How to Write a Review for an Online Writing Service

If it weren’t for reviews, scammers would thrive online. When you buy something from Amazon, for instance, you leave a comment stating your opinion vis-à-vis the product you’ve purchased. The same thing applies to that best paper writing website that wrote your essay.

If you chose one from the top 3 best paper writing services, writing a review is a duty. It’s your way of recommending (or not) that certain helper of yours to other people. Just don’t write something like “Neat” or “Yeah, it’s good.”


Aspects to Consider When Compiling a Review for Online Writing Services

  1. State whether it was good or bad

Not “It was good” period. You must give a clear explanation of what makes you say that. Why was it good? And now’s the moment you enumerate everything that the service excelled at.


  1. Did it respect the deadline?

Each online essay writing service review must touch upon this. Deadlines are crucial. Respecting them, even more so. Were you pleased with how fast your paper was written? Were there any delays in the process of writing? Speak up your mind. Your review could potentially help a lot of other students/writers/editors.


  1. Was the quality top-notch or “meh”?

Not all writing services online are equal in terms of quality. Illustrate what level of quality you were expecting and the one that you really got. Did the service meet your expectations or not? Is there something the writers could improve? It it’s a genuine writing service, your suggestions are going to be more than welcome.

Try to refrain from throwing mud, even if the quality was poor. Raining imprecations won’t rewrite your paper. Be civil, regardless of the circumstance.


  1. Were there traces of plagiarism?

You are allowed to forget to mention any of the above points, but not this one. If you were given plagiarized papers, that’s a huge problem. Warn other people that they get the same outcome from spending their dollars. It wouldn’t be totally inappropriate to start your review with that. You can verify your paper for plagiarism with online software.


  1. Were the references real?

There have been many instances when professors caught students with bought papers because the references were sending to works that didn’t exist. Make a quick Google search for every work that has been specified in the bibliography. Made-up references are as bad as plagiarism. Maybe even worse.

Second of all, if they’re genuine, are they used properly? Few things can ruin a paper quicker than quotes that have little to no connection with the topic.


  1. Was the service cost-efficient?

Did the service rob you blind or it had surprisingly reasonable fees? Price is something everyone is concerned about. Not knowing how much they’re going to pay makes it less tempting to use an online writing service. You don’t need to state the price itself. Just clues that hint at the cost-efficiency of the company.



Reviews are an incredibly rich source of information for those that want to try outsourcing their writing for the first time. You probably read a few yourself before you chose a company. Writing a review is a matter of solidarity. Help, and you will be helped.

Those that do not state their opinions are either too disappointed or too forgetful. No company will ever like customers dropping bad review after bad review, but that sort of comes as a package deal with working in this field. You can’t simply please everybody.

We hope this little guide here was helpful to you and it shed light on why you should praise or annihilate a service.

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