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Scalise GOP Baseball Shooting Hoax

The early morning GOP Congressional baseball practice on June 14th was the alleged scene of a shooting at EUGENE SIMPSON STADIUM PARK in Arlington Virginia.

The questions in this video ask:

- Why did FOX News Timestamp a photo at 8:33 in the morning when the shadows on the ground show the sun is almost directly overhead?

- Who made the decision to destroy forensic evidence at the scene by following through with a scheduled ball game the following day?

- How could the shooter be firing from behind the 3rd base dugout as reported by media when camera footage of the event shows several uniformed ball players and other personnel casually standing around the dugout while the shooter was firing multiple rounds?

- Why does Senator Jeff Flake report the shooter had lost his rifle by the time he appeared behind the fence at home plate? By reporting this, is it possible Jeff Flake never saw a suspect holding a rifle?.

- Why was Scalise loaded onto a Parks Department helicopter by non-medical personnel when the patient was scheduled for transport to Medstar Trauma Center in DC where they provide their own trauma response helicopter and expert team of first responders?
Is the Parks department personnel and Helicopter equipped for emergency trauma care appropriate for transport to a Level I trauma center like Medstar, DC?

Many have seen the infamous GOP baseball game action video uploaded by a Guy with a facebook account who goes by the name "Noah Nathan". Many Fake News outlets blindly uploaded Nathan's video as "evidence" without fact-checking - including PBS or what I call the "Pure BS" Network.

Let's highlight a few features in this video.

First we acknowledge what appears to be a 3rb base dugout and a fence behind the dugout.

Next we see a black van behind the fence and 2 buildings to the left of the van. But these building do not exist at EUGENE SIMPSON STADIUM PARK

With the camera un-zoomed we see a third building that doesn't exist.

And the last frame reveals a huge batting cage that also does not exist at the Eugene Simpson Park.

Noah appears to jiggle the camera intentionally as a distraction. You hear what sounds like gunfire but it's more likely over-dubbed, canned audio.  It's easy to spot people casually milling around in the area behind the dugout where the shooter was reportedly firing at Congressman Scalise and others.

But the video is seriously busted when it reveals a huge batting cage that doesn't exist at EUGENE SIMPSON STADIUM PARK.
The video is further debunked when 3 buildings are seen in Nathan's video that don't exist at the park either.  

Google Earth shows the satellite view then comes down to earth to reveal a simple ball park with a few bleachers and only one building near the driveway....and no Batting Cage.

Furthermore, the distance from the parking lot to the fence line behind the dugout is estimated to be about 50 feet - hardly enough room for the 2 buildings and extra clearance as depicted in the video.

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