10 Worst Mistakes Men Make With Women

Some of this is obvious, some not. Add your own thoughts......


So, if you're a porn fan, just stop and reflect.....how many of these mistakes do you make? How many of them did you pick up from the porn that turns you on? They're all things you want to avoid if you're going to have a successful relationship with a woman: 

1) Hammering away in her pussy without asking her if she likes it. Some women enjoy hard and fast male thrusting, particularly if they come to orgasm with G spot stimulation, but for heaven's sake check with her what she likes before you start hammering away - she might be one of those girls who wants romantic, gentle sex. And don't forget that if you have enough foreplay (like twenty minutes of kissing and caressing before you even think about putting your cock in her), she'll most likely magically turn into one of those women who want hard and fast sex anyway.

2) Shooting your load on her face or any other part of her body without her permission. One of the worst things you see in porn movies, and it's so common it's now almost normal, is a man or group of men ejaculating on a woman's face. Now, is she in that position, on film, for the world to see, with a group of assholes coming over her face, because she really wants to be? No way, Jose. She's there because she needs the money, and the more she needs the cash, the worse the treatment she'll put up with. Coming over a woman's face isn't respectful, truly masculine, or in any way an act of love, though it might be arousing to you as a man. So if you want to try it, then ask her if she's up for it. If she says "no", accept that and move on to something else she does like.

3) Regarding her as a sex object, not a real human being. A by-product of watching too much porn is the objectification of women. If you find yourself constantly thinking of your partner as a quick and easy way to relieve your sexual tensions, ask yourself  how much you really respect her, and what your relationship actually means to you. Do you have a real relationship, or just a "marriage of sexual convenience"? Is getting in her pants all you think about?

4) Not giving her an orgasm. Of course it's her orgasm...you can't give it to her......but she expects you to help her get to climax, and the sad thing is most guys who've grown up with loads of free porn on the Internet believe all they need do to take a woman to orgasmic bliss is to shove a hard cock into her pussy and hammer away until she has a screamig orgasm. Sadly, she might not be wised-up enough to explain the facts to you: you're a half-assed jerk who doesn't know how to treat a woman right. Given that you can't even find her clitoris, she might never achieve orgasm unless she slopes off for a quick wank on her own. So, if you really can't locate her clitoris and you don't know what to do with it anyway, go to Google immediately. And the reason you might want to take your time and give her an orgasm? Well, because a horny, aroused women is better in bed than a woman who's just opened her legs and is lying there waiting for you to finish. Oh, and because you want to make her happy. 

5) Watching porn when she doesn't like it. Why so much stuff about porn? Simply because you can't get away from it. Scientists at the University of Montréal had to abandon research into the effects of porn because they couldn't find a single man under 30 who had never watched any. Even more surprising: boys start watching porn on average at 10 years of age. How is that going to shape their (your?) expectations of sex and relationships? Porn abuses someone - always - either the "stars", or those watching it, or those making it....and yet men get addicted to it because we want novel and different sexual stimulation all the time. But women may not find porn as exciting as men, and may even ask that you stop watching it. Now why would she do that, spoiling your fun? Because she's jealous, basically. She wants to be cherished and to be the most important thing in your life. She doesn't like to think your favorite porn start is more arousing or obliging (at least in your fantasy) than she is. Indeed, if you find porn more exciting than the woman in your bed, you've got a bit of a problem.

6) Not stopping premature ejaculation. So you ejaculate quickly? So what? It's no big deal – three fourths of men reach orgasm and ejaculate within three minutes of penetration. But should you care enough to want to please your woman by making love like a real man, i.e. one who can choose when he ejaculates during sex, then learn how you can last longer in sex just as soon as possible. A good place to start is by changing your mindset: see your woman as an equal, not some frightening mother figure, or a bitch you can fuck and forget. Next, find out how to control rapid ejaculation, so you get some self-control in bed. Then you have a chance of really making love like a man - and feeling pretty good about yourself afterwards. 

7) Acting rough during sex when she hates it. Sure, lots of women are partial to rough play during sex. Pulling hair, slapping, biting, tossing her around the bed, and so on, are fun when you both enjoy it - and that's the key word – enjoy. If you don't know what she thinks about rough sex, start small: gently tug her hair, say, as you roger her from behind, and see how it goes. If she steps up her moans of arousal, rather than slapping you back or shrieking with pain, then you can up the force a bit. And the same goes for talking dirty: calling her a dirty little slut while you're fucking her might turn her on, but it might also bring sex to a quick end. 

8) Forcing her to do what you want and she doesn't. I'm thinking of anal sex here, and maybe also swallowing rather than spitting when she's giving you head. If you want to explore anal sex, talk about it before you start having sex. Trying to shove your erection up her butthole as though you'd lost your way will probably make her kick you out of bed. If she wants to try it, find out how to do it before you start. That means taking it slowly and using plenty of lube - and, sadly for you, it also means respecting her if she decides she doesn't like it. As for the split/swallow thing, just grow up. If she won't swallow your glorious semen, what the heck does it matter?

9) Not being romantic. Don't pretend you don't know how to be romantic. After all, you got her into bed in the first place, didn't you...the thrill of the chase, and all that. But now you've been fucking for a few weeks/months/years, the novelty's worn off somewhat and romance is boring, yes? Why, you wonder, doesn't she want sex any more? Well, mostly because she wants you to woo her, to prove you care, to show her you love her, and to prove how special she is to you. Which is true, of course? So you need to turn her on to you by doing all the things you know how to do if you can be bothered.....romancing her, making her feel cherished, and treating her like she's special. If you do romance right, she'll want sex, and the sex will be great.

10) Turning over and snoring after sex. What a cliché, eh? But think of it from her point of view....sex is something special she gives you, something which requires her to be trusting and vulnerable. Sex may be something she only gives to men she respects or likes, and who respect or like her (unless she's a porn movie star, or she thinks of herself as a sex object). And even though women sometimes just want sex for fun, just like men, you know they mostly see it differently. And you, my man, have to accommodate that. One way you can show her your appreciation of the sex you've just shared, and the pleasure of her body you've just enjoyed, is by by cuddling up to her after sex, before you turn over and go to sleep.