Ways to Fix Unwanted Advertisement in Windows 10


When I installed Microsoft Windows 10, it shipped with “candy crush saga” title in the start menu that automatically downloaded this app when I clicked on it, but in reality it was not downloaded it just cluttered the start menu. The egregious displaying of video ads asking for a monthly subscription fee, used to pop anytime on the laptop screen. Microsoft Windows never had a solitaire with video ads and monthly subscription ever before.

This issue was pertaining time to time while using Microsoft Windows 10, and used to annoy me. So I decided to get the right solution to fix it permanently. I searched for many option but was unable to allocate the right one, but every time I used to get failure in that. But I didn’t stop myself searching for the right way. I got to know about Microsoft Windows 10 pone support service, which I used to resolve the unwanted advertisement in Windows 10 problem. The hopes I had about support appeared on its edge till the end by helping me resolving the issue of fixing unwanted video ads permanently which used to ask for subscription every time.

Using the idea of the executive I applied to resolve the problem. Not only the helpline support but various other supports were also there which could have helped me out. Among those support there lays Microsoft Windows support via web using the official website www.microsoft.com .

These are the ways which can help you in resolving unwanted advertisement in Windows 10 problems with Microsoft Windows 10. It is really beneficial to come out of the unwanted video ads and its subscription while using Microsoft Windows 10.

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