Sorry Geezer, that's not entirely right, in Sweden we have a lot of statistical studies over all sorts of things possible :) Mostly due to the way we use the system of 'person-nummer' allowing us to statistically treat a lot of information anonymously. We have a tradition of that kind of studies. I found two studies by a Google search. the first is from 1992 'närboendestudien' and another study of cancer for those working with it professionally. The first study looked at children's leukemia, adult leukemia and braintumors for people living less than 300 meters from 220 och 400 kV-high-voltage wires. They found a significant connection between where you lived, and children's leukemia when exposed over 0,2 μT  and later studies show the same for grown-ups at 0,2 μT per year. (Feychting och Ahlbom 1992, 1993).

The other study, for those that was working in electro magnetic fields, also from 1992-93, (Birgitta Floderus m.fl. 1992, 1993) showed similar results 0,2 – 0,3 μT. with a slightly weaker correlation between magnetic fields and brain tumors. There are also two Danish studies made that point in the same direction although not statistically proven/significant, Olsen (1993), Johansen (1998). But our Swedish studies are statistically impeccable :)

But it's not that popular a science, and the results are not popular with power companies and considering the telecom industry?

1994 an American-Finnish study was presented in where it was found a statistic correlation between Alzheimer and  having a electrical profession .. Sobel m.fl. (1995a, 1995b).. It have been followed by several other studies looking at other health problems as ALS (Avanipour m.fl. 1995), but it's hard to find the reasons, and you will need a lot of animal testing to prove it without doubt.