10 Resources You Should Be in Your Arsenal If You Love Freelance Writing

Writing effectively has always been a challenge for many of us. But at some point, some individuals accept this challenge and turn it into their career.



freelance writing


Writers create content for blogs, websites, offline and online media, etc.

Some of them choose professional writing, while others choose a freelance career. But both categories are united with the desire to write even though they do that for money.


Writing is not easy indeed even if it’s your job. However, there are some resources and writing rules that will make this path easier. Here are 10 best of them that you should use to write effectively if you are a writer!

  1. Grammarly

Misspells and mistakes won’t be a problem for you anymore. Grammarly is the best tools for fixing all writing problems, starting from articles and up to word choice. You can choose a free or paid plan, depending on how deep you want the texts to be checked. We would recommend you to try free version or order 14-day trial of the paid one to decide what’s better for you.

  1. Technical writing

Writing is not always about press-releases and product descriptions. Sometimes, you get a task to create a technical overview of the service or application, and this task may become rather challenging to you if you have never written technical texts before.

  1. Common Errors in English

This tool will be equally helpful for those with college writing prompts, fiction and even technical writers as well as bloggers and copywriters. We all make mistakes and sometimes we even don’t notice them. By checking the basic list of common mistakes, you’ll get rid of them and start to write better fast.

  1. English Grammar FAQ

This is a full guide to English grammar. In case you are still not sure when to use Past Perfect and when Past Continuous is better, this guide is just for you. Here, you’ll find answers to all your questions concerning English grammar rules.

  1. Writer’s digest

If you want to know what’s going on in the world of writers, you are to follow industry news. Unfortunately, even The Guardian never makes the materials concerning all writing events and news, so you need to find another resource that will cover all aspects that are interesting to you. Writer’s digest is recommended by many writers, and we’re sure you’ll like it.

  1. Infoplease: General writing skill

Any writer should enhance the skills. If he does not, he loses the potential and his writing is no longer interesting to the clients. So don’t be ignorant and keep working on your skills. Infoplease: General writing skill covers all aspects of writing efficiently, telling in detail how to work on any type of writing.

  1. Google Docs

If you have got used to working on your writing regardless where you currently stay and what device you use, you need some editor that will synchronize will all your devices and will have an easy access to all files. There are no doubts, that the best resource for that is Google Docs. It’s free and it has a huge free storage, so what else do you need?

  1. Wikipedia

As a writer, you need to cover different themes and topics. However, no one can know everything in the world. If you want to expand your knowledge on a certain topic, just use Wikipedia. This is the fullest resource of information where you can find everything you may need.

  1. Coursera

To be a good writer, you need to be well-educated. If you want to write about IT and marketing, you are to know far more than Wikipedia can offer. Coursera is an educational portal where you can find lectures from the top-universities and boost your knowledge in multiple subjects for free.

  1. Dropbox

Any writer needs a portfolio if he wants to attract new clients and get more orders. Besides, a portfolio will prove writer’s expertise and will allow asking more money for the job done. It’s better to keep all your works on a cloud so that you have a direct access to the files whenever you need them. Also, it will prevent you from the unpleasant situations when your hard drive dies, and you lose all your files.

Of course, there are many other resources that a writer may need, but this list will be a great foundation for everyone. So if you are planning to become a well-known writer, just make sure that you use these sites, apps, and programs, and you’ll notice that writing gets easier!