Winning Him Back – Man Stay in a Relationship for One Good Reason

When men are asked why they felt the need to leave a relationship, guess what their answers are.


Each relationship is different but they all end for many of the same reasons. There was something wrong in the relationship that caused a split between the couple. If you speak to the male counterpart who decided to leave the relationship, finding out why he had to leave is vital to winning him back.

When men are asked why they felt the need to leave a relationship, nearly all of them stated their answers. Whatever your ex boyfriend’s answer was, you have to work through the answer and solve the problem if you plan to do anything about winning him back. It’s imperative that you resolve these disparities if you hope to be back together.

What was the number one answer to a man’s unhappiness and willing to leave a relationship? They felt that no matter what they did or said, they could not make the woman be happy with them. Contemplate that for just a moment. Is it undefined that you weren’t happy with anything that he did for you? Try to understand how that make him feel?

Perhaps you made him feel that way intentionally, perhaps not but either way, he did and he left. Now it is up to you to win him back. One of the first things you need to know about men is that they love to have their ego stroked every now and then. They want to know that you admire them for making you happy. If problems seem to arise, he wants to know that you can rely on him to help take care of the issue. If you can’t be happy with the things he does for you, then why should he be there?

If you decided you want your ex boyfriend back, you’ll need to make him aware that he does make you happy, always did. You need to show him how happy he makes you when you are both near each other. You don’t want him thinking that things haven’t changed. You also want him to see that he just missed seeing it but the happiness was always there. Be sure he knows it.

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