Will He Marry Me? Does He Love Me?

“Will he marry me?” This is not only about you but about every girl who wonders if her guy will marry her or not!


“Will he marry me?” This is not only about you but about every girl who wonders if her guy will marry her or not! It is true that love creates confusion and curiosity and you never know what will happen the next moment. Some women do not approach men directly and they just speculate and wonder about the results and the outcomes. If you are going around with a guy and you think that you love him but you are confused, then you have to make sure about his mental status as to which extent he loves you and wants to marry you. It is a common factor that women do not want to get turned down by their male accomplices, especially after proposing. However, they have the capacity to understand a man’s psyche. Therefore, to understand your man, you can observe his ways and answer yourself.
Some of the following are the great signs to make you understand about your question - will he marry me and the signs that the guy really is interested in you, loves you and make you his bride:
•  The guy always tries to know about you, your family and friends. He loves to listen to you without getting bored or fed up, in fact, he likes when you talk about your family and friends
•  He knows what makes you laugh and what makes you smile, and he will try hard to make you smile, no matter what. He can make the worst day beautiful
•  He is very caring and will always finds ways to make you feel happy, even when you are not together
•  You will receive his call and he called just to listen to you, to hear your voice and to talk about anything, for some time because he was missing you
•  He spends most of his free time with you and also takes time out for you even when he is busy, just to be with you and to make you feel great
•  He trusts you and shares his darkest and deepest secrets that he cannot reveal in front of others
•  He never complains about anything and to be with you, he can leave his everything
•  He takes you out often and tries to make you feel comfortable and avoids others’ calls
Before you knew it he'll come and pop the most important question to you, “Will you marry me, my love?”

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