Your body Will Heal Itself If You Give It A Chance

What doctors prescribe often weakens our immune system, making us more vulnerable to disease attacks in the future. We can do better.Find author Bill Allin at


Your body Will Heal Itself If You Give It A Chance Your body has natural healing capacities that nobody in the field of medicine can pretend ultimately to understand. If you break a bone it will heal itself. All the doctor does is make sure the pieces of the bone are properly set back together. - Wayne Dyer, American counseling psychotherapist and motivational speaker (born 1940) The human species has not lasted as long as it has by pumping itself full of chemicals and vaccines. Yet that is exactly what we are doing at present. Another human species, Neanderthals, lived many times longer than homo sapiens has been around and never had vaccines or even much in the way of diseases (other than what they may have caught from eating diseased animals or spoiled food). When I was a child every kid in every family had what was called childhood diseases. In fact, often mothers would closet all the children in her family together in a room with a sick sibling so that all the kids would get the same disease at once, getting the inconvenience of one childhood disease over in one big session. It was called building an immune system. Today we have doctors pumping kids with vaccines, sometimes over 60 of them before the child goes to school, all in the name of helping the child's immune system. In some jurisdictions, laws force this before children are allowed to enter school. What nature used to do free, now parents and their insurance plans pay for. Yet the kids have more problems than ever before in history. Asthma and allergies at rates unheard of in the past. Autism many times greater than even 20 years ago. When I was a child I never experienced one other child who was autistic. The odd one had allergies, primarily in spring or fall. Nothing that held back his or her education. Today we have schools that demand all kids' lunches must be made at home with allergen-free products. Other schools demand that all lunches must be prepackaged with allergen-free products--nothing may be made at home. Some children, it is feared, could breathe the aroma of peanuts and die. These kids have immune systems that actually attack themselves. Medical science now helps almost all children survive childhood. But the food they eat has poisons and unneeded antibiotics added before it leaves the farm. The apple, one of the naturally healthiest foods we can eat, is sprayed with poisons at the blossom stage, before the fruit even forms around the seed. Then it is sprayed with more poisons every two weeks until it is picked. Potatoes, the most common vegetable in the western diet, endures almost as much spraying with poisons before it is dug from the ground. For those who care enough to buy foods that are clean of chemicals and poisons (herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers--all poisons, as anything that ends in "ide" is) there are vegetables and fruits that are grown organically (without poisons or chemicals). Yet these cost more than the produce sprayed with poisons because the farmer must pay to prove that poisons have not been added to his or her product--certification is necessary before the producer can call the product organic. The farmer has to prove he has not added poisons to the food he sells, and pay to certify that proof. Meat, poultry and their associated food products have been proven through many studies to cause weakness and failure of certain body organs, cancer and many other diseases that left untreated would cause death. Not everyone is prepared to eat healthy. Eventually, over a few decades of ingesting poisons and unnatural chemicals, the body succumbs to one or more of a variety of syndromes (diseases doctors know nothing about), diseases and general weaknesses of health. We have more incidents of dementia, Alzheimer's, diabetes and other afflictions common among older people than ever before in history. Big pharmaceutical companies pay or bribe many doctors to prescribe antibiotics and other medicines that destroy the immune system, thus keeping people weak and depending on more chemicals for the last few decades of their lives. What their vaccines did not destroy in children, their prescription drugs will finish off in the middle ages and the elderly. One of the "forever" drugs most commonly prescribed for people is statins to lower cholesterol. Older people need more cholesterol to carry poisons from their body cells. Statins, themselves proven to be health hazards (though approved by governments and doctors associations who are well paid for their endorsements) limit the ability of the body to remove poisons from cells by lowering cholesterol. Your doctor won't tell you that if he or she is paid to prescribe statins. Governments refuse to pass laws to prevent agriculture giants, pharmaceutical internationals and chemical corporates from harming our health so that they can extract greater profits from us. People who are sick, weak and have no significant immune systems left by the age of retirement are a vibrant and dependable source of profits for these companies. Sick old people are the proverbial cash cow. Does the situation seem hopeless? It's not. We need to use our bodies to get exercise so they do not atrophy from lack of use. And we need to find clean sources of food from organic farmers. With those two, we have little need for doctors because our bodies will heal themselves so long as we have an immune system left. Self healing is how nature works. This is not to say that doctors have no place, only that they must not be allowed to dominate the health of the elderly. The future is not bleak. Things are changing as more and more people learn the truth about health and the lies they have been told for many years. Every region has a core of people who are actively working toward good health and clean sources of food. Find them. A variety of clean and nutritious food is the best preventative medicine you can buy. Bill Allin is the author of Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems, a book of simple and cheap solutions for expensive problems. Bad health is a social problem because it affects so many people and adds huge costs to tax dollars. Learn more at