AN 6.55



Soṇa, if energy is aroused too forcefully this leads to restlessness, and if energy is too lax this leads to laziness. Therefore, Soṇa, resolve on a balance of energy, achieve evenness (level ground) of the infinity of powers (faculties), and take up the attribute there.”

[Sk. ānantya; from
अन् an (privative) - अन्त anta: end , limit]
आनन्त्य ānantya
- infinity Śbr. MBh.

Then, some time later, the Venerable Soṇa resolved on a balance of energy, achieved evenness of the infinity of powers, and took up the attribute there.

Bhante, when a bhikkhu is an arahant, one whose taints are destroyed, who has lived the spiritual life, done what had to be done, laid down the burden, reached his own goal, utterly destroyed the fetters of existence, and become completely liberated through final knowledge, he is intent upon six things: on renunciation (inaction), on solitude, on non-affliction, on the destruction of craving, on the destruction of clinging, and on nonconfusion.

Nekkhamma (frnikkhamma - gerof nikkhamati
Sk. नैष्कर्म्य naiṣkarmya [vr. niṣkarman-ya]
॰य -ya - possessive
निष्कर्मन् niṣkarman [nis-karman]

Soṇa, accāraddhavīriyaṃ uddhaccāya saṃvattati, atisithilavīriyaṃ kosajjāya saṃvattati. Tasmātiha tvaṃ, soṇa, vīriyasamathaṃ adhiṭṭhaha, indriyānañca samataṃ paṭivijjha, tattha ca nimittaṃ gaṇhāhī”ti.

सम Sama
flat , plain , level  RV.
regular , normal  AitBr.
- level ground AV. ŚBr. MBh.
- having the right measure AitBr.

Atha kho āyasmā soṇo aparena samayena vīriyasamathaṃ adhiṭṭhāsi, indriyānañca samataṃ paṭivijjhi, tattha ca nimittaṃ aggahesi.



Yo so, bhante, bhikkhu arahaṃ khīṇāsavo vusitavā katakaraṇīyo ohitabhāro anuppattasadattho parikkhīṇabhavasaṃyojano sammadaññāvimutto, so cha ṭhānāni adhimutto hoti—nekkhammādhimutto hoti, pavivekādhimutto hoti, abyāpajjādhimutto hoti, taṇhākkhayādhimutto hoti, upādānakkhayādhimutto hoti, asammohādhimutto hoti.

निस् nis - négation.
कर्मन् karman [kṛ-man]
- act , action , performance , business RV. AV. ŚBr. MBh.
कृ kṛ (to do, to make, etc.)
॰मन् -man - forme primary substantives.