What to do about that leak in your roof

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It’s the time of year where many homeowners are worrying about the possibility of a roof leak. Perhaps you’ve had roof leaks in the past or maybe your roof is just getting up there in age so it’s on your mind. Here are answers to some of the most common questions homeowners have about roof leaks.

If I have a leak, what do I do next?

Your top priority should be getting a licensed roofer out to assess the problem. Since most leaks tend to occur during a storm, local roofers will be swamped with appointments so call them right away. You may need to place a tarp over the damaged section of your roof in the meantime and you may want to call your insurance company as well if the damage is significant.

What if the ceiling is bulging but there’s no water dripping?

Sometimes when you have a roof leak, the water is getting through Sometimes when you have a roof leak, the water is getting through your roof but not your ceiling. If you’re seeing discoloration or bulging on your ceiling, water is pooling up above the ceiling and it could bring that whole section of ceiling down. So grab a pencil and the largest container you can find, place the container under the center of the bulging area and use the pencil to poke a small hole directly above it to let the water drain out.

How do I prevent leaks in the future?

When a roofer comes out, he/she will get to the root of the problem and will either recommend repairs or a total roof replacement. Whatever he/she advises, agree to it. The problem will only get worse if it’s not taken care of.

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