Dressing For Wild Turkey Hunting


Wild turkey hunting takes place in the spring as well as in the autumn for many states. This also means that the weather is unpredictable in many states. You do not know every day if you'll be venturing out in to the heat, the cold, the rain, or even the snow. However, because most turkey hunting seasons are short, you need to get out there around you are able to, regardless of the weather. This means that you have to be extra careful in the way your dress for wild turkey hunting. orange hunting vest


The surface of your hunting clothes should be comfortable, light, durable, and if possible, waterproof. Your surface should consist of boots, pants, a jacket or shirt, gloves, and a hat. Many people like to wear a nose and mouth mask too. The outer layer is your protection against the elements. Underneath these clothes you are able to layer for warmth. Because the temperature will rise from the time you are taking your early morning spot to whenever you bring in your turkey, you will need the choice to get rid of clothing. turkey hunting vest


All your clothes, both outer and inner layers ought to be made of camouflage material. Turkeys can't only see color, but have acute eyesight; camouflage is a must. At the same time, avoid wearing red, blue, or white. Not only will the turkeys see you, but these are the colors that other hunters associate with the top of a male turkey. A white sock or undershirt peaking out can lead to a horrible hunting accident. bird hunting vest


Many people also like to wear a turkey hunting vest as well as the above mentioned gear. These vests are camouflaged, have a padded back, and are full of convenient pockets specially designed to hold all of your necessary turkey calls, as well as your keys and mobile phone. upland hunting vest


When dressing for wild turkey hunting, first dress for that weather and then dress to hide from the turkeys.

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