Turkey Decoys and Turkey Calling


turkey decoy

Turkey decoys work best if you couple the visual attractant with natural sounds. Some hunters just use yelps and clucks in their turkey tactics, a number of other sounds ought to be employed when hunting turkeys. I guarantee you a hen turkey constitutes a much more noise scratching than she does yelping, and you ought to do the same. Watch the turkeys feed and mock the cadence of the feet scratching the floor, Scratch scratch scratch, peck peck peck peck. That's the noise a hen makes all day long, and gobblers recognize it as being natural. best turkey decoys


turkey decoys

Many people made fun of 'the wing' when Primos announced it, however the tactic is solid. I usually use my ball cap instead, however the sounds of the turkeys wing could make the difference between a dead gobbler and a noisy one. Fly down is the obvious time to make the sound of a flapping wing, but it's only some of the time. Just before fly down, turkeys do a lot of adjusting and preening on the limb. Mock this sound by dragging some primary wing feathers around the bark of a tree. Don't exaggerate it, however a little of these before your fly down noises adds realism, and may be the ticket for you to get that gobbler inside your turkey decoys. best turkey decoy


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