The best thc cleansers for a heavy smoker

The best way to cleanse THC out of your system is to use a 7-day or longer THC detox kits rather than those that work in an hour. THC detox pills and drinks that work the same day only masks the traces of THC in your body and you must remember that it is illegal to use any products that do so to pass your drug test. The best thing you can do is to detoxify your body in at least a week so as to properly get THC out.

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What THC cleanser shall a heavy user use?

There are numerous websites and brands that sell you the best thc cleansers and 7-day detox pills or 7-day detox drinks. To find out which one offers the legit one, look out for their product reviews and ask other weed smokers which brand have they tried and tested. There are things you have to look out for in a product to make sure they work for you.

  • Find out if the product you will purchase is intended for a light user, a heavy user or both. Using a product without checking the user it is intended for can be pretty dangerous. For a light user using a product intended for the other, having an unusual amount of detoxifying products in your body is harmful and may bring side effects. On the other hand, a heavy user using a product intended for a light user may not flush all THC traces in your system.
  • For a heavy user, check if the product you are about to use is effective with your body weight. Some products may only be effective for those who have a body weight of 200 pounds and some products can be effective for people with a body weight of up to 320 pounds.
  • Make sure it flushes the toxin out of your body and not masking it.

Always check the product description and procedure so you will not be misled when using it. Furthermore, if you have queries ask and email your product distributor. When using detoxifying products, couple it with a healthy diet, plenty of water and exercise and you will say goodbye to THC in no time.