Serious rain day wearing sun shades driving sight better?
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suffered heavy water, people driving down visibility, unreadable vision. In particular, when the water is fierce, the wiper adjusted faster, it is difficult to select the road ahead, easily bring on accidents. In this regard, the online hearsay rain wearing sunglasses travelling sight will Wholesale Ray Bans Sunglasses
be better. Is actually the case? Reporters Wholesale Ray Ban UK
wearing sun shades and polarized sunglasses comparability found polarized sunglasses is successful, professionals believe that the water let the eyes become apparent, common sunglasses is needless, must use a polarizing sun shades, and is not suitable for the evening. Yangzi Evening News all of media reporter Ren Guoyong text / photo with the photo of the Yangtze Body of water evening news reporter Guo Yipeng
Reporter test: sporting a prism in the water driving really clear
This morning, the day of heavy water on the Internet driving blurred imaginative and prescient vision, wearing sunglasses can easily take care of, whether it is the case? Yangzi Morning News reporter yesterday done a special test.
Yesterday day, the Wholesale Ray Ban UK
reporter took a couple ordinary sunglasses and a two of Polarized Sunglasses outdoors to help verify the actual results. Reporters choose the ordinary sunglasses is often a metal frame, with polarized sunglasses are black pack, two pairs of sun shades color almost. The test time frame is 4: 30 k. m., it's raining outdoor, the rainfall is mild.
First of all, the reporter with regards to not wearing any cups, sitting Ray Bans Cheap
in the cab available wiper, wiper sweep goblet, front view visible okay rain line, poor field of vision, a dozen meters scenery you will discover fog. Put on the sheet metal frame of the ordinary sun shades to observe the front of the arena, because the sunglasses dark, black ahead, blurred vision. Put together the black box connected with polarized sunglasses, although the the front of the dark, but the field of vision was significantly improved, often the fine rain line like magic disappeared.
Subsequently, the press reporter has to wear sunglasses with the two lights to drive into your underground garage, but mantra of sophisticated with or without Polarized Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses in the underground storage area of the line of sight is definitely poor.
Professionals: rainy time can choose a light colored Polarized Sunglasses
What is a polarizer? The reason do you wear a polarized sunglasses on a rainy morning, and what is the principle? Yangzi Evening News reporter spoken professionals, island glasses corporation vocational education teacher Technische universit?t Lixia.
Tu teacher instructed reporters Ray Ban Cheap
that the polarizer draws on the principle of polarization of sunshine to create the lens, familiar with filter out the scattered light source beam, so that the light from right axis of light into your eyes, so clear in addition to natural vision. Plainly, often the rain drops by light source irradiation will produce a great number of scattered light, and polarized sunglasses like shutters, will allow only one direction of light by, can effectively eliminate in addition to filter out the scattering of sunshine beam. Tu Lixia claimed, there are users that sporting ordinary sunglasses will feel considerably better sight, mainly because of the substantial light Sunglasses pressed inside field, let the rain significantly less refraction reflector sight, even so the effect is not obvious. Although encountered heavy rain, regardless or not with polarized feature is not necessarily effective, consequently slow down, pay attention to safety.
Press reporter asked why in the underground room of Polarized Sunglasses unproductive? Tu Lixia said that often the basement itself is darker, wearing sunglasses is not appropriate for nature, which can not be found wearing sunglasses into the tube, sunglasses will have a transmittance on the label, divided into just one, 2, 4, Wholesale Ray Bans
class. Sun shades with too low transmittance is affected by the driver's response. Travelling requirements for the transmission relation is greater than 8%, consequently wear sunglasses can not commute the fourth category, while the boisterous day dark, it is recommended to never choose the color of the polarized sunglasses too deep.
Ophthalmologist: polarized sunglasses can separate out some scattered light, although at night can not wear "when it rains, the spreading effect of the light rain, to discover things, then, polarized sun shades can filter out a portion with the scattered light, the view become clear. " Qiu Xiaorong, deputy director with the provincial hospital of regular Chinese medicine to further explain, standard sunglasses can reduce some eyeball, but can not be eliminated, compared, polarized sunglasses have greater results.

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