Microsoft Ends Support for Original Version 1507 of Windows 10: What’s Now?

The decision to stop the support for original version of Windows 10 must not surprise you as Microsoft had already announced of its decision previously. Here you must not worry about it if your computer system is still running version 1507 because there are some options available to keep your computer system flawless. And there is no need to consider upgrading your computer system to the latest edition.

What does it mean?

I am also using the same version and when I happened to know about the announcement, it surprised me to some extent. But I started looking out whether I had any option left to continue the operating system. While on the internet, I came across some worthwhile details about some reliable independent technicians and their effective Microsoft Windows 10 support services for all sorts of technical issues in Windows OS.

As the Microsoft writes in its support document, the version will no longer be receiving any security and quality updates—consequently, your computer system would be exposed to malware and viruses. What does it mean that your Windows 10 PC will no longer be protected against any malware program from the official support. For more details, you can read out the support notes at where the expert has shared some important details.  

What you need to do?

As I have observed, there are some important things that you can consider after the support from Microsoft has been dropped. You can consider approaching an experienced third-party technician in case of any technical issue related to the security and quality updates. As the technicians have a reliable and effective helpdesk to help you in such conditions, you can have almost the same support services what you have been finding at the official page.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to keep your computer system least exposed using a reliable antivirus program. Whatever you want to do, you should have an immediate access to the helpdesk for always using a toll-free Microsoft Windows 10 help desk phone number in case of any abrupt technical issue.    

If an official support for Windows OS has been dropped due to one or another reason, then you must not believe it a complete end to your Windows computer. There are so many options available to avail to continue your Windows 10.

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