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George Webb Alison's Story - Atif Ali Khan

Alison's Story - Atif Ali Khan who was ultimately looking for a Visa from Marriage to Alison or NY Film Academy
Youtube channel "TheAtif"
Facebook: Atif Ali Khan - https://www.facebook.com/dratif?ref=br_rs 
Atif Ali Khan PhD in marketng

Grand Master Mohammad Ashraf Tai

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Grand-Master-Mohammad-Ashraf-Tai-129560480447149/

Pakistan's Martial Arts Grandmaster Ashraf Tai Admits To Match-Fixing


6/6 Alison's Story - Dubai Started "Women in Film". Hooked up with. Atif Ali Khan.???.. who was involved with illegal Visas to make a music video. Turned out to be con artist. She felt endangered. Travel to Karachi Pakistan a bad experience in April 2009. Another trip to Thailand were she contiued to feel oppressed.

Atif Ali Khan working in the USA on terrorist watch list. Pictured with NY Congressman from Yonkers and Jamaica district.
Link to NY Film Academy with mult-national network. Link to 5440 in Abu Dubai/ Uniyed Arab Imirates linked Hollywood film companies/NY Film Academy.

Atif broke into house in Maylasia and became violent. She thought she would die. Police met her at the hosptal.
She was at the Embassy and was interrogated. Still beat up ans unable to communicate. UK Embassy personnel in Thailand knew he was a Al QAEDA terrorist and had his ID. Attempting to find out if she was Atif accomplice.

Kirachi Dojo in Pakistan is an Al Qaeda training facility.
George opines that US has policy of supporting these radical elements as resource for recruiting terrorists on demand.
Dubai characterized by Alison as money-laundering hub including Russian Mafia with NY Film academy in Abu Dubai.
Also gold markets and large Russian contingency.  Gang-land murders are frequent with bodies found in high-price hotels.

Khan left Maylasia after the assault on Alison and passed through 3 countries to get back to Pakistan.

Khan got into US through marrying a US citizen or through help via NY Film academy. Facebook page shows him in a NYFA shirt.

NYFA a front organization for Illegal VISA's

Khan in NY based on info on his FB page.



Rep. Thomas Suozzi - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Suozzi


Going to meet Senator Tony Avela running for 2017 Mayor along De Blassio. Hope u like my Governmental hairdo.

With Reverend O Connor of Jamaica Church where Trump was baptized. Meeting to create a pressure group.

With Dr. R U Jaffar Cardiologist who has met every President since Nixon. Obama seeked his political advice in a 4 hr session, he made Clinton cry and attack Serbia to remove Milosovic.

Detective Elvis & Lt. Rana of NYPD.

Near my office studio

Who is this?

Mafia bodyguard




Shooting fitness video

With my friend and visionary Kinja Dixon (Gay?)

My handsome dad n pretty mum. He passed away too soon, some 18 years back yesterday.

Going to meet Senator Tony Avela running for 2017 Mayor along De Blassio. Hope u like my Governmental hairdo.

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