A Few Words About Scuba Diving

People have long been besieged by the desire to dive into the depths of the sea and know the world quite different to that in which they live in. The sea has also been a source of food (fishing), exploration (searching sunken treasures), and battle (wars waged on and under the surface).

History of diving is as long as the history of mankind and pictures of divers are found at many archaeological remains.

Without doubt, recreational scuba diving is one of the finest and most effective forms of recreation worldwide. Staying under water not only mobilizes the natural resources, but also promotes both mental and physical calm and relaxation.

It's an alien environment, akin to being in space and it enhances our enjoyment of physical activity and movement; underwater humans are almost weightless. Scuba diving is, for those who partake, an exciting and adventurous sport. It demands high level of physical fitness and quality equipment.

The required equipment for scuba diving is: self contained underwater breathing apparatus with related equipment-mask, fins, diving lead, wet or dry suit, bottle with a valve group and regulator, compensator, diving knife and a diving computer. Since scuba diving allows for extended stay below the surface there are additional hazards that must be considered and rules that must be followed when diving with autonomous diving equipment. Namely, decompression sickness.

Short description of basic scuba diving equipment:

· A diving cylinder, scuba tank or diving tank is a gas cylinder used to store and transport high pressure breathing gas. It provides gas to the diver through the demand valve of a regulator.

· Buoyancy compensator is the form of jacket or vest, inflatable and serves to achieve neutral buoyancy under water, floating on the surface and swim to the surface, scuba diving dreams blog.

· A diving suit is a garment or a device designed to protect the diver from the underwater environment.

· Diving fins are artificial extensions of our feet that allow our legs to be used to their full potential underwater.

· A diving mask is an item of diving equipment that allows diver to see clearly underwater.

. A dive knife is a general tool and safety device. In the latter case, you use it in the unlikely, but possible,

situation that you're entangled and need to free yourself. It is not a weapon.

· Computer for scuba diving consisting of, at a minimum, a processor and a manometer, both housed within a sheath. Said manometer being connected to one or more bottles containing compressed air.




















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