Market Automation with VCA Pushcord

Business organizations undergo many challenges before they can taste victory. And, one among those challenges is building a market for their business and reaching out to the customers. As this process consists of different business activities, it becomes very difficult to handle them manually. Therefore, companies across the world are initiating strategies to automate this process. Value Creation Automation (VCA) is one such advanced automation solution that helps business organizations in having a wider access to the market.

However, VCA consists of innumerable features and benefits but today let’s discuss VCA Pushcord, which brings different activities on the fingertips to create a wider market access.


What is VCA Pushcord?

VCA Pushcord is an automated platform which connects vendors, suppliers, customers, manufacturers and businesses in real-time through a single medium. It simplifies the communication between businesses and customers and creates an ecosystem that helps organization turn clients into the customers.The system records entire details of every individual customer and sends them customized information and facilitates them with businesses. Therefore, VCA Pushcord enables businesses in giving better services to their customers and establishes a wider reach in the market.

Benefits of Market Automation through VCA Pushcord

Following are some of the most important factors that make VCA Pushcord play a key role in business market automation.

  • Streamlined External Communication

VCA Pushcord streamlines the communication process and allows businesses to connect to customers creating a more personalized relationship. With one push, the company’s information is sent to the customers in the market. Pushcord action to communicate in the market is programmed and hence its management and execution is automated. It drives the different communication channel through Pushcord, where the automated process connects everyone at the same time.   

  • Smooth Flow of Information

Automating the market activities, VCA Pushcord keeps everything systematized. A cycle-time is set and every action is scheduled to initiate at a pre-decided stage. VCA Pushcord defines the task that needs to be completed and allocates resources against that. Furthermore, it also sets the appropriate time and budget for the same. With this free flow of information, VCA ensures that the given task is completed within the stipulated time.   

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

VCA Pushcord facilitates customers with enriched experience. The customers get every piece of information on the integrated platform developed by VCA Pushcord. Right from placing their order, the customers get automated notifications at every different level their order undergoes. This keeps the customers satisfied and also encourages them to stay connected with the organization. 

  • Improved Marketing

Marketing plays an important role in running of the businesses successfully. VCA Pushcord establishes an advanced and automated platform which connects to phone, emails, social media networks and more without any hassles. VCA Pushcord not only takes care of making the repeated posts and it also ensures consistency of the communication. Be it offline or be it online, with VCA Pushcord it is very easy to promote the campaigns in the market. It allows you to plan the campaigns in advance and schedule it for a later date. With this, the companies get wider access to the market.  

  • Help Companies in turning to be a Brand

With consistency in communication, customers can see the company’s name and its promotions at regular intervals. VCA Pushcord therefore succeeds in imprinting the company’s name on the customer’s mind. Thereafter, delivery of quality services and products and a consistent performance makes the customers loyal. Therefore, automated processes with VCA Pushcord add value to the company and make it a brand for the people.

VCA Pushcord Creates an Integrated Platform

VCA Pushcord is not only about automating activities and processes in a company. It integrates all the channels that can be responsible for creating a valuable market globally. The transactions, communication, queries, answering and more – everything is automated. It results in the creation of large ground for the business to play. Moreover, with advanced automation tools like VCA Pushcord catering to such a large market becomes easy and hassle-free.

Created: 01/06/2017
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