sun’), mentioned to alt-right kingpin Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) that “The owner of Comet Ping Pong, James Alefantis, was the gay lover of David Brock.” ( Brock was well known to Republicans as the manager of a SuperPAC funding organization raising millions for the Clinton campaign. Attention soon zoomed in on Alefantis.

As of Nov. 7, the principal kick-off thread for Pizzagate in, headed by the famous summary post by DumbScribblyUnctious (see also my previous article and the Snopes debunk, noted the time frame in which Alefantis’ Instagram account was plundered by the Trump swarm: “#James Alefantis' instagram late 11/5/16. by morning of 11/7/16 it was set to private. (archived: Just how many swarmers got in there, we don’t know, though some screenshots show one or two Pizzagaters’ accusatory comments being added to the photos just before the account was locked up. All the widely circulated screenshots were made by someone who wasn’t logged in to Instagram, and thus couldn’t have commented. Some screenshots showed a German-based web server, while others showed an English-language one. Of course, some of the Pizzagaters may have been using the Tor anonymization network, where German-based servers are relatively common. In that case, though, there should also have been at least some Dutch and Romanian servers popping up; the consistently German offshore server suggests use of a single Virtual Private Network or else extensive American-oriented political action carried out by someone based in Germany.

The post-Nov. 4 shitstorm – scratch that – outburst of calumny – has changed the normal lives of Alefantis, the Podestas, and several of their friends into ongoing Monty Python nightmares. I discussed the Pizzagaters’ misinterpretations of just three of the Alefantis Instagram photos in my previous article; I’ll include that text here for convenience, along with some new information, and then go on to give it all a new context below.

For example, the image Scribbly (redditor DumbScribblyUnctious) captions as “girl, striped, taped to table” ( ) showed a lass of about seven, grinning away, with her wrists paper-lightly adhesive-taped to a wooden tabletop. A commenter says ‘New seating area / procedure for your youngest guests? Hilar.’ (inferred ‘hilarious’ — BN). A second comment identifies the girl by her regularly used hashtag ‘carisjames,’ i.e., Caris (a last name is found in some sites), the god-daughter of James (Alefantis). There has been much speculation online about the name Caris, including a suggestion that it comes from the ‘date rape drug’ carisoprodol, but it’s just an anglicization of the Greek name Charis, meaning Grace. The surname Alefantis is also Greek. … This picture, in any case, clearly represents a momentary whimsy of some kind, a playful in-joke, but it breaks the romanticist law that children must be romanticized. Thus, as a third commenter notes, “this is pretty creepy, bro.” (We now know this comment was placed by a Pizzagater during the 24h window – BN). I suspect James found the tape a needed anodyne for a scene that might otherwise have been too darn cutesy to publish.

(Update: recently a tweet was found (*TQhvLUFlK2LPlsgXD9Jjzg.png) quoting Alefantis from a local community support event for Comet. He told participants in personal conversations that Caris had been playing with her similarly aged cousin, and that’s who had put on the tape:

“Someone asked him about this and he explained this is his goddaugter who was goofing around with her cousin who is about the same age.”

We’ve also discovered a video ( where Alefantis was confronted at Comet by a scarfed Pizzagater neckbeard and an unseen, deep-voiced cameraman, perhaps the Manassas, Virginia-based gamer Mark Samenfink, who tweeted the movie. The early part of the conversation goes as follows:

Interviewer: I want to know why there’s a child in bondage on there.
James: That’s a stolen image from my Instagram
Cameraman (accusingly): What’d you do?
James: That’s my god-daughter, she was playing with her sister, it’s a cute picture of them playing together. And that was published, put on there, 126 weeks ago.
Interviewer: Why is there a picture of a toddler chewing on stacks of thousand-dollar bills, not thousand dollar bills, stacks of euros in the amount of 1000 and she’s chewing on them (they were mostly 20- and 50-euro notes – BN) – why? (
James: They were near her face, it was a joke about me going to Europe and bringing back euros – you’re familiar with the Jay-Z reference? (Probably video for 2007 song Blue Magic, showing Jay-Z flipping through a stack of 500-euro notes – BN)
Interviewer: I don’t know that Jay-Z.
Cameraman (ominously): Lotta jokes, man…
Interviewer: I can’t understand why you would post a toddler …
James: It was cute … it’s a happy picture, she’s smiling and having a good time … with her sister.
Cameraman (threateningly): You can think this is a joke, man …
James (hearing the threat): No, I don’t think it’s a joke.

In this answer, Caris is playing with her sister and a cousin isn’t mentioned – but both answers may be true if a cousin was present at a family gathering. In any case, the photo only looks sinister to those with devious imaginations, and innocent family recreation is being exploited for grotesque political purposes.)

The photo that Scribbly captions ‘photo of a refrigerated meat locker, weird comments’ ( ) shows a walk-in refrigerator, emptied and cleaned, with a comment from ‘Jimmycomet’ (James Alefantis) saying “Oh yeah this looks fun.” The extreme cleanliness of the refrigerator suggests it may have been newly installed or recently stringently cleaned. Whether the comment is a restaurateur’s glee about a big fridge or a joking piece of grand-guignol theatrical comment (grand guignol is the tongue-in-cheek live-theater version of the horror movie – – or both –  is ambiguous. Two commenters remark on how big the fridge is, which suggests it may be a new improvement in the business. Then a commenter pushes the grand-guignol button by saying “#killroom,” which leads to a series of follow-up jokes like “drunk tank,” “just wash it up when you’re done,” “#murder” (the hashtag would link this post to every other public Instagram post hashtagging murder — not exactly privately conspiratorial) and even “where the werewolves lock themselves up during the full moon?” Scribbly, as a hardcore romanticist, sees these comments as ‘weird’ and creepy, and has no notion of the apotropaic use of such motifs in modernist-ironic culture, where joking about such creepy interpretations is intended to neutralize their appearance in the imagination. Orthodox Pizzagatery represents this room as a real child-killing chamber, casually revealed on Instagram with elite fearlessness.

(In the update video described above, James invites the Pizzagaters to come into Comet and look at the refrigerator, but they are clearly unwilling to do so.)

At times, it’s hard to know whether Scribbly and friends are genuinely experiencing naïve culture shock or deliberately putting invidious spin on things. A close-up photo showing the baby face of Caris ( at first has commenters remarking on her cuteness, with James as ‘jimmycomet’ then spiking the sentiment by commenting to her mother, “#themostexpensiveaccessory.” A commenter named Joe then says to James, “You are quickly becoming my favorite hashtagger #hotard.” The word ‘hotard,’ a common family name and the name of a bus line, also has a niche in the Urban Dictionary as ‘hoe’ (hiphop for whore) ‘tard,’ ‘an extra dumb promiscuous slut.’ James then replies to Joe with “#hotard.” Modernist-ironics can recognize this exchange as mock gay camp banter, with Joe calling James a slut in a friendly way, and James returning the ironic compliment. Joe’s phrase illustrates why one should never omit punctuation, even in internet terseness — a comma would have removed any ambiguity about who ‘hotard’ was addressed to. As it is, Scribbly and friends, seeing a sexual connotation defacing the comments next to an iconic cute baby, leap to the idea that the baby is being called a promiscuous slut. The comments, including the properly sentimental ones, are represented as a weird orgiastic code exchange involving sexualized babies.

Interestingly, coming back to the earlier theme about mob actions, we know one of the swarmers who got up into the Alefantis Instagram account. We don’t know if he was one of many or one of few who penetrated the account in the 24 hours it was under scrutiny, but we know he was there, because he has admitted it in print. On Apr. 22, 2017, tweeter Leslie C. @trackresponse posted a photo of a wall-sized poster that had been signed by hundreds of neighbors and supporters of Alefantis’s business, Comet Ping Pong, saying “We stand with Comet.” Posed beside the poster was the area’s Chief of Police, a prominent supporter of the local businesses accused by Pizzagate. A response from @Mark923to25 then said “yeah he’s trustworthy. Did u see Alefantis Instagram before he put it on private? I did. Shocking how he objectifies kids.” (

The same tweeter, in response to a criticism of Pizzagater David Seaman, said “David’s on the money w/Pizzagate. I saw images on Alefantis’ Instagram that made me sick. The night I researched it Alefantis went private (, July 3). On July 10, he said “I know the images my wife and I saw of Alefantis’s IG (Instagram) the night before he made it private. Made us sick to our stomach. Cannot be justified.” ( On July 11, he said, “I had my wife & mother in law and a banker friend of mine research it all to make sure I wasn’t reading into things. All were stunned.” (

Based on that ‘research,’ this tweeter has emitted a constant stream of insinuations of satanically motivated child abuse against James Alefantis, John Podesta and “the gang.” About “Alefantis, Podesta and the gang’s debased debauchery” (Jul 10), he says “Some are ordinary pedophiles and some are luciferians that think they obtain power via the abuse of kids. The more pain, the more power.” (

The last sentence doesn’t reflect the beliefs of any known group of humans, pedophile or other. It seems to be a pure expression of dread and antipathic political spin arising from modern pedophile conspiracy theories. For example, see the diatribe by Alex Jones transcribed in my previous article (, where Alex has his imaginary pedophiles distilling and drinking the ‘horror’ of their dying victims. He in turn may derive that scenario from ideas circulated in reeking conspiracy swamps like reddit’s r/conspiracy (, where one poster stated that “The Skull & Bones Society have (and more likely they still do) ingest live Pineal Gland under the Obscene Ritual…More plausibly, the Elites of our society are putting fluoride in our water in order to speed up the calcification process of our own pineal glands to keep us ‘asleep’ in a sense. In my opinion, this makes our minds more vulnerable and susceptible of mind control. MKULTRA programming can be implemented through our TV screens and we wouldn’t even know...

…“Talking about the ritual abuse in which the gland is involved via pedophile rings … everything comes back to the little pine cone… during ritual abuse, they violate the rectum because it’s more easy to manipulate the nerve endings that connect to the brain and pineal gland to put their slaves under mind-control.”

No wonder the demented Alex Jones had his imaginary pedophiles cutting off the tops of babies’ heads and fishing around in their brains.

(His videos usually have 300,000+ views. Stock market tip: foil)

Mark923to25, despite endorsing the ‘more pain more power’ phantasm, doesn’t seem to share Alex Jones’ complete moral abandon or probable mental illness. He does, however, connect Alefantis’ Instagram and Podesta’s emails to a ‘Luciferian-’ based elite pedophile conspiracy that is part of the same belief/spin system. When Sammie D @MD8D26 says “Adrenalized blood, the child is terrorized to add adrenaline to the blood makes it more potent (the things I learn on twitter, ugh),” he responds with “Exactly. There’s a spiritual component to it that Luciferians believe energizes them with occult powers.” (

The biological half-life of adrenaline is two minutes. There’d be no reason for anyone, however ‘depraved,’ to be interested in ‘adrenalized blood,’ which would ‘go flat’ almost instantly. Meanwhile, stable, artificially synthesized adrenaline, usually called epinephrine (both names mean ‘from the gland attached to/above the kidneys’), is readily obtained for any purpose one wishes.

No, despite the Luciferian admonitions, Mark923to25 isn’t a traveling road show snake oil preacher-man. He’s a practicing lawyer. He received a Juris Doctor degree from Moody Bible Institute in 2000 and studied with the Florida Coastal School of Law, graduating in 2004. Litigation, personal injury, dangerous products. Working as a middle-ranking staff member for a respectable office, St. Denis & Davey, in Jacksonville, Florida.

His name is Benjamin Crosby Moore.

Kamil Beylant tweeted him to ask if he had taken any of the screenshots of the Alefantis Instagram that are currently in circulation. He declined to answer that as well as other questions about his exact doings during his time of ‘research’ in the social media account. His moorebc78 account that was active in Nov 2016, during the time the Instagram was visible, was later suspended, which means its tweets are now inaccessible. All that remains of the account is a few random archives that can be found via Google, plus some contemporary Twitter responses that embedded the username in text. (Moore explicitly linked the two accounts:

One thing we can reasonably predict about Moore’s role in the persecution of James Alefantis is that he probably didn’t just alert his wife, mother-in-law and banker to what he’d found. He believes himself to be a good researcher (“I research for a living as a lawyer” – Jul. 10, 2017) with extensive experience in legal documentations. It’s highly unlikely, then, that he simply looked, got shocked, and left without making reproducible impressions. The balance of probabilities suggests that he is a significant perpetrator in associating the gay Alefantis, who conspicuously flirted with adults on his Instagram, as a Luciferian pedophile or complicit facilitator of such people. Moreover, he’s deeply connected to a wide network of fundamentalist, satanic-pedophile-seeking, ‘red-pilled’ Pizzagaters. He gets together every day with bosom companions like retired cop, bodyguard and prodigiously pot-puffing Desert Storm vet Travis D. Neliton from Lake Oswego, Oregon (@DeploredWarrior, formerly @tneliton; recently suspended and back as @WarriorDeplored); Riverside, CA-based self-described ‘wifey’ Danielle N. Twyman (@DanielleTwyman1); Anna, TX-based Amy Rebecca Philo (@amyphilo, a.k.a. Amy Hutchison, Amy Rebecca James); and Lexington, Kentucky-based cosmetologist Angela Warren (née Haist) (@PgAngie1, formerly @notmanipulated7, @PGAngela4, etc.). This crew and its associates regularly go through the day’s Pizzagate-related speculations, accusations, reactions and ‘research’ minutiae. Moore has also been on the ‘A’ list of pro-Russia, anti-Soros (see my earlier article) über-Pizzagater David Seaman – however, Seaman has recently closed his Twitter account, complaining of lack of support.

Twyman claims to have done for Clinton ally Tamera Luzzatto what Moore did for Alefantis. She searched through all Luzzatto’s accessible social media as well as her ‘sick web page about kids’ (actually a normal family-oriented blog with a few expressions in the sentiment-deprecating mode that Pizzagaters consistently depict as objectifying – e.g., a statement that a baby shown chewing its toes in a cute photo is ‘owned by’ its parents.). ( Anything that could be framed as hinting Luzzatto belonged to a satanic pedophile cabal was enthusiastically sent around with suspicious commentary. Luzzatto had originally become famous among Pizzagaters for the email where she ironically deprecated her three boisterous children as “further entertainment” at a party for colleagues where the children would likely be found in the swimming pool with anyone else who wished to swim. The Pizzagaters, of course, thought that ‘entertainment’ meant that the kids, “11, 9 and almost 7,” were being offered as cost-free prostitutes by their mother. (Email – – and context discussed in detail in my previous article).

Lest I should seem to be biased about the innocence of Alefantis’s Instagram and Luzzatto’s occasional ironic remarks, I feel obliged to go through a few more Pizzagate icons in more detail than I have previously, and try to shed some light on what they were really all about.

The Alefantis Instagram is a very interesting case. Two remarkable aspects of it stand out when you examine it in the general context of contemporary American culture. One is that it comes from a broad, adult social milieu that I’m going to label ‘the Gay-Straight Alliance,’ after the remarkably successful student organizations in high schools. The other is that James’ Instagram was, in its own way, an art installation, a casual sketchpad of deliberately edgy art that showed James as the active peer of artists he fostered at his restaurant.

Pizzagaters comment incessantly about the anomaly of Alefantis, a gay man with no children, having an Instagram account full of pictures of kids. Even though many of the pictures are of his ‘god-daughter’ Caris C., or her close relatives, the Pizzagaters find the presence of children in James’ edgy, artsy downtown DC life ominous. What they don’t know, and what most sociable urban gay men know full well, is that there is a very large group of heterosexual friends and associates around these days who are delighted to be supportive of their gay (LBTetc.) friends. For a gay man to be encouraged to commit to a godson or god-daughter among the children of his hetero friends is an extremely popular custom. Horror-stricken fundamentalist groups, like the ones that the Pizzagaters often associate with, sometimes suggest parents should be punished for taking their kids to look at the phantasmagoria of Pride Parades, where a naked old man with puckered sea-cucumber penis may randomly be seen gyrating next to a topless 17-year-old lesbian. The heterosexuals of the Gay-Straight Alliance, however, want their kids to know that LGBTs and their buddies, even the recalcitrant old naked ones (usually banned by parade organizers but showing up anyway in the name of liberation), are not the least bit scary. And, indeed, objectively, the LGBTs, even the artistic and ruggedly individualistic ones, are NOT very scary – now that homosexuality is legal, very little crime ever comes out of this group. On rare occasions, a person who has represented himself as gay is discovered to have committed sexual crimes with children of the pre-pubescent age ranges encompassed by the medical concept of pedophilia, but there is certainly no equivalent of the relentless and massive prepubie incest carried out by dads, stepdads and mom’s-boyfriends in the heterosexual community.

There was nothing the least bit unusual in James Alefantis doting on his god-daughter and her miniature friends and relations. Very likely he felt fortunate to have a share in the child-raising portion of life’s fullness.

At the same time, however, he was a gay man, and moreover a standard-bearer of style in a competitive neighborhood where art poses can make or break pizza places. He did everything imaginable to give his pizza joint an air of cutting-edge mystery and stylistic magic. He brought in edgy punkish bands who dwelled on the big topics – life, death, lust, disillusion, despair, ecstasy. He had muralists put enigmatic, vaguely sexy and overtly fantastical murals on the walls of his halls and washrooms. Most interestingly, he established a semi-private niche for himself as an artist – in his Instagram. It was, in its own way, a performance art piece, not as far out as an Abramović atmospheric, but definitely inventive. Perhaps the best illustration of this is the ‘cumpanda’ series of photos, especially one showing a magenta-striped red car tire lying flat, with the central hole filled with tiny panda bear toys (/files/justpaste/d478/a17283074/9845d43d8b0bfde3d12f3d660ddfd24a.png). JimmyComet (Alefantis) commented with the hashtag ‘#cumpanda’ – a word that has no established circulation. It seemed to liken the little pandas to sperm cells.

What might a cumpanda be? Eagerly spin-doctoring Pizzagaters like to suggest it’s someone, most paranoidly a child, whose eyes have both been blackened by punches during sex. Some photos of kids with black eyes are helpfully supplied to horrorize this completely unsupported idea. Meanwhile, there’s nothing in Alefantis’ playful Instagram atmosphere that suggests anything like violence – excepting camp pseudo-violence at Hallowe’en. My guess is that the mystery word suggests someone who’s thrown him or herself so enthusiastically into a night of sex that his or her eyes are shadowed with fatigue the next day. The concept of fatigued people having ‘panda eyes’ is in wide use. That ‘cumpanda’ concept seems pretty endearing, then, and also piquant, fitting the Instagram’s tone.

Alefantis, in any case, was involved in fundraising for an art magazine called Panda Head, run by Morgan H. West ( It, in turn, had publicized an artsy short video called ‘CVLTPANDA,’ showing a group of young adults with black eye patches pinned on their jackets who pseudo-ritually gather to make a sculpture of sticks, string and rocks on a picnic table in a park. Pandas were in the zeitgeist: one of the most popular light entertainment news websites was called The panda theme became a running joke, briefly, between Alefantis and his interior designer friend Christopher Boutlier, who also had an arty Instagram, and they tossed pleasingly panda-themed images back and forth at one another, linking them with the #cumpanda hashtag. Boutlier was a hawt gay professional in his late 20s, already living with a partner, and there may have been a camp imitation of flirting going on. In response to another photo where Caris is called cute, Boutlier comments “cuteness is very serious business. Seriously :-p.” James comes back with “well then you’ve been workin overtime.”

The attempts of the Pizzagate crowd to find shock value in the arty gay bantering about pandas are inordinately stretched. Yet, in Trump’s America, it seems the Pizzagaters can regularly ‘red-pill’ new recruits (Matrix-drugging them into Trump l’oeil reality) by showing them the red tire filled with tiny panda figures. “Sick – I have no words,” ( is a typical reaction, perhaps because the concept of cuteness embedded in the panda mystique has been violated by association with a sexual function. Meanwhile, the continued existence of the cuddly black-and-white species, one could disgustingly suggest, is 50% dependent on the actions of cumpandas.

The sort of playful quasi-flirtation that distinguishes the #cumpanda photo series is also found in other posts that shock the Pizzagaters. A good example is the ‘hotard’ photo, mentioned above, where a series of comments about how cute baby Caris, Alefantis’ god-daughter is, is interrupted by a friend called Joe Wills complimenting James’ clever hashtags. When Joe does this, he flirtatiously calls James ‘hotard,’ a combination of the hiphop word ‘hoe’ and the derogatory ‘tard,’ interplaying with the ‘hot’ from ‘hottie’ or ‘hot guy.’ James returns the double-edged term of endearment. Pizzagaters are not only convinced (or opportunistically ‘spinvinced’) that Caris is being called a whore, but also that she will have been damaged by exposure to the comments. Alefantis, on the other hand, had clearly written comments and responses with the idea that any babies shown were not going to be reading them.

The mock-flirting and camp irony carry on into some of the posts Pizzagaters find most satisfyingly appalling. Before I discuss these hard-core modernist-ironic posts, I’m going to attempt what may be impossible, which is to illuminate, for anyone who’s unfamiliar, what camp humor is all about. The write-up on it in Wikipedia is pretty good; here is part of it:

Camp is an aesthetic style and sensibility that regards something as appealing because of its bad taste and ironic value. Camp aesthetics disrupt many of modernism's notions of what art is and what can be classified as high art by inverting aesthetic attributes such as beauty, value, and taste through an invitation of a different kind of apprehension and consumption …. Where high art necessarily incorporates beauty and value, camp necessarily needs to be lively, audacious and dynamic. ‘Camp aesthetics delights in impertinence.’ Camp opposes satisfaction and seeks to challenge…. Camp art is related to—and often confused with—kitsch, and things with camp appeal may also be described as "cheesy"…. The American writer Susan Sontag's essay "Notes on 'Camp'" (1964) emphasized its key elements as: artifice, frivolity, naive middle-class pretentiousness, and 'shocking' excess.

A risqué post that causes Pizzagaters to rush for the red pill bottle is one showing baby Caris looking out with fascination from a netted hammock. The comment next to her, from James, says “Why does Daddy like BUTT? #buttmag #illtellyouwhenyerolder.” A friend, ‘chrlstonjoe’ (presumably someone from Charleston) rejoins “#whatwhatinthebutt.” Pizzagaters are choleric at the imagined hint that seeing a baby makes these people think of anal child rape. In reality, the comments shown attached to this photo appear to have been transposed in from another photo in the same series. ( That one (/files/justpaste/d478/a17283074/b5db10722edf7cc7447667fc07a58d5b.png), seen much less frequently than the baby in the hammock, shows Caris’s whole family, with two kids sitting in the hammock and mom and dad standing next to it. Dad has a T-shirt on that clearly says BUTT in all-caps. Beside the image, we see the two exact comments that are seen in the circulating baby-in-hammock photo: “Why does Daddy like BUTT? #buttmag #illtellyouwhenyerolder.” and “#whatwhatinthebutt.” One has to assume that James and Charleston Joe wouldn’t duplicate the exact same comments on two images. The comments make more sense in the context of the family shot, and they must belong to it. The internet is a tricky place to look for fidelity to fact.


As the hashtag “#buttmag” indicates, James is noting that ‘Daddy’ appears to be a fan of the popular gay magazine BUTT, spelled in all-caps as seen in the post and on Daddy’s T-shirt. Given James’ interconnections with the arts community, he or Caris’ father may have business involvements with the mag – we don’t know. Perhaps Caris’s dad is gay or bi and reads the mag for ordinary reasons that Caris is too young to be introduced to; or maybe he’s just being a good overall community supporter. The remark by Charleston Joe is campy mock shock at the double-entendre seen in ‘likes BUTT.’ The bottom line – no pun intended – is that Caris herself is not expected to read or understand any of this jesting. I assume James didn’t expect she’d someday browse through his ancient Instagram posts and see this one.

The manipulated baby/hammock post with the transposed BUTT comments is designed to seed in a specific offense to fundamentalist viewpoints. It seems to suggest not only that a baby could grow up to have gay matters explained to her as part of her maturation, but also that a baby might just as easily BE gay as straight. All gay men and women know that it’s an extreme social faux pas in many quarters, to this day, to suggest that any baby has a chance of being gay, even though all of them were babies themselves. This picture effectively claims Caris for a culture that accepts gays as a matter of course; a Pizzagater has deliberately tried to exploit this scenario for outrage value. Fundamentalists desperately want babies all to be born heterosexual and malleably Victorianly righteous. They would only become gay or gay-positive, the thinking goes, if they were corrupted by sin. Surely, many of these people may think, anyone so sexually depraved that they’d casually joke about gay sex in the presence of a baby pic would also resort to pedophilic sex acts, or be blasé about anyone who did. They feel compelled to remove the flag of the Gay-Straight Alliance from Caris’s image and replace it with their own war cross. Shock, horror and inventive false accusations are the weapons they can use to reclaim the innocent for their own value system.

James goes furthest out on his outrageously satirical, camp limb in his one-word comment on a picture of a father holding a young toddler in his arms. The two snugglers have a long chain of yellow beads looping artistically around the backs of their necks, unifying the two of them as a composition of loving attachment. Comparison of photos shows that babe and man are Caris and her father; the way she reclines her head against his chest, familiarly and lovingly, confirms this intimacy. James, however, upsets the arcadian innocence of this scene with the hashtag “#chickenlovers.”

Here, I would agree with the Pizzagaters that this hash alludes to the 70s/80s gay term for a pederast, a man who is mainly attracted to beardless youths and maybe also some near-pubescents – in other words, a hebephile-ephebephile. The term ‘chicken hawk,’ as it properly appeared in the slang, wasn’t conventionally used to refer to pedophiles per se – that is, as per the medical definition, people attracted mainly to prepubescents. In North America, at least, pedophiles were never part of the gay community, except tentatively during the brief interval in which the basically pederastic NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association, attempted create a broad tent by bringing in actual pedophiles to coalesce with the pederasts. It was soon largely crushed by law enforcement and its influence was on LGBT society was minimal or even negative. The social milieux, meanwhile, where chicken hawks mostly met their ‘chicken’ (smooth-skinned) counterparts were gay cruising areas where the younger members had gone prospecting of their own free will: there was no aspect of compulsion or prototypical child abuse (persuasion, grooming) about the concept of a chicken hawk. In short, this term described something that resided beyond the borders of pedophilia, and that could never have been applied, in any form of exaggeration, to an infant. Moreover, it had no heterosexual application whatsoever – in terms of smoothness of skin and beardlessness, women are pretty much ALL ‘chicken.’ Girl children were never called ‘chicken’ except in completely unrelated heterosexual slang (variations on ‘chick’ or ‘chickie’). Finally, in contrast to scenarios put out by outrage-spinners in the interwebs and in law enforcement, the number of pedophiles who are sexually attracted to infants (nepiophiles) is exquisitely small; almost no sexual offenses involve this age group ( So why, then, does Alefantis say “#chickenlovers,” plural, to the photo of dad and baby daughter?

It’s never easy to explain humor. I knew a couple where the wife loved Monty Python comedies and the husband couldn’t see a single thing funny about the silly goings-on. Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean. So it goes, sometimes. You may not get this joke if I explain it. But onwards. Alefantis IS joking with his ‘chickenlovers’ comment, but how does the joke work? Its central thread, or ‘straight-man’ component, is simply an acknowledgement of the love between dad and young daughter. The wild-card juxtaposition that turns it into a joke flashes an anti-sentimental vision of that love as risqué, perverse and forbidden, a camp send-up of the (as the Wikipedia said) “naive middle-class pretentiousness” of conventional ooh and aah sentiments. Oh, these far-out ‘chickenlovers,’ James implies: those who adore little kiddies – what an exotic group, in contrast to those of us whose amorous hugs are reserved for adults. The joke, in context, isn’t remotely related to an endorsement of pedophilic sex – instead, it’s a playful endorsement of heterosexuality and child-raising. The gay contingent of the Gay-Straight Alliance, in this piece of camp, is accepting parental, filial love into its forbidden and dangerous fold. Of course, the forbidden and dangerous side of the gay world is now mostly history, but that only adds to the joke, giving it an air of old-timey drag queen bravado. We can all imagine ourselves as pariahs, the joke implies, and then have a laugh about it, since none of us IS a pariah any more. For the joke to work, pedophilic sexual expression still has to be seen as forbidden, beyond the pale. That’s what gives the joke its camp edge, its lance of épater-les-bourgeois.

It's also possible that the dad and daughter were in the restaurant and liked a chicken dish, but if so, that wouldn’t change the joke – it would just add another layer of chuckle. Likewise, if the joke refers back to a plush chicken toy that Caris was seen hugging in an earlier photo (, taken when she was under a year old, that also leaves the camp theme of the joke untouched.

If this explanation seems convoluted, it helps to keep in mind that camp generally requires setting up a venerated, but perhaps overly mundane, item and then hitting it with an outrageous, saucy comparison. The net effect is to send up and sanitize both cloddish, everyday pretenses AND exaggerated social dreads. It’s a healing art.

This joke is by no means a clue that there are pedophilic rapes and murders going on in James’ restaurant.

One has the impression that much of Pizzagate has come about because the investigators are more than slightly humor-impaired. They aren’t able to conceive that Stratfor exec Fred Burton might indeed have been joking in the famous Pizzagate ‘food code’ email where he talked about Barack Obama flying ‘about $65,000’ worth of Chicago pizza and hot dogs from Chicago to the White House. (See extended discussion in my previous article). They completely miss the joviality and wordplay of the Luzzatto email series (ibid.). An extreme example that showed up recently is another Stratfor email, where a staff member clearly satirizing budget cuts and workplace bureaucracy announces a workplace pizza party.

Chris Douglas is the comedic staff member. He sends out an email titled “Headcount for pizza.” The text says: “Headcount! Who all is in the Austin office today who is going to want pizza? We only have one slice and we need to know how thinly to slice it… Send a simple response, filed, color-coded, double-sided and appropriately labeled, signed in triplicate and set on fire.” (

Robin Blackburn replies, “Does the pizza offer include those of us who can’t make the meeting because we’re out here editing? ‘Cos if so, count me in. This email is color-coded in black and white and will combust in 30 seconds.”

Rev Bhalla, meanwhile, pretends the email has gone far over his head and needs expert evaluation: “Okay, clarification. This is for the analyst blue sky.”

Fred Burton quips, in a grand-guignol joke response that the Pizzagaters haven’t yet fully exploited for spin, “Are you sure this might not be a Jim Jones Kool-Aid event? Teekel, pls eat my slice.”

Incredibly, years later, Angela Warren is busy gossipmongering on Twitter about all this with a tweet that depicts the first half of Douglas’s email, plus the Blackburn response, and then superimposes the comment “In case you had any doubt that pizza was code word 4 raping a child. An office can’t ‘split one slice.’” (

It’s a tragedy of nature to have such a vivid imagination and yet no sense of humor at all. One wonders if it has become too hazardous, in American life, to use humor anywhere, or if doing so risks being assailed by an internet zombie crusade that reads child rape into everything you do.

It’s one thing to hate someone’s art, find their emails odd, or find their sense of humor disgusting and inappropriate, and quite another thing to concoct a massively propagated false accusation scheme that spuriously accuses them of ritual child rape and mass murder.

To what extent, then, can the individual participants in moral zombie mobs like this be held responsible for their actions? Let’s look back at the participating litigation lawyer, Benjamin Crosby Moore, who ought to know a thing or two about slander.

He has no compunction about referring to John Podesta as ‘podesta the molesta’ or simply ‘Molesta’ or the catchier “molestapodesta.” Bear in mind Podesta’s only connection to the topic of molestation is that people sent him emails with food words in them, and his brother Tony has an edgy art collection. Nonetheless, when tweeter ‘RedPilledMommy,’ on May 2, 2017, tweets ‘For the record, you are a massive Pedophile, @johnpodesta, which is proven by your own e-mails and art that fetishizes young kids,” Moore responds with “how does this not cause peeps 2 question podesta the molestas penchant 4 children.” ( On 24 June, in response to a poster saying Podesta looks like a creep who trolls for hookers, he tweets an unflattering photo of Podesta along with “Yeah, if only it was Hookers Molesta was picking up and not kids. Justice can’t come fast enough for his victims.” He also includes a photo of a nametag reading, “Hello, my name is Skippy.” ( Pizzagaters purport that ‘Skippy’ is Podesta’s nickname in some circles. Stretching his perverse imagination to the limit, Moore proposes that Podesta induces friends to produce babies for the sole purpose of having them available for molestation (“this leads me to believe she and her partner were raising and having these kids for one purpose and one purpose only...molestapodesta”) ( On 27 June, he harasses Podesta’s Twitter account directly with “Hey, John, what’s the deal with your fascination of pizza and dominoes?” He then goes on to add “Who did you hire to murder #SethRich?” (Rich, victim of a mysterious murder in Washington, has been adopted by Pizzagaters as an alleged source of email links to Wikileaks, and thus as a whistle-blower martyr). ( On Jun 7, when Podesta tweets, “on a x-country road trip with my wife,” Moore responds with some ‘schoolyard trolling’ ( “SKIP SKIP SKIP SKIPPY.” (

Lawyer Moore isn’t the least bit worried about falsely accusing Podesta of murder or even mass murder. When Podesta tweets Donald Trump about the axing of James Comey, saying “Didn’t you know you’re supposed to wait til Saturday night to massacre people investigating you?”, Moore tweets his friends with “I love Skippy’s choice of words … massacre of people on a Saturday night. Betcha he knows all about that.” (May 10, He goes on with “Freudian slip by #skippy … does his best work Saturday evenings.” (

Tweeter PatriotMom @2christian finds inspiration in yet another of Moore's May 10 tweets about Podesta: “gotta love his tweet about 'Saturday night massacres.' Bet he knows a lot about thay (sic)" ( She says, inadvertently disclosing her personal fantasy life, “especially since he likes to torture little boys in the shower & make them call him daddy,” Moore responds with “extremely sad.” (The two responses will be seen chained to the original post by anyone looking from within a Twitter account.)

You might wonder, as I did, if incessant public false accusations of child rape and murder targeting an innocent citizen might not become so socially obnoxious that the perpetrator could be charged with public mischief or some similar crime. A perusal of Florida statutes shows that Moore is within his civil First Amendment rights to falsely accuse any person of any offense, provided that he: 1) does not make the accusations to a law enforcement officer about an offense allegedly committed in Florida, and 2) cannot be proven to have known the accusation was false. Such matters, then, can only be settled via civil law. Well, it’s all very well to sue an individual for slander or libel, but in the case of a gang swarm, who can afford to sue the whole swarm? The situation has strong parallels with the scenario of the swarm of teens looting a convenience store. Since lawsuits are about damages, what damages would be assessed to each person who calls Podesta ‘Molesta’ or claims that he rapes small boys in the shower while making them call him ‘daddy?’ Does ridiculous fantasy by bumpkins or fanatics pose an auditable devaluation of one’s reputation?

It doesn’t seem that it would be practical for Podesta himself to sue Moore and Warren and Neliton and Philo and Twyman and all the other swarm members who libel him daily on the internet.

On the other hand, the social cost of NOT suing is extremely high. It is not a good thing when slander swarms are free to harass innocent people to the point where they have to hide their families (Pizzagaters obsessively stalk Caris’s family and Tamera Luzzatto’s, saying they only want to see if the kids are still alive – but it’s clear they would demand police interviews and probably also genital examinations if they found them). To make matters worse, as I discussed in the previous article, there is every indication that the Pizzagate frisson is being motivated and accelerated by Russian cyberdisinformation experts. Shadowy organizations like Wikileaks that often act as if their strategies are more in the Putin interest than the public interest also get involved. Wikileaks pitched right in with Pizzagatery on Nov. 4 when it tweeted “The Podestas’ Spirit Cooking dinner? It’s not what you think. It’s blood, sperm and breastmilk. But mostly blood.” ( It also tweeted Abramović’s Reddit response, discussed in my previous article, where she sidestepped a question about when her art was ‘magick’ rather than art ( Another Nov. 4 wikileaks tweet said: “Tony Podesta. By day, mild-mannered foreign agent for Saudi Arabia. By night, Spirit Cooker.” ( The website helpfully reproduced an old FBI bulletin on ‘pedophile symbols’ to help the Pizzagaters read pedophilia into every logo that included a spiral or butterfly-like symbol. (

The name of the game here is to use proxies, from Podestas to nonexistent ‘Luciferian pedophiles,’ to associate the Democratic Party with corruption, sleaze, sexcrime and Satanism. An out-and-out effort to slander a political party into nonexistence – probably motivated more by its stance on Russian interests than in its domestic affairs – has found a way to push itself into internet proliferation and moral panic mob dynamics.

The only thing that can stop it is lawsuits.

I propose that the Democratic Party understand that it is under attack, and bankroll John Podesta, Tamera Luzzatto, James Alefantis, and everyone else affected by Pizzagate to sue the stuffings out of every single Pizzagater they can acquire information about. It’s time to shut this slander mob down – unless we want American life to be ruled forevermore by swarms of vicious false accusers intruding their malignant sex fantasies into every aspect of public life.

I’m aware that politically, people are very much inhibited by the specter of the big guy suing the little guy, the powerful using unfair economic advantage to gut the common-man or woman who is only trying to keep from being overwhelmed by the unfairly advantaged.

I petition for an exception being made in the case of false accusations of sex crimes against children. This cancerous motif targets a weakness in the human mind, a sort of panic response at threats to children, and it has been used historically, again and again, by political manipulators trying to stir up mob violence against the innocent. The false specter of sexual and/or ritual murder threats to children is the working-engine of classic anti-Semitic ‘blood libel,’ and it has been deeply rooted in English-speaking cultures since at least 1255, in the case of Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln, in which 19 Jewish citizens of an English town were accused of ritual murder and killed in response to the unsolved murder of a 9-year-old boy (see analysis by Kamil Beylant Such false accusation frenzies targeting identified individuals are not what the U.S. First Amendment or any other civil right was intended to protect.

(As for the "actual malice" requirement in U.S. libel suits by public figures, the text of New York Times Co. v. Sullivan judgment appears to support Pizzagate-related suits.  It says ""The constitutional guarantees require, we think, a Federal rule that prohibits a public offi­cial from recovering damages for a defamatory falsehood re­lating to his official conduct unless he proves that the state­ment was made with “actual malice”—that is, with knowl­edge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not." In Pizzagate cases, the accusations of child rape are unrelated to the targets' 'official conduct,' and an ad hoc accusation of child rape and murder based on a paranoid code notion emanating from a normally scurrilous website surely constitutes 'reckless disregard of whether the allegation was false or not.'  Thanks to U.S. prosecutor 'Django' for raising this point.) 

I am especially disturbed by the English royal family, although I understand its reticence to bring down its symbolic power on individual citizens in the mire of legal dispute. The consequence of its legal abstinence is that political fanatics like Alex Jones, as documented in my previous article, have free rein to represent royals as child-raping and murdering vampires. The Queen is accused by David Icke of being a shape-shifting lizard who murders and eats children; a tale of the Queen and Prince Philip making a secret trip to an Indian Residential School in Canada and making off with a dozen schoolkids who were never seen again pops up over and over on the internet.

Political people, royals, please. THIS DOESN’T JUST AFFECT YOU. When this witch hunt atmosphere is allowed to dominate public life, when anyone is able to falsely accuse anyone of child rape and murder every time they sense a political opportunity looming, democracy is under serious attack.

If you have or can raise the money, it is your public duty as a standard-bearer of democracy to sue every single person who falsely accuses you of sexual crimes against children.

Every political party should have, perhaps at arm’s length, a well provided war chest of funds that can be used against falsifying child rape witch hunters. The existence of such a mechanism may be regrettable, but maintenance of democratic civil order now requires this development.

There are many forces in this world that are hostile to democracy. Professional cyberdisinformationists from dictatorships have joined forces with domestic fanatics and the lunatic fringe to renew the child-killer blood libel pogrom, targeting, in the place of the traditional Jews, pro-democracy public servants and their supporters.

Sue them. Please, sue them. Sue them ALL – every housewife, every lawyer, every cosmetologist who participates in this gross violation of civil responsibility. Whether they seem sane or insane – to some extent, the insane must always be curtailed by a show of strength, since they lack understanding – and whether they seem intelligent or confused. It is simply necessary. We will support you in this. Sue them!!

Don’t leave us in this convenience store, good citizens helpless in the face of this ruthless mob swarm.