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Analysis supports proposition that chemically-induced contrails a factor in bleed-air valve, cabin-air contamination. (Aerotoxic Syndrome)

CAA PAPER 2004-04 Cabin Air Quality


Electron Microscopy (EM) 4.1 Chapter 2, Page 4

"The inner surface of duct 1 contained only carbon, chlorine, calcium and copper and reflected the composition of the materials used in construction of the duct. The inner surface of ducts 2 and 3 gave large peaks for aluminium and silicon and smaller peaks for sulphur, phosphorus, iron, potassium, titanium, chromium and magnesium in addition to the carbon, chlorine, calcium and copper found in duct 1. The speciation of these additional elements is unknown but they are likely to exist as the native element or non-volatile chemical compounds. All of these elements are present in both new and used aviation lubricants as detailed in reference [4]. They are also found in ambient air. The higher concentration of these elements in the lining of used ducts than in oil indicates either a concentration on the duct lining over a period of time or an additional source of contamination."

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