Taxeo And The Plaza Hotel Group: Two Companies On An International Growth Path – An Offer For European And American Corporate Clients

Summer slump? Not here! Just in time for the beginning of the season, Taxeo, out of Paris, and the Plaza Hotel Group, from southwestern Germany, are starting a partnership that will provide foreign business travellers savings of up to 20%.

Since 2002, the Plaza Hotel Group has developed innovative offers for business travellers in its 25 hotels, located in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Now, the hotels, which are operated under the BW and BWPlus brands among others and offering high-class rooms in the best locations, are characterised by interior design instigated by company owner Yonca Yalaz, which has brought a breath of fresh air into the sometimes grey world of international nomadic business travel.

For the client, the numbers all point towards international growth: a new hotel in close proximity to Amsterdam's Schiphol airport confirms this. In 2016 and 2017, new sites at Frankfurt Airport, Dresden, Leipzig, Wismar, Lustenau, Munich, Hamburg, Linz, The Hague and Rotterdam are planned.

Taxeo, whose innovative VAT refund solution saves business travellers millions, wants to bring about a rethink in the hotel business and set new standards.  Taxeo relies on a network of partner hotels and car rental providers to directly transmit the invoice information of shared clients. This allows Taxeo to create fully automatic, 100% tax-compliant invoices for its customers, saving time and money.

Hotels in partnership with Taxeo don't just benefit from VAT savings either. Time-consuming, manual invoice adjustments are a drain on hotel and company resources; Taxeo's automatic system cuts this out. Taxeo CEO Jean Cazes is enthusiastic about the agreement: "Our recent partnership with Europcar shows that we are adding a new dimension to the issue of VAT refunds on travel expenses. With the Plaza Hotel Group, we are entering the upscale business hotel market of Central Europe. Moving away from a boring and annoying process for travellers, companies and hotels, Taxeo's solution provides a win-win situation for everyone involved."

Ihsan Yalaz, co-owner of the Plaza Hotel Group, agrees: "In terms of our growth abroad, Taxeo makes all the difference: it's a feature that sets us apart from most other chains, whose customers have to live with manual invoice adjustments, making their lives more difficult and sometimes costing more money. Our hotels, which offer foreign business travellers savings of up to 20%, through a new, fresh idea, enjoy a real competitive advantage."

More than 3,000 rooms, 600 competent and friendly staff, as well as Taxeo's personnel, on top of an excellent breakfast await you in the future. Not only in the perfect now-accustomed manner, but 20% cheaper too. More information can be found at and