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Why Is Dane Wigington Promoting Geoengineering Watch?

By Sine nomine - edited by HSaive

Dane Wiginton's "Geoengineering Watch" is a controlled narrative as coverup to the bio-warfare agenda - aka MATra (magnet assisted transfection).

Occams' Razor "Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected."

Dane Wigington is an asset of Strafor Intelligence. "Dane" is not one person, but the "face" hiding thousands of military disinformation specialists leading millions to further disseminate absolute propaganda as a distration.

MATra (magnet assisted transfection) is the gold standard of DNA transfecton (rNA - siRNA splicing) It's simple, effective, deadly and implies eminent catastrophe. https://www.google.com/patents/US20070196281 

Our bodies are saturated with conductive nano metal oxide salt cations. Put aluminum in a microwave. What happens?

The Dane Wigington "program" has two objectives. (1) Control the narrative using scientific sounding bullshit. (2) Censor any narrative about MATra.

Don't believe me? Post anything about MATra on a "Geoengineering" website. Both your post and you will be deleted instantly.

Also, Wigington avoids the work of Cliff Carnicom who has been researching the issue of bio-warfare and Morgellons fibers associated with aircraft aerosol releases for a decade. (See Carnicom Institute)


PATENT - US 20070196281 A1: Method and articles for remote magnetically induced treatment of cancer and other diseases, and method for operating such article

Abstract:  This invention describes unique treatment methods and innovative articles that can be placed in a human or animal body to enable controlled destruction of diseased tissue. The methods include destruction of diseased cells and tissues by magnetically controlled motion and an externally controllable drug delivery process with a capability to start and stop the drug delivery at any time, for any duration. This invention provides two approaches to diseased cell destruction, (1) magneto-mechanical disturbance of cell structure (e.g. cancer cells) for cell lysis and (2) magnetically activated drug release at local regions (e.g. tumors) from a magnetic-particle-containing drug reservoir. The invention also provides combinations of both the above treatments for dual therapy. It further combines one or both of the treatments with magnetic hyperthermia for multifunctional cell destruction therapy. The approaches can be combined with magnetic MRI for monitoring the accuracy of placement as well as for following up the cancer destruction progress and appropriate reprogramming of the magneto-mechanical therapy and remote-controlled drug release.
Magnet-assisted transfection is a transfection method, which uses magnetic force to deliver DNA into target cells. Therefore, nucleic acids are first associated with magnetic nanoparticles. Then, application of magnetic force drives the nucleic acid-particle complexes towards and into the target cells, where the cargo is released.

The magnetic nanoparticles: Nanoparticles used as carriers for nucleic acids are mostly iron oxides. These iron oxides can be generated by precipitation from acidic iron-salt solutions upon addition of appropriate bases. The magnetic nanoparticles have an approximate size of 100 nm and are additionally coated with biological polymers to allow loading of nucleic acids. Particles and nucleic acids form complexes by ionic interaction of the negatively charged nucleic acid and the positively charged surface of the magnetic nanoparticle.
More https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnet-assisted_transfection

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