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The Case Against Jet Fuel as Dominant Cause of Persistent, Chemical "Contrails"

Occam's Razor is achieved with empirical observation of persist contrail formation


Consider this:

- Persistent contrails (PC) are the issue in this debate. PC are formed by a different set of RH and nucleation rules than non-PC "contrails".

- A bifurcated trail defies explanation as a product of fuel.  Remember, there are 2 so-called "drain tubes" available for spraying aerosols that available to create the bifurcated effect.

  And the 747 engine drain tubes are "conveniently" located inside the bypass duct available to create the "fuel" deception. It's also likely that aerosol deployment on many engines has

  graduated/re-engineered to involve tubes hidden inside the bypass duct making it appear the PC are a product of fuel combustion.

- On visual inspection, drain tubes are mostly revealed as installations with obvious after-market, non-Boeing, assembly-line workmanship.

- Sudden on and off of demonstrated PC at flight levels known to be stable and below RH limits for PC formation are not consistent with fuel.

- Obvious filament and high particulate residue, "toothpaste" trails and typical "knots on a rope", filaments and particulate settlements that gravitate to lower levels in the atmosphere are inconsistent with fuel.

- Aerosol leaks from the cargo bay that create extra trail(s) without engine or possibility of fuel combustion are inconsistent with fuel.

- Sputtering trails that eventually "go dry" with increasingly wider gaps that signal an aerosol tank is going empty.

- Volume and "mass" of aerosol plume too frequently exceeds ability of JP-8  to generate.

- PC from starboard/port side is different caliber/color or even missing, signalling a clogged aerosol tube.

- Observed absence of ANY type of contrail emissions from all transitioning aircraft for more than 1-3 days is inconsistent with JP-8 fuel causation.

- Absence of any visible contrails in multiple observed transitioning aircraft with the exception of an occasional jet that cannot be located on Flight Radar-24 is assumed to be military/non-commercial/experimental.

- Wholesale rejection of Marvin Herndon's fly-ash report without explanation.

The internet is filled with too many compelling razors to deny.

In an interview with Elana Freeland, Jim Lee attempted to protect his fuel theory by claiming the vast history of empirical observations supporting nozzles and ports is somehow a photoshop trick.

But I'm always looking for the "fuel" issue. I know it exists, at least as an experimental concept.  Sometimes I think I see it, but it's less than 5%  of the time over several years.


"CHEM-BOMBS" - a term coined by Bruce Douglas in 2012, are a larger geoengineering force BY VOLUME and distribution than synthetic "Contrails" in covert Climate Engineering -- It’s important to keep in mind that aerosols intended for climate engineering, hurricane engineering (H.A.M.P.) and most likely, "biologicals" (Morgellons), are deployed with nozzles that have nothing to do with JP-8 fuel, contrails or engine emissions.

The bigger problem is Large Volume Aerosol Plumes (LVAP) that have nothing to do with engine emissions.
Florida Climate Engineering Captured by Satellite and Ground Observer - A TERRA satellite view from the early afternoon of January 28th, 2017 about 1 PM reveals an unmistakable north-south aerosol operation over South Florida that drifted with the cirrus level flow out into the Atlantic as the day progressed.  These are not chemtrails. They are large volume aerosol plumes or LVAP.   This technique is increasingly used to dump aerosols in much larger volumes than chemtrails, alone could provide.

A ground observer in Southeast Florida posted a video that captured the event early in the morning.  This is evidence the LVAP dumps were deployed under cover of darkness before sunrise.  The observer describes these unusual clouds and goes on to show particulates raining down from the sky like coal ash from an incinerator.  The effect of this artificial cloud deck is to warm the atmosphere by trapping heat. The nocturnal aerosol deployment, therefore has nothing to do with SRM (solar radiation management) and only serves to elevate “official” temperature readings during the winter.

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