A.J. Cook, who plays J.J., is quite frank about the turmoil experienced by the

Criminal Minds team after the departures of Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson.


The twelfth season is to say the least twists for your character as for the team in general ...

AJ: Yes, this year, it was like a roller coaster. The second episode, in particular, was very peculiar. First of all because it's the last one for Thomas (Gibson, aka Hotchner, fired from the series). Then because it has to do with the subject of the kidnapping of children and brings up ghosts of the past of my character, J.J.


Precisely, you are a historical figure of the series. Do not you want your character to finally take on a new dimension?

AJ: It's a good question! J.J. has already changed a lot since the beginning. From a simple rookie, she has become a strong woman capable of taking sacred initiatives. I must admit that i enjoy doing the interrogations scenes because they are the most complex from an actor's point of view. I would love to see her go undercover.


Shemar Moore left and Thomas Gibson was fired. To what extent did it affect you?

AJ: I’m not going to lie, it was a crazy year! But we had to accept it, we wish it did not have to happen this way.


Have you kept in touch with your two former colleagues?

AJ: Of course ! Shemar has his new series: S. W. A. T. And I wish the best to Thomas


Let's talk a bit about you to conclude. You will celebrate your 16 years of marriage in August. It's rare in Hollywood!

AJ: It's incredible, and again, it's been sixteen years of marriage but a lot more life together. And yet, it's like we've just met. I'm really lucky to have him. We have our ups and downs as all couples, but I am a happy woman!