The conventional role of an accountant is varying these days. In earlier years, a small business was used to class a good accountant as one of the basic needs when beginning a business. His support and supervision towards all matters linked with the set up and introduction of a business was seen as significant in order for a small business to be finally successful.

The perceived significance of the role accountants’ play with small business has been growingly bought into question as the internet has increased and developed. The suggestion that accountants used to indict for regarding company development, company arrangement and VAT registration is now mostly available for free on the internet. In addition, the growth of online accounting software has made it simpler than ever for a small business to keep their company books in good condition.

Accounting software has become very easy to use with different products present that do not need the user to have any knowledge of accounting at all. This makes tradesman and sole traders to be capable of easily controlling their financial matter.