Windows 10 Anniversary Update is Freezing My Computer System



There is an irritating problem with Windows 10, which ends up freezing your computer system abruptly. The issue was basically identified when the users started installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update on their Windows computer system. Apart from the freezing issue, there were also some sorts of other abrupt symptoms identified by the Windows 10 users.  

Microsoft has also admitted that the new update has brought in some kinds of technical flaws. But they are yet to release any patch to address the issue. Though the official technicians have shared some basic guidance at the official page, but it is still not a perfect solution. As I went through the Microsoft official community page and found so many users with somehow the same issue, I wonder if there is any solution available with the independent technicians.

I headed to some selected technicians who have reliable credentials with the Windows users. I asked every technician if they had any technical resolution. What I found was really impressive. Almost all the technicians had some good things to address the issue. So, the Windows users can take the breath of calm as they can have a real-time Microsoft Windows 10 support service at any moment in time.

There are basically two basic steps that you can implement to address the issue with your Windows 10 PC – using recovery tool and starting your computer system in safe mode. You can implement these two steps initially before you contact a technician – sometimes, the issue gets resolved using these technical steps easily without any technical obstacles.

When it comes to approaching Windows technicians, I find the third-party helpdesk quite easier and more convenient than the official one. You don’t need to get through any extended procedure while you try to access an independent techie - instead you can approach them through their toll free Windows 10 customer service help phone number at any moment in time without any technical obstacles.

Though the issue is quite new in the public domain and the official solutions are yet to be rolled out by Microsoft, but there is a huge possibility to get technical solutions from other reliable resources.

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